CAT RP3600 Portable Generator Review

CAT RP3600 Portable Generator Review

The CAT RP3600 3600 Watt Portable Generator is an Excellent Power Solution that comes in a highly reliable engine which is available at a very affordable price.

Power Handling

This compact generator delivers 4,500 watts of surge power and 3,600 watts of peak power which is enough to run your significant appliances during power outage.

Pack With Features

Cat delivers top of the line product in the form of CAT RP3600 Portable Generator that throw in a long list of premium extras.

These includes the LED light on the control panel, simple to use, double hinged handle, single side panel operation and solid rubber wheel. Caterpillar makes it sure you won’t find it in any other generator in its class.

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Reliable Engine

The CAT RP3600 is made of highly reliable 212cc OHV engine that provides 4,500 watts of starting power and 3,600 watts effective power. Cat engine is designed for power, quiet operations and durability that last.

What it powers?

With that kind of power this Portable Generator can run your most important home appliances. From lights that keep you away from the dark, fridge that maintains your foods freshness, watch your favorite TV programs, charge your phones for communications and many more.

RV Ready

If you plan to use it to your RV the CAT RP3600 comes with a standard 30A RV outlet that keeps you ready for any kinds of adventure.

The great thing about this generator is that it provides enough power to run your 15,000 BTU RV air conditioner that keeps you cool for a long drive.

Solidly Built  

This generator is solidly built so that it will stay in good shape for many years to come. It is made of heavy duty all-steel construction in four-point fully isolated motor mount that secures its safe position. This feature results in its smooth and quiet operation anytime you use it.

Excellent Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is important in choosing your generator. It is a good thing to know that the CAT RP3600 is designed for excellent fuel efficiency so that you can have more time to enjoy during camping or power shortage.

How Long It Last?

A single full tank of fuel on it can last up to 13-hours of run time provided with 50-percent load capacity.

However, the generator’s run time depends heavily on its load. Lighter loads will extend its operation while heavier load shortens its run time.

Portable Design

This portable generator is designed for superb portability. It features a pair of solid never-flat wheel kit so that you can take it anywhere and can be easily pulled by your RV. For super easy maneuver the generator includes double folding handle.

Quick Access Panel Design

Fortunately, the CAT RP3600 is easy to set up and operate with simple, intuitive controls so that anyone can use it in no time.

Cat RP3600 3600 Watt Portable Generator Review

Looking at the left side of the generator you got four standard household outlets so you can power multiple things at once.

On the right side of it is the 120V 30A RV outlet that doesn’t require an extra adapter. These outlets are protected with circuit breakers that keep your appliances safe all the time.

On the center of the panel the digital display for voltage and frequency is present for you to keep track the ideal frequency and voltage output. It also includes the engine switch, fuel switch and choke.

More Extra Features Ahead

LED Lit Control Panel

I think you agree with me if I say, it is almost impossible to operate the generator’s control panel when you are surrounded by darkness, right?

The CAT RP3600 features an LED light on the generator’s control panel. You can now operate the generator easily in full access.

Waterproof Outlets Covers

For added safety purposes the generator includes a waterproof outlet covers in recessed sockets. Covered outlets keep anyone safe from electrical shock.

It also prevents corrosion on the outlets when not in use that stays in good shape for many years to come.

Digital Voltage/Frequency Display

As I stated earlier, the voltmeter enables you check the ideal voltage output. It’s good to know the right voltage because, an over voltage or low voltage output has the higher possibility to harm your sensitive appliances.

Overload Protection

The circuit breaker will automatically shut off the unit whenever an overload occurs. However, you can simply restore its operation by pressing the individual AC breaker switch provided on every outlet.

What’s In The Box?

Whenever you buy this Portable Generator you also get a pair of wheels, assembly tools, engine oil, padded handle and funnel. The generator is backed with 3-year limited warranty that covers parts and service for the full term.


The CAT RP3600 delivers outstanding performance as it is proven by customers who already using it.

Feature wise, this Portable Generator is definitely unbeatable compare to any conventional generator out there. The built is entirety rock solid quality that can stand any kind of situation.

The digital display and LED lit is very handy while its fuel efficiency is excellent. Starting it is easy without any pain.

If you hate the noise it definitely doesn’t makes your ear bleed. Considering its top notch quality, performance and features the price it offer is definitely brings great value for your money. >>Click Here to get at its Lowest Price!