Does The Champion 4000-Watt Hybrid Generator Satisfies Your Need?

Does The Champion 4000-Watt Hybrid Generator Satisfies Your Need?

The Champion 4000 Watt is considered as medium power generator that can run most of your important household appliances during power shortage. It features an RV ready outlet that makes it ideal for your RVing, camping and other outdoor activities.

It gives you total peace of mind for using it to your sensitive gadgets as it provides clean AC output. It also the quietest open frame generator you can have which is ideal for camping. It runs for extended time for more than 17-hours due to its outstanding fuel efficiency.

To protect your purchase, the company is giving a 3-year warranty and a lifetime technical support for free. Does it satisfies your needs? That’s what you are going to discover as you read on.

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So, you’re wondering what really is a digital hybrid generator?

Most people thinks that this generator is a dual fuel generator that can be powered by propane and gas due to the “Hybrid” name on it. But, it is NOT.

Champion uses the name “Hybrid” on this generator because it is basically an INVERTER with the looks and design similar to any traditional framed generator.

It comes in an steel frame body and not in an enclosed insulated plastic like modern inverter generators do.

What’s new with it?

The Champion Digital Hybrid Generator comes with new features that are hard to find in any traditional generator in its class. Some of these are…

50% Quieter 

The Champion Power Equipment 100302 3500-Watt Digital Hybrid Generator offers 50-percent quieter compare to any traditional generator.

20% Lighter

Champion is claiming that this hybrid generator is 20-percent lighter compare to other 3500 watt equivalent power rating generator.

Better Fuel Efficiency 

It comes with excellent fuel efficiency that greatly extends its run time and saves you money from frequently buying fuel.

Super Safe

It provides less than 3% total harmonic distortion AC power output which is super safe to use for your sensitive electronics. As you read on you will discover more each of these characteristics.

Best For

With that kind of quality, this Digital Hybrid Generator provides you the widest application possible. From camping, RVing, job sites or simply as home backup.

Power Capacity

The Champion 3500W Digital Hybrid Generator is made of highly reliable 224cc Champion engine that provides 4,000 watts of starting power and 3,500 watts effective power.

Considering the 3,500 watts power output of this Hybrid Generator it can run your most important home appliances.

Lights that keep you away from the dark, fridge that maintains your foods freshness, watch your favorite TV programs and many more.

If you plan to use it to your RV the Champion Digital Hybrid Generator comes with a standard 30A RV outlet that keeps you ready for any kinds of adventure.

The great thing about this generator is that it provides enough power to run your 15,000 BTU RV air conditioner.

Safest Power Anytime

If you truly value your appliances this inverter generator delivers the safest power anytime you need it. This generator provides less than 3-percent of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).

What does it mean to you?

It means that, the generator’s AC output voltage is almost the same as your home AC outlet. This makes your sensitive appliances safe such as computer, HDTVs, phones and many more.


Being a digital hybrid the generator comes with 20-percent lighter and smaller compare to other equivalent power rating generators. A lighter generator means easier to carry that makes it highly portable.

This makes it perfect for any of your recreational activities from camping, RVing, covering sports activities and many more.

Fuel Usage And Run Time

The generator is said to be fuel efficient if it uses less fuel for longer period of time. Luckily, the Champion 3500-Watt Hybrid Generator is designed for excellent fuel efficiency.

A single full tank of it will lasts up to 17-hours of run time provided with 25% load. Though, it will vary depending on the load. Heavier load means shorter run time while a lighter load extends it.

This generator comes with more efficient mechanical design that saves you fuel and extends its run time.

It features a smart economy mode that can determined exactly how much power is needed. It will automatically slows down the engine rotational speed whenever it sense a lower load.

As a result, it increases your fuel savings, extends the engine life and quieter operations.

Noise Level

This Hybrid Generator is designed to operate at low noise. It produces only 64dB of noise level when it runs. The company is claiming a 50-percent quieter than any conventional 3,500 watts. If that would be the case,  this hybrid generator is ideal for your RV, camping and other recreational activities.

Simple Operation

This is the reason why this Generator comes with simple to use panel design. With its quick touch panel you can easily access all the controls in one convenient area.

You can see at the left side of the generator is the pull start along with the choke. Looking at the panel you can see the generator’s on/off and the eco switch.

Below it is the 12v outlet and the three LED indicators for output, overload and low oil on the right side of it.

It follows with the parallel ready connector, three reset switch for circuit breaker. The RV ready outlet is also present in the panel with 120v 30A and the two 120v 20A to accommodate your regular home appliances.

Double Your Power

This generator enables you to double its capacity to satisfy your power needs.

By connecting another Champion 3500 Watt Digital Hybrid Generator on its parallel ready connector using parallel cable, it gives you a total of 7,000 watts of effective power.

Additional Features

In case of short circuit and overload the generator will automatically shut down due to its circuit breaker feature.

Another great safety feature in this generator is its low oil sensor that prevents the generator from damaging due to overheat. In case of low oil supply the generator will automatically shut off. A low oil supply will cause severe damage on the motor.

Customers Experience

Customers experience with the products help us to determine if it satisfies them and maybe us too.

I put in it heavy loads and the generator still runs flawlessly. I run my fridge, lights, cash register, charge my phones, snow cone machine, window type A/C, jump start battery simultaneously with no problem.

It is quieter than normal generator and packs with features for the money you spend on it.

It has a clean AC output to run your electronic devices and this is where the generator shines. It has no problem running PCs together with its switching power supply.

It runs my appliances for 15-hours on a single full tank.

It perfectly runs our 26 feet travel trailer with everything on it with ease.

This thing is heavy therefore adding a wheel kit on it will makes it so much easier to move around. I suggest you get the one with the wheels.

Its a very good generator considering its price.

I refuse to spend thousands of dollar for Yamaha and Honda and this generator is perfect for my needs. >>Click Here to read more customer’s review.

Watch the Champion 3500-Watt Digital Hybrid Generator overview to learn more.


The Champion Power Equipment 3500-Watt Digital Hybrid Generator is definitely an excellent choice for medium power requirements.


Feature wise it brings more on the table such as lightweight, quiet, double the power and quiet operations.

It also provides more safety features while your sensitive appliances are safe all the time due to less than 3% THD.

You can now enjoy your camping activities without disturbing your fellow camper with its quiet operations.

The easy access panel design provides you the simplest way to operate it directly which is ideal for emergency purposes. Its fuel efficiency is top notch that gives you 17 hours of run time.

If you’re on the market for a medium size hybrid generator to run your RV needs this is more than enough to handle it. Though, it has limitation to run all your appliances at home during power failure it can accommodate your important one to keep you safe. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!