Champion 42431 1500 Watt Portable Generator Review

Anyone who’s looking for lightweight portable generator and refuse to spend more, the Champion 42431 1500 Watt Portable Generator is perfect for them.

This is probably the lowest price generator you can get, with a rated of 1,200w continuous power and 1,500w maximum output surge available for only $191 definitely brings an outstanding value.

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Light And Compact

Due to its lightness and compactness, you can simply put it on your truck or even at the car trunk making it ideal in any recreational activities, small job-sites that can run up to two power tools, also great for home backup that provides power to your TV, lights and small fridge at the same time. Whenever power shortage hits the town, this generator is very dependable.

It measures only 18.3-inch in length, 15.4-inch width and height that weights only 66 pound, it can easily carried by single adult person, if it’s not possible a safety handle is provided for the convenience of two person. With this kind of advantage, you can take it anywhere you may wish to where power is an immediate requirements.

CARB Compliant

The Champion 42431 1500 Watt Portable Generator is safe for usage; this is proven by passing the strict CARB compliance that gives you the advantage of using it in all 50 states that includes California residence.

Durable And More Safety Features

This generator is powered by Champion 80cc OHV engine with cast iron sleeve in a solid steel frame for superb durability. It features an overload protection that keeps your appliances safe and the generator as well.

There’s low oil sensor that will automatically shuts-off whenever an insufficient supply occurs that prevent the generator from burn-out. An Intelliguage feature is provided that continuously tracks the ideal voltage output, frequencies and the operating hour’s information.

Runs Overtime

The Champion Power Equipment 42431 is incredibly fuel efficient; it can deliver up to 10 hours of continuous power in a single full tank at half load.

Customer’s Feedback

The Champion 42431 1500 Watt Portable Generator earns a very good rating at Amazon to prove how good the product is.

Most users are amazed with its customer service they were polite and willing to help you.

One customer with business is is well pleased with it because he don’t want to spend too much on a generator. Being a CARB compliance is definitely an advantage.

One customer testifies that the unit is built with quality.

Another customer owner runs it almost daily for six hours for two years with only the condenser he replaced.

Few customers gives a low rating receives a defective unit, however the customer service is superb and happy to back them up and send a replacement, one gets a full refund.


Champion Power Equipment 42431 1,500w generator proves to be a solid performer by customers who actually bought it. Considering the price versus performance it delivers an excellent value.

This is highly recommended to anyone who’s in need of a compact generator for emergencies, camping, small business and job-site with a tight budget. Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!