Best Dual Fuel Generator (Gas Or Propane)

When power is gone generator is definitely the best alternative you can have.


Generators are available in many types and power variant so that it will meet and supply your own power requirement. Another thing is that, generators are reliable power source and cost effective.

Most of them are portable so that you can bring it along if you’re working on remote places. To give you total convenience and versatility a Dual Fuel Generator is a good choice.

What is a dual fuel generator?

Dual fuel generator means that the generator can be run by either gas of propane. Traditional generators can be powered by gas only while dual fuel generator gives you advantage to choose between gas and propane.

Why choose a dual fuel generator?

As I mention earlier, it provides you with flexibility whichever is more convenient for you to use at the time of power shortage. For instance, at a time of power shortage you don’t have any gasoline at home while propane can be easily found in any household in which you can readily use anytime. This is definitely a life saver in times of emergency.

Gas Vs Propane which is better?

Both of them can be highly reliable to use in a dual fuel generator. However, the question lies in what is the most convenient to use in time of power outage.

If the place you live in has a nearby gasoline station gas could be better for you. Although, during power shortage and the gasoline station don’t have any generator to run the system you can never buy it. Propane is probably the only choice you have which is readily available on your kitchen.

If you’re planning to store more propane at home for longer power shortage you can stockpile as many as you can. Because, it is safe inside its solid steel tank while gasoline won’t last long. Likewise, if you’re planning to take it on a camping trip propane is safer because it never spill unlike gas.

As you can see, propane has a better advantage over gas. However, running your generator on propane gives you lower power capacity compare to running it with gas.

Are Dual Fuel Generators Any Good

Definitely yes, just like any traditional generator they use the same engine. They only differ in the type of fuel source in which they are going to use to run them. In fact, as I discuss above dual fuel generator gives you more advantage over traditional gas powered generator.

Can a dual fuel generator run on natural gas?

The answer is a big NO.

Why is that?

Dual fuel generator can only be run by either gas or propane. If you want to use a natural gas as your source you need a tri-fuel generator. In this case you have already three choices such as gas, propane and natural gas. Others do their own improvisation or conversion so that they can also use a natural gas on their generator.

How long will the generator run on propane tank?

The run time depends on the size of the generator, the size of the propane tank and the load. To give you an example, the DuroStar DS12000EH 12,000 watt dual fuel generator can last up to 8-hours using a 40-pound at half load capacity. Using a 20-pound tank size propane tank will cut its run time into half.

Another example is the Sportsman GEN2000DF 2000 Watt dual fuel generator. As you can notice, it produce only 2,000 watt power capacity and a single 20-pound propane tank in it can lasts up to 12-hours of run time with half load capacity.

Thus increasing the load the generator’s run time will be shorten while decreasing the load will result in a longer run time.

The following dual fuel generators are the best you can have and this will help you find the one right for your needs in any way.

Champion 3400-Watt Inverter Generator

Champion 3400-Watt Inverter – Camper Generator

If you hate the noise and thinking about the safety of your appliances the Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Inverter Generator is a good choice.

Having an RV ready feature, this generator is perfect for your camper and other recreational purposes.

Power Rating

Considering a 3,400 Watt Peak and 3,100 Watt effective power while using propane it pulls out 3,100 watts peak. It is capable run your camper trailer needs and can power your basic home appliances during power shortage.

Being an inverter this power rating is huge compare to a commonly used 2,000 watt and below. If you need more power you can double its power by connecting another Champion inverter generator with its parallel ready feature.


This inverter generator weighs less than 99-pounds that can be carried by two adult persons using its two carry handle. In addition to that is the inclusion of two wheels and flip up handle that makes it highly portable.

Starting this generator is super easy with its push button electric start. This includes the battery maintenance feature with Smart Charger.

If you truly value your sensitive electronics you can plug it in here without worrying of being damage. It produces less than 3% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) which is safe as your regular home AC outlets.

A single full tank of gas fuel in it runs for 7.5 hours while using a 20-pound propane tank lasts for 14.5 hours of continuous usage. Activating the Economy Mode feature will further extends its run time thus promote quieter operation and longer engine life span.

The main advantage of being an inverter is having a quiet operation. Its noise level is only 59dBA that doesn’t disturb anyone of your neighbor and fellow camper.

Additional Features And Outlets

The generator provides you with additional features such as the Quick touch Panel allowing you to easily access all controls in super convenient area.

The propane hose is already provided so that you can use it instantly with propane. As always there’s a circuit breaker, low oil indicator, overload indicator and voltage output.

The outlet includes the 120v 30A RV, two 120v 20A regular household outlets and a 12v DC terminal with dual USB adapter. The unit is back up with a three year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

Should You Buy This Generator?

The quick answer on this is definitely YES.

Why? If you try to compare it with the high priced Yamaha and Honda generator that provides only 2,000 watt it gives you more power advantage with its 3,400 watt.

Plus this generator has a dual fuel capability while the Yamaha and Honda can be run by a single fuel only. They don’t have an electric start so you have no choice but to use the recoil pull start all day long.

When it comes to price this generator is much cheaper than the two therefore this is absolutely a no brainer choice. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

DuroMax XP4850EH Dual Fuel Generator Review

Duromax XP4850EH – For Home Backup

If you need a medium power generator the DuroMax XP4850EH is a good contender. This generator is great for your home backup, working on your project or for your food trailer business due to its portable design.

Power Rating

The XP4850EH is made of 7HP (Horse Power) or 212cc OHV (Overhead Valve) engine with air cooled design for cooler and smooth operation. It delivers 4,850 starting watts and 3,850 watts effective. It can handle some heavy loads at your home such as fridge, A/C unit, lights and some power tools at job site.

Built And Outlets

The body is made of heavy duty frame with four point isolated mount engine that can handle tough job. This dual fuel generator is ideal also for your RV camper trailer that can handle everything in it.

Its full power panel features two 120v regular AC outlet, 120v/240v AC 30-Amp and a 12v DC terminal.


This generator features an electric start using a three-way engine switch on the panel. It also includes a low oil warning, circuit breaker and voltmeter for safety and simple utilization. It features a wheel kit and flip up handle for easy transport.

It enables you to switch from gasoline to propane fuel or vice versa while running for your total convenient. Its noise level is not too loud for a traditional open frame generator at 69dBA.

You can get a maximum power on each of the two 120v receptacle with its DuroMax MX2 feature. You can also select both 120v and 240v operating at the same time.

It passed the strict Californian Air Regulatory Board that can be use in all 50 states for safe and healthy usage. It is also an EPA compliance that doesn’t produce too much noise.

Should You Buy This Generator?

The DuroMax XP4850EH delivers decent amount of power for your home emergency purposes. It is more than enough for RV trailer needs. It is neatly price at $469 at the time I was writing this article. This unit is already proven by users that results in a 4 out of 5 stars at Amazon. I can say that the XP4850EH is worthy to own. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

Firman H03652 3650-WattCheaper Alternative

The Firman H03652 3650-Watt dual fuel generator is a cheaper alternative for your home backup and camper trailer. Its power output is almost comparable to DuroMax XP4850EH but, less expensive.

This dual fuel generator is a best seller and an Amazon’s choice as well. Meaning, it is highly recommended by the store and the customers who already use it. The Firman H03652 has so much to offer that makes your life easier.

Power Capacity And Outlets

The H03652 is powered by the Firman’s own Max Pro series engine with 208cc displacement that runs efficiently with its Phoenix Fat Head Block feature. It pulls out 4,550-watt of starting power and 3,650-watt effective.

While running on propane it gives you 4,100-watt starting and 3,300-watt effective. Tough it doesn’t come with an electric start; it features a reliable recoil system for easy pull start.

The panel provides you with the following outlets such as two regular 120v AC, a TT-30R 120v AC for your RV needs and L5-30R. It also includes the fuel selector switch and the 3 in 1 Data Minder LED display.

Key Features

It gives you 14-hours of run time with its 5-gallon tank capacity. While using a 20-pound propane tank cylinder can last you up to 10.5-hours.

It runs quietly with only 67dBA noise level, thanks to its Whisper Series muffler feature

Though, it weighs 134-pouds moving it around makes it easier for you with its 8-inch wheel kit and a U-shaped handle with ergonomic grip pad

The package includes an extra-long 5.5-ft. propane hose for your convenience if you want to use a larger propane tank

The 3-in-1 Data Minder provides you the information for the output voltage, frequency and hours of use for your schedules maintenance

For clean and consistent power output the Firman Volt Lock feature ensures the safety of your appliances

The addition of rubber protector keeps you safe from unwanted electrical shock from the outlets which is not being used. it also prevents corrosion for longer period of time

It is built from durable roll cage steel frame that can handle tough job in any given situation

Out of the box, everything you need is provided that includes a bottle of oil, specially made funnel, spark plug wrench, 10/12mm wrench and the operation manual

The unit is backup with 3-yer warranty to protect your purchase

Should You Buy This Generator?

As I stated earlier, this generator is highly recommended by Amazon and its users. It is packed with features which is far better than its high priced counterpart. This includes the 3-in-1 display, bundled with tools, silent, rubber cover, well-built and extra-long propane hose.

What I like most of it is the generator’s excellent fuel efficiency that will give you 14-hours of run time. The company is generously giving a 3-year warranty secures your purchase. The only thing that it lacks is the electric start. However, the reliable recoil system feature makes it easier for you.

What else can I say for a great dual fuel generator that comes in a cheaper price? >>Click here to get it at its lowest price!

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