Review: How Reliable Is The Ford FG11050PBE Generator?

Review: How Reliable Is The Ford FG11050PBE Generator?

If you need to run all your appliances during power shortage a huge and reliable generator is what you may want to consider. A traditional generator pulls out more power while inverters and solar powered generator is definitely out of the equation.

It features a duel fuel technology that gives you total convenience and advantage over traditional generator with gas powered only.

Why? Because you can power it using gas or propane whichever is available at the time of power shortage.

If a total reliability is what you’re looking for the Ford FG11050PBE could be a good contender.

Why is that? Because, they stand to their moto that says “built tough” and “built to last”. In short, every Ford engine is built with rock solid.

This is what the company is claiming for but, how reliable really is the Ford FG11050PBE 11050 Watt Dual Fuel Generator? And will it satisfy your needs?

That’s what we will find out today. Let’s dive in….

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Power Rating

If you want to keep safe and enjoy your life whenever power shortage or calamity hits you…

A highly reliable power source is definitely a must, right?

The Ford FG11050PBE engine is made of 457cc or 17-Horse Power OHV (Over Head Valve) that delivers peak power of 11,050 watts and 9,000 watts of effective power to accommodate all your appliances at home.

However, using LPG it provides 10,050 Watts peak power and 8,100 Watts effective which is a bit lower as always be the case in any dual fuel generators.

What it powers?

Considering its power rating, you can run your entire household appliances in times of calamity. This is a good thing so that you can still enjoy your life and do while others suffer in the dark.

The Ford FG11050PBE is also excellent for your leisure activities such as RVing and camping. This is also perfect for your project that can run multiple power tools without any problem.

Built And Portability

As ford has promise to every product that they made they are all “built tough”. The Ford FG11050PBE is built with its rugged M-Frame design so that it will stay in good shape for many years to come.

A four point fully isolated motor mounts that secures its safe position. It also provides smooth and quiet operation anytime you use it.

Though it is heavy, the Ford FG11050PBE comes in a highly portable design so that you can take it anywhere.

It features a pair of 10-inch never flat wheels that provides you with great portability. In addition to that is a drop down handle for super easy maneuver and storage.

Fuel Usage

This Generator is designed for excellent fuel efficiency so that you can have more time to enjoy during camping or power shortage.

A single full tank of 6.6 gallon of fuel of this generator can last up to 10.5-hours of run time provided with 50-prcent load capacity.

However, using propane fuel source with standard BBQ tank size it can last up to 8 hours of run time.

Ease Of Use

This huge generator comes in a simple panel design so that anyone can operate it instantly. The generator gives you 3-types of socket outlets so that it accommodates almost everything you need to connect on it.

Ford FG11050PBE 11050 Watt Dual Fuel Generator Review

Looking at the left side of the generator you can notice the generator’s easy start and shutdown guide. On the panel, you can notice the three circuit breaker switch corresponding to every outlet.

Below it is the six outlets. It consists of four 120v 20-Amp GFCI outlets to accommodate all your regular home appliances. It also has 120v 30 Amp twist-lock outlet (NEMA L5-30) and 120/240-Volt AC 50 Amp (L14-50R) RV outlet.

Finally, on the right part of the panel you got the hour meter, main breaker and the engine switch.

If you hate the pain with traditional pull start, you’ll surely glad to know that this features an electric start. You can simply start the generator in just a simple push of a button. However, you can always use the recoil start whenever the battery is low.

Safety Features

Your safety and the appliances protestation is the main concern when you’re shopping for generator.

Luckily, this generator provides you with more safety features that keep you and all your appliances safe and the generator as well while it gives you extremely handy usage.

Low Oil Shutoff

The generator has a low oil shutoff feature that prevents it from damaging the engine due to overheating caused by insufficient oil supply.

Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker feature will automatically shut-off the engine whenever an overload occurs. However, you can simply restore its operation by pressing the individual AC breaker provided on each outlet and the main circuit breaker.

Hour meter

The hour meter is very handy for your maintenance purposes. Properly scheduled changed oil keeps your generator engine in good shape so that it can serve you for longer period of time.

Automatic Voltage Regulator

The automatic voltage regulator provides you with the ideal output to keep your appliances safe. An over voltage or lower voltage supply can harm your appliances especially your sensitive electronic devices.

Switch & Go

The Ford’s patented switch & go technology enables you to flawlessly switch between fuel sources while the generator is running. This prevents you from interrupting while using the generator.

Outlet Covers

The rubber outlet dust covers protect the outlets which are not in use. It provides safety to anyone that prevents unwanted electrical shock that may put your life in danger.

Setup And What’s In The Box?

This generator is well packed when delivered while the wheels and handles are super easy to install that will take you less than 30-minutes to install. After removing the shipping brackets, you can notice it with its excellent paint job and a chrome mag wheels that greatly adds to its looks.

You need to fill it with 10-30W oil which is included in the package though some customers suggest to add another one quart. Next is to fill it with gas or you can connect a propane tank is you prefer and the hose is also provided.

After doing this, you can now start the generator and choke it. Most of the time the generator will start instantly using the key switch electric start. If you plan to use it to your house, you can connect a transfer switch to make it easier for your home appliances to connect.

Whenever you buy the Ford FG11050PBE you also get the propane hose, regulator, spark plug, funnel, screwdriver, spark plug, wrench and an oil.

How Reliable It Is?

To prove the generator’s reliability is to consider the customers experience with it. The Ford FG11050PBE receives a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars with a total of 16 reviewers who writes about it. Based on it, I will consider it as a highly reliable generator.

The customers were amazed with its quiet noise level. It is comparable to a lawn mower and pressure washer. With its size, it is much quieter than my previous 8,500-watt generator.

One says that, it can power his entire trailer while the previous one who doesn’t with only 5,500-Watt. This is nice upgrade.

Since it is a dual fuel generator, you can switch directly from gas to propane and vice versa with its switch & Go technology feature.

The generator always starts at first and second push. Assembling it is pretty much straight forward and all the tools you need is already provided.

This generator runs flawlessly in propane while using gasoline gives you problem with stale fuel. The built is excellent and very reliable so far.

However, one reviewer suggest that it might be easier to maneuver with bigger wheels.


The Ford FG11050PBE Generator delivers huge amount of power with 11,050 watts. It is capable to run your entire household appliances that don’t stop you from your day to day activities.

Ford has been in the industry for making great and durable cars while this generator is definitely no exception. Its exceptional fuel efficiency provides you with longer run time which is perfect for the whole day job without refueling it.

It packs with feature that makes it easier and safer to use such as its portable design, electric start, circuit breaker, outlet covers, switch & go and many more.

This generator provides you with more outlets so that it can accommodate almost everything you need to connect in it at the same time.

The generators’ dual fuel technology gives you total freedom to choose from what fuel is convenience for you to use.

The Ford FG11050PBE Generator is ideal for those who want to power the entire household during power shortage. This generator is proven as highly reliable that comes in a very affordable price. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!