Having a powerful generator doesn’t mean pricey, this is proven by Champion Power Equipment 41135 6,800 Watts Gas powered Portable Generator. This generator can deliver 5,500W of pure power with 6,800W surge power which is sufficient to supply the entire household when power shortage hits the town.

With this kind of power, it is ideal in any jobsite that is capable of running 3 to 4 power tools at the same time. This generator is highly portable making it great in any recreational activity, bring it anywhere when power is required. It will run overtime in a single full tank, no need to worry anymore if you’re planning an overnight camping with friends and family.

Excellent Value 

This amazing generator is available with a list price of $699 but, you can get it here for only $654 with free shipping. Giving you 6,800 watts of power for this price is definitely an excellent value which is less than a dollar per 10 watts.

CARB Compliant

This generator passed the CARB compliant which means that it can be sold and use safely in all 50 states that includes California.

Built Tough With Powerful Gas Engine

The Champion 41135 is powered by 338cc OHV engine in a cast iron sleeve for extra durability. The entire generator is built solid with steel frame all over it that adds to its toughness. The tank is made of steel which is properly secured on top. It can be easily operated with the traditional pull recoil start.

Built-in Safety Features

The generator has a built-in safety features that keeps all your appliances safe and the generator as well. This includes a low oil fuel sensor and a voltmeter that continuously tracks the ideal output voltage. It also does provide a fuel gauge for you to know if the gas tank is near empty. The generator’s outputs have two 120v duplex standard outlet that power-up all you appliances, one 120v/240v twist lock receptacle (L15-30R) for power tools.

Highly Portable

The generator includes a two 8-inch wheel kit that greatly adds to its portability, this features an all terrain tires that can easily roll everywhere even on rough surface. At 185 pound weight it can be easily push by a single person or tailgate it at the back of your car in any venue that requires an immediate power.

Runs Overtime

The Champion 41135 is incredibly fuel efficient; it can deliver up to 11 hours of continuous power in a single full tank at half load. However, a lighter load can provide you a longer hour of usage.

Perfect Ratings

The Champion 41135 portable generator earns a perfect 5 star rating at Amazon to prove how good the product is. Most customers say it is very dependable in any situations, it was tested in an extremely hot weather conditions when their town experienced a power outage for 72 hours.

Most of them where amaze with the fast delivery and great price. The generator is easy to put together, in 30 minutes its up and running in just a single pull but, some of them did twice. Some says it’s good in gas that adds to its efficiency and easy to move around considering its weight, very portable.


The Champion Power Equipment 41135 6,800 Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator is proven solid performer and highly dependable when power shortage hits you, perfect for home backup, job-site and any recreational activities. The price it offers is very affordable, probably the lowest in its class compare to other brand with equivalent ratings.

If you’re looking the cheapest generator that brings 6,800 watts this is definitely for you. However, the generator excludes some feature such as the electric push button start to cut its price, if you don’t need it, this is an excellent choice. Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!