Review: What Can You Expect From Champion 3500-Watt Generator?

Review: What Can You Expect From Champion 3500-Watt Generator?

The Champion 3500-Watt is a great to own generator as it provides you with outstanding reliability with lots of features to make your life easier. Starting it is super convenient with its remote key fob that enables you to start up to 80-feet away.

It delivers 4,000-watt starting and 3,500-watt effective that can run your important household appliances during power shortage. A single full tank of fuel can last up to 12-hours of run time that totally keep you out of darkness throughout the night.

Starting a generator during winter or maybe if you’re on a cold weather areas is definitely a pain. Not with the Champion 3500-Watt, this makes it super easy for you with its cold start feature.

If you plan to use it for your RV you can do so due to its RV ready outlet. At 68 dBA noise level it doesn’t irritate your neighbors and fellow campers.

It packs with safety features such as the volt guard, voltmeter, low oil shut-off sensor and circuit breaker. A generous 3-year warranty and lifetime free technical support will protect your purchase.

Best For

This portable generator from Champion is ideal for your home backup, camping, small job-site and other events that require an immediate power source. RV enthusiasts will find it very useful due to its RV ready feature.

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Engine Capacity

This is the reason why the Champion Power Equipment 46539 3,500 Watt Portable Generator is made of highly reliable 196cc OHV engine which is capable of producing of 4,000 watts of peak power or 3,500 watts of continuous power.

It can be operated by remote or electric start for easy operation, although you can also use the manual pull start whenever the battery is low.

Remote Controlled

Imagine how great is it when you don’t need to get up in bed late at night to turn off or on the generator when you have to.

This is probably the best feature from Champion Power Equipment 46539 3,500 Watt Portable Generator.

Aside from turning it on/off you can also set the choke, time delay or advance shutoff from far distance.

That being said, you can control the generator effectively even at 150 feet away.  This makes it possible with its RF signal feature which is much better than any line of sight remote control.

Built And Portability

This Portable Generator is built to withstand under any tough conditions with its highly durable steel frame. Cast in iron sleeve for additional toughness and smooth operations that will last for many years to come.

The Generator comes in a highly portable designed so that you can take it anywhere.

The package includes a pair of 8-inch all terrain wheel kit that can be roll anywhere even at rough surface. It also includes the handle that greatly adds to its portability and maneuverability.

Safety Features

Overload protection

The overload protection circuit automatically shut off the generator whenever an overload occurs.

Prevents overheat

The low oil sensor continuously checks the ideal oil so that it will prevent the generator from damaging due to overheat whenever there’s an insufficient oil supply.

Output readouts

This includes the intelligauge that presents the output reading for the voltage, frequencies and the operating hours.

Panel Outlets

This generator comes in a simple panel design so that it can be operated by anyone in no time.

The panel consists of Intelligauge display, on/off start and two 25A circuit breaker. The generator provides two 120v standard outlets to accommodate all your appliances and one 120v twist lock receptacle and a dedicated RV ready outlet for RV’s.

Run Time

One of the key factor in choosing the best portable generator is having a good fuel efficiency. The Champion 46539 3,500 Watt Portable Generator is design for excellent fuel efficiency. 

A a single full tank of 4-gallon can last more than 12-hours run time with 50% load capacity. The gas tank is built with highly durable steel to prevent it from any leakage.

Quiet And CARB Compliant

Considering a 4,000 watts power capacity, the generator operates quietly at 68 dBA so that it doesn’t disturb your neighbor during late night making it ideal for camping.

That being said, you can normally talk to your friends at 23 feet away without raising your voice. The Generator is CARB compliant which means that it can be sold and use safely in all 50 states that includes California.


The Champion 46539 3,500 Watt Portable Generator is a solid performer and very dependable in any situation as it is proven by the people who actually using it.

Feature wise, this one stands out from the rest having the state of the art remote-control which is very helpful to the users in any given situations that makes your life easier.

This generator is ideal for those who are in need of a highly reliable generator with medium power capacity at a very affordable price. Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!