4 Best Portable Generator To Own For 2019

When the power is out or when you’re on a camping trip and no where you can plug in your devices, a portable generator come to the rescue. A reliable generator will definitely keep you going from any of your activities.

This is the reason why I have listed the best portable generator to buy for your specific needs. It could be for home backup, remote job site, camping, boating, RVing and many more. Let’s dive in…

Champion 3400-Watt – Best Dual Fuel Inverter

The Champion 3400-watt delivers huge power of 3,400 watt starting and 3,100 watt effective. Compare to most of its rival with only 2,000-watt. Giving you more than 50% extra power which means more juice you can get out of it.

With your own choice of fuel either gas or propane for total flexibility due to its dual fuel capability. While most inverters are single fuel that makes you stuck with a gas fuel only.

It’s super quiet operation with 59-dB noise level rating you can have a normal conversation during your camping and any outdoor activities. The noise it produces is comparable to most 2,000-watt inverters out there.

A single full tank will run up to 7.5 hours on gas and 14.5 hours on propane. If you need more power, you can add another Champion 3400-watt to double its power using an optional parallel kit.

Being an inverter, you can safely plug-in your sensitive electronics on it without worrying. It provides you with two regular 120v outlet, RV ready, a 12v DC with dual USB adapter to charge your phones and gadgets. Moving around with it makes it easier for you with the built-in wheels and lift-up handle.


Huge Power

Dual fuel capability

Parallel kit option

Highly portable design

Super quiet operation

Longer run time

Safe for your electronics

USB port adapter


A bit pricey

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Westinghouse iGen1200Best Small Power Inverter

If you need a small power to pull out the Westinghouse iGen1200 is an excellent choice. This small kid produces 1,200 watt starting and 1,000 watt effective power. It is enough to power your essential electronics during camping from phones, drones, cameras, tablets, laptop and many more.

It weighs only 33-pounds making it extremely lightweight so that anyone can carry it whenever and wherever. For safely usage it is an EPA, CSA and CARB Compliant.

If you hate the noise, you’ll be glad to know that it produces only 52dB noise level making it the quietest inverter generator.

You can enjoy your camping all day long with its 9-hours run time with only 0.8 gallon of fuel full tank. Thanks to its efficiency mode features for maximum fuel efficiency.

An optional parallel capability cable can be use in tandem with any Westinghouse inverter generator you may have. You can charge your sensitive electronics through its dual USB port such as phones and laptop.


Lightweight and compact

Longer run time

Two USB ports

Extremely quiet

EPA, CSA and CARB Compliant

You can parallel any Westinghouse inverter



Limited power

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Jackery Explorer 240 – Best Portable Power Station

The Jackery Explorer 240 is probably the most convenient power source you can bring along with for your camping and any outdoor activities. No need those messy gasolines just plug it to your regular AC home outlet to charge it. You can also use an optional solar panel whenever you’re on the road.

This lithium power station has 240Wh battery capacity to run your small appliances and charges your electronic gadgets. It accommodates a single 120v AC, two USB port and a 12v DC car charger output.

It has literally zero noise because it doesn’t have any motor inside of it for quiet and peaceful sleep. With its paper lightweight of only 6.6 pounds that can effortlessly carry by anyone. And a 9-in x 7.8-in x 5.2-in physical dimension that can be easily fit on your backpack.

You can safely plug in anything you want on it due to its pure sinewave output. At zero fumes, your family will keep healthy every time you use it. The LCD display helps you to visualized the battery status and can be easily read even under the sun light.


Lightweight and compact

Zero noise

Zero fumes

No messy gas required

Two USB port

Safe for your sensitive gadgets

LCD screen for battery status



Low power capacity

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DuroMax XP12000EH Dual Fuel Generator

DuroMax XP12000EH – Best Home Generator

If it requires you to power the entire household the DuroMax XP12000EH is perfect for you. Its dual fuel technology enables you to run it using gas or propane.

It pulls out 12,000 watt of starting power and 9,500 watt effective which is capable to run your huge appliances such as fridge, air-conditions, cooker, washer, microwave and many more.

Though, it delivers tremendous power this beast is an EPA and CARB compliance for safe operation and can be use in California. It provides you with every possible outlet to accommodate everything you want to connect on it.

For you to easily move it around, it features a pair of wheel and folded handle. Starting it is simple using an electric start switch key. A fully loaded panel includes a voltmeter, circuit breaker, oil alert indicator, idle control switch and 120v/240v selector.

It can handle any kind of work with its solid steel metal frame and minimize its noise with oversized muffler. For your total peace of mind DuroMax is giving you a three-year warranty.


Huge power

Dual fuel technology

Portable design

EPA and CARB compliance

Fully loaded panel

More outlets


A bit noisy due to its huge power

Heavy and bulky

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