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Anyone who’s looking for a powerful generator that will save them from disaster during heavy storm the Champion Power Equipment 46596 Portable Generator could be a good choice. It generates a maximum power of 4,000 watts or 3,500 watts of continuous power.

That being said, one of the satisfied customer testifies that it runs most of their appliances from lights, Gas Furnance, Refrigerator, 55-inch TV, charges various phones and laptops during Hurricane Sandy.

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Powerful Engine

The Champion Power Equipment 46596 4,000 watt Portable Generator is equipped with Champion 196cc OHV engine with cast iron sleeve that will last for many years. It can deliver peak power of 4,000 watts that can power up your lights to keep you from darkness, fridge that stays your food safe and other significant appliances at home.

Fuel Efficient

A heavy duty steel fuel tank that prevents it from leaking has a maximum load of 3.8 gallon can last more than 12-hours of continuous running. You have now more quality time for your family during power shortage or during camping. That’s what efficiency is all about.

Highly Portable

Having a highly portable generator gives you the flexibility to move around especially for camping. Though it weights 107 pounds you can easily drag it wherever you may want to. It features an 8-inch never flat wheels that can be roll anywhere without worrying of flat tire.

Simple Panel Design

It features a simple panel design for your ease of operations without any complicated parts. It provides an RV ready TT-30R receptacle with 120v AC, L5-30R 120v Twistlock and 5-20R 120V Outlet to power up everything from your appliances to power tools. The generator can be operated by an easy one pull recoil start.

More Safety Features

The Champion Power Equipment 46596 Portable Generator grants more safety features to secure your precious appliances and the generator itself. The Low Oil shut-off sensor protects the generator’s engine from overheating. It will automatically shuts down whenever there’s a deficit oil supply.

It also features a circuit breaker that protects your appliances every time an overload arises. It will cause the engine to shut off. Remove the extra load and simply reset the breaker then you’re good to go. There’s voltmeter on the panel for you to keep tract the ideal voltage output. The unit also includes the oil funnel, spark plug socket and spark arrestor kit.

Normal Noise

Too much noise is irritating and can be disturbing your neighbors. I presume no one wants to damage their ears in exchange of power. Thankfully, the Champion Power Equipment 46596 Portable Generator produces normal noise level with rated 68dB which is equivalent to a lawn mower.

Champion Power Equipment 46596 Portable Generator Review

The Champion Power Equipment 46596 Portable Generator Review receives a perfect ratings at Amazon that proves its excellent performance. In fact, I want to share one of the customer statements,

“Hurricane Sandy hit the Jersey shore like nothing we have ever seen before. Its been a week without power now, and its still out! The Champion generator is a Champion it is easily handling my Gas Furnace,Refrigerator, 55″ TV (off uhf antenna)(because cable is still out) and a few low wattage CFL lights and various charges for our phones, laptops etc. What else could a person want? The generator was so easy to hook up.”

“Our power was back in 8 days. This generator was amazing, its loud like a lawn mower, closed the garage door and its almost silent and by the way I could hear all the other different generators from my neighbors that purchased theirs after I purchased mine.” >>Click here to read more reviews.


The Champion Power Equipment 46596 Portable Generator  performs well and very reliable in any given situation especially at times of emergency. The generator comes with a wheel kit and a variety of significant devices so that you can start using it in no time.

The unit is available at a very affordable price considering its superb performance, features and bundle included brings an excellent value on the table. The inclusion of a two year warranty secures your purchase from any future problems. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!