Dirty Hand Tools 800W Inverter Generator Review

Dirty Hand Tools 800W Inverter Generator Review,Dirty Hand Tools Generator Review

Looking for inexpensive generator?

If you think that Inverter Generators are expensive, not the Dirty Hand Tools 800W Inverter Generator. It totally break the price barrier that prevents you from getting quality inverter generator. This is ideal for budget conscious buyer who is looking for incredibly low price. The Dirty Hand Tools 800W Digital Inverter generator is ideal for any recreational activities such as camping, boating or at job site to finish your project and home backup as well in case of disaster. Its better to be ready than sorry.

“Good entry level generator,does the job good. Worth the money.” By Ilya maslov

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Safe For Your Sensitive Devices

If your sensitive devices would your primary concern, the Dirty Hand Tools 800W Inverter Generator is definitely safe to use. The Dirty Hand Tools 800W Inverter Generator is digitally designed that delivers the purest AC output same as your regular home outlet. Unlike any conventional generator that can harm your sensitive appliances such as computers due to its non pure voltage output.

Reliable Engine

The Dirty Hand Tools 800W Inverter Generator is made of 40cc 4-cycle engine that produces 800 watts of peak power and 700 watts effective power. This is ideal for your home backup powering your important appliances such as lights, cooker, PC and many more. For camping and other recreational activities it can power all your gadgets for your non-stop fun.

Fuel Efficient

The generator’s fuel efficiency is vital in choosing the best portable generator. The generator is said to fuel efficient if it runs for longer period of time using small amount of fuel.

How long it lasts?

Thankfully, the Dirty Hand Tools 800W Inverter Generator is designed to deliver excellent fuel efficiency. The Dirty Hand Tools 800W Inverter Generator last more than 8-hours of run time with a single full tank. As a result, you have more time to enjoy with your family while during leisure and it doesn’t matter if the power shortage takes too long, surely you have enough power available.

Take It Anywhere

The Dirty Hand Tools 800W Inverter Generator comes with extremely portable design so that you can take it anywhere were power is a necessity. It is presented in lightweight design with only 21 pounds that can be simply carried by a single person. In addition to that is its easy to carry handle on top of it that provides extra convenience when carrying the unit.

Super Quiet

Hate the noise?

You’ll be happy with Dirty Hand Tools 800W Inverter Generator due to its super quiet operation. With its quiet engine design it produces only 58dB of noise which you hardly know it is present there while it provides power. This is great if you don’t want to disturb your neighbors and fellow campers alike.

Excellent Panel Design

I guess you don’t want to operate a complicated panel in times of disaster, right?

The Dirty Hand Tools 800W Inverter Generator provides an excellent panel design that makes it super easy to use. It eliminates the complication so that you can simply operate and run it in no time. Starting on the left upper part of the gen is the Economy switch followed by engine switch. Below the economy switch is the three LED indicator consists of output, overload and oil alert. Followed with DC protector switch and a 12v DC connector that charges your batteries. On the right side of it is the regular 120v AC home outlet and a 5v USB receptacles that charges your gadgets. These outlets are covered for your safety and additional protection while it is not in use.

More Features Ahead

The Dirty Hand Tools 800W Inverter Generator provides more safety features that makes your appliances safe and the generator as well. It features an overload protector so that if an overload arises it will automatically shut off the unit that prevents it from damaging. An LED indicator located on the panel helps you visualize for possible overloading.

To protect it from overheating the Oil Alert feature signals through an LED indicator that prevents it from damaging the generators engine. To further saves you fuel thus provides a longer run time the Economy switch will cause to slow down the engine if its power consumption is low. The Dirty Hand Tools 800W Inverter Generator protects not only the AC voltage output but also the DC voltage. With its DC protector circuit rest assured that your sensitive electronic gadgets is safe.

Dirty Hand Tools 800W Inverter Generator Review

The Dirty Hand Tools 800W Inverter Generator Review receives an excellent appraisal at Amazon.com that proves it great performance. In fact here’s one of the most helpful customers’ review that I want to share with you.

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The Dirty Hand Tools 800W Inverter Generator delivers an excellent performance. Features wise, it brings more on the table in which you can also found in a high priced inverter generator. Though, it provides not so huge power you can use it in a wide variety of applications from job site, camping or simply home backup that delivers highly reliable power. With so much goodness in it, the price it offer is incredibly low. If you’re looking for a higher power capacity the Dirty Hand Tools 2,000W Inverter Generator will perfectly suit your needs. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!