Traditional generators are basically produces noise when running. Why? Because, it is made of motors that produces power needed to drive your appliances.

However, many of us hate those noises coming from these generators, right? This is the reason why we have to search for silent generator for your own personal needs.

Generator Decibel Comparison

In case you’re wondering how many decibel is considered as quiet generator.

Human ear is sensitive to sound it can determine wide range of sounds coming from different sources. From a slightest blow of a wind to a loudest explosion though, excessive sound can damage your hearing.

What is decibel?

Decibel (dB) is a unit which is use to measure the sound intensity. Basically, one decibel is equivalent to a one-tenth of a bel. The name bel is taken from Alexander Graham Bell. Zero decibel does not mean no sound at all, it is a threshold of a human hearing. Meaning, it is the least possible sound your ear can hear.

So, if you’re going to compare a 0 dB to 1 dB, the difference between the two is obviously 10x louder. Therefore, from 0dB to 50dB is not 50x louder due to the fact that decibel scales are algorithmic increment.

If we going to talk about the loudness of a generator, it is express in A-weighted decibels which is in dBAs. It is a measure of sound in the air perceived by the human ear.

In A-weighted system, the decibel equivalent value of a low frequencies are reduced as opposed to the unweighted dB which is no correction made for audio frequency. The correction is being made due to the fact that human ear is less sensitive at low audio frequency typically below 1,000 Hz, compare to high frequency audio.

To further understand this, dBA in computer system is used to denote the loudness of fan inside the microcomputer which is used to cool the system components. Its typical rating is 25dBA that represents above the threshold of hearing. This value is equivalent to a person whispering in a quiet environment.

How many decibel is a quiet generator?

Generators dBAs are measured and compare within the industry @ 7 meters. To meet the EEC regulations all generators have to be marked in LWA which is different measurement of sound at different distance.

To give you an example, the Yamaha EF2000iSv2 has 51.5 dBA at quarter load measured @ 7meters away. However, you should be aware the fact that not all generators have LWA marked on them while, many of them don’t have the industry rated at 7 meters.

To answer the question, how many decibels is a quiet generator?

Generators that operate at 50 dBA to 60 dBA is consider as a quiet generator. In short, the higher dBA value the louder the generator is.

These noise levels are comparable to a running fridge and air conditioning system or a normal human voice conversation. Generators that can achieved this sound levels are inverters with 1,000 to 2,500 watt power capacity.

Some generators are rated in between ranges like 52 dBA to 59 dBA. It means that, the lowest noise it can deliver is 52dBA @ idle condition and 59 dBA @ full rated output. However, some generators have written on their specs with ¼ rated load and not the full rated load noise level.

Keep in mind that, your generator doesn’t always run at quarter load and most of the time you are using more than half of its load while sometimes at full load. The noise level your generator increases as the load gets heavier. Be sure to know the generator’s peak noise level when buying a quiet generator.

Silent Generator For Home Use

Home backup power is important not only for business establishments. However, if you’re running your own home business generator is definitely a must, right?

If you don’t have any idea when the power will resume it’s just like you’re guessing how much money you lose during the power is out. Those who live in areas with prone to bad weather like storms, hurricane, tornado, typhoons and flood you probably experience more frequent power interruptions than other regions in the country.

A silent generator for home use is a perfect solution to your problem rather than waiting in the dark and guessing when the power will come back again.

Here are the lists of the best silent generator for home use.

Honda Fi EU7000is 7000 Watt Inverter Generator

Honda Fi EU7000is

If you want the best silent generator for your home use the Honda Fi EU7000is 7000 Watt Inverter Generator is definitely a good choice.

It delivers 7,000 watts of peak power and 5,500 watts of effective power. It can accommodate most of your important appliances at home during power shortage. This is probably the highest power rating inverter available in the market today.

Why Honda Inverter Generator?

In times of emergency, calamity and power shortage a highly reliable generator is definitely a must, right?

Honda is the most reliable generator you can have and it provides the highest quality power for many years. The Fi EU7000is is the latest innovation from Honda EU portable inverter series that delivers super quiet noise level in its class. Not only quiet but, it delivers the most outstanding fuel efficiency for longest possible run time in a single full tank.

Super Silent Honda Generator

If you’re looking for a super silent Honda generator this is where the Fi EU7000is really shines. Though, it delivers a huge power of 7,000 watt this generator operates only at 52dBA to 60 dBA noise level which is equivalent to a normal voice conversation.

Best For Home Back Up

The Honda Fi EU7000is can power all you appliances including your sensitive electronic gadgets making it the best home backup in times of emergency and calamity.

It can also power everything on your RV while it is also ideal for other applications such as camping, covering sports events, finishing projects and many more.

Outstanding Fuel Efficiency

In times of power shortage you don’t know when the power is coming back, right? This is the reason why you need an outstanding fuel efficient generator that will give you the longest possible run time.

How long it will lasts?

A single full tank of 5.1 gallon fuel of the EU7000is will last up to 18-hours of run time provided with quarter load capacity. That being said, this generator is ideal for overnight power back up for your total peace of mind.

How is it possible?

Honda engineers put the most advanced technology and best features in it that makes it possible to run the longest possible time. It features a Honda exclusive Eco throttle system that offers outstanding fuel efficiency.

In addition to that is the smart electronic fuel injection technology that increases drastically its fuel efficiency. EFI engine uses only the amount of fuel which is equivalent what the load only requires. It also eliminates the engine choke and removes the problems associated with carburetor engine.

While the Honda GX390 engine is designed for superior durability thus provides longer life and superior performance. Moreover, it significantly reduces its noise level to the point as it was equivalent to a 2000-watt inverter generator.

Safest Power Anytime

If you truly value your sensitive electronics such as computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and many more the Honda FI EU7000is delivers the safest power anytime. With its clean AC output waveform it ensures you that it produces the same reliable power coming from your regular home outlets.

The Verdict

The Honda Fi EU7000is is the latest model from their EU series they put everything on it that blows away its competition. This is the first Electronic Fuel Injection engine applied in a generator that creates a huge impact in a way the inverter generator should perform.

The innovative design of the Honda Fi EU7000is tremendously improves its fuel efficiency thus giving you extended run time.

Super quiet operation even at 7000 watt output power it produces noise level almost the same as the 2000-watt inverter generator.

Less maintenance compare to generators with carburetor type engine and no choke are needed during start-up.

The design is absolutely fantastic. Serviceability is super easy as one of the customer stated. From opening the side cover, oil draining, adding oil to changing the sparkplug this generator makes everything works simple for you.

Portability is another excellent feature of the Honda EU7000is. With the inclusion of two rugged wheels and a foldable handle, moving around with it makes it totally convenient to anyone.

Should I buy the Honda Fi EU7000is 7000 Watt Inverter Generator?

Admittedly, it is costly but if you want the best silent Honda inverter generator for home use with huge power capability this is definitely a solid choice.

Does it really worth the money?

Absolutely yes. Compare to a noisy traditional bulky generator that consume more fuel and short live. In the long run you spend more money on it rather than buying a highly reliable and efficient generator like the Honda EU7000is. >>Click Here to get the Lowest Price!

Get what you pay for, with this Honda, you get a lot!

“If you need a reliable, a fuel efficient, a quiet generator and 120V/240V power, this is a SOLID choice.”By Ace Cool

Efficiency at its best

“Best generator on the market, super quiet and very little fuel consumption, maintenance is as easy as could be. Best investment I could have ever made considering its cost compared to same generator in other places.” By Antonio Ferreira

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Champion Power Equipment 100302 4000/3500-Watt Digital Hybrid RV Generator

Champion 4000-Watt RV Ready Digital hybrid generator

The Champion 100302 3500-Watt Digital Hybrid Generator provides you with 50-percent quieter than any conventional generator out there. It has 20-percent lighter compare to other 3,500 watt equivalent power rating generator.

What makes it a silent generator?

The Champion 100302 3500-Watt is basically an inverter and not a conventional AC generator. As you know it already that inverters operates quietly due to its advanced technology circuitry.

However, its physical body was installed in a steel frame like traditional generators do and not in a plastic enclosure similar to most inverters. Hence, this is the reason why it is called hybrid generator.

It produces a noise level of 64dBA which is highly acceptable in any residential area without complaining your neighbor. Not only for your home backup but, it is also perfect for your RVing, camping and other recreational purposes.

Improved Fuel Efficiency 

It comes with improved fuel efficiency design that greatly extends its run time and saves you money from frequently buying fuel.

How long it lasts?

A single full tank will lasts up to 17-hours of run time provided with quarter load. However, it will vary depending on the load. This makes it an excellent home back up that keeps your family safe for a longer period of time.

Super Safe

Being an inverter, it delivers less than 3% total harmonic distortion (THD) AC power output.

What does it mean to you?

It is super safe to use for your sensitive electronics and devices as it delivers the purest AC sinewave output same as your regular home outlets.


This generator provides a 120v 30-Amp RV ready outlet and two 120v 20-Amp outlets to accommodate your regular home appliances.

Double The Power

In case you need to pull more power, the Champion 100302 3500 watt hybrid generator is capable to double its power output. By connecting another identical unit using a parallel connector you can now get a total of 7,000 watts of effective power.

The Verdict

The Champion 100302 3,500 watt Hybrid Generator is a great choice for your medium power requirement. Being a silent generator for your home use, it doesn’t disturb your neighbor and of course the people inside your house.

It packs with more safety features that keep your sensitive appliances safe with its less than 3% THD. The fuel efficiency is outstanding that provides you with 17-hours of continuous usage. The price it offer is surprisingly too low to pass on. >>Click Here to get the Lowest Price!

“Overall, I really like this generator. it really does a good job of filling its niche, which is a 3500 watt generator that can cleanly power sensitive electronic devices while still offering a good bang-for-the-buck value. All that, and a three year warranty. The Champion 100302 hybrid inverter generator is designed to offer a number of popular features at a great price. If it meets your needs, it should be among your top choices.”

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