DuroMax XP2000iS 2000 Watt Inverter Generator Review

If you think inverter generators are expensive, not the DuroMax XP2000iS Inverter Generator. The DuroMax XP2000iS Side Kick Inverter Generator comes with very affordable price that gives you no reason to stay in the dark.

Best For

The DuroMax XP2000iS is safe to use with your sensitive appliances making it ideal in any recreational activities.

It is also great for RV enthusiasts powering your food-truck, HDTV and audio system. As you can see, it never stops you from going to any activities you may want to.


The Side Kick provides 2,000 watts of starting power and 1,600 watts of effective power. Its pure clean power provides adequate supply to your important appliances in times of emergency.

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Clean Power Every Time

This Inverter Generator delivers clean power anytime. As you already know that Inverter Generators provides clean and stable power that makes your sensitive electronics safe.

This is probably the biggest advantage of inverter generator over conventional generators.


One of the benefits of digital inverter generator is having quiet operations. The DuroMax XP2000iS Inverter Generator delivers unsurpassed silent running action. This makes it ideal in camping and any recreational activities so that no one has to be disturbed late at night.

Fuel Efficient

The generator’s fuel efficiency is important in choosing an inverter. The generator is fuel efficient if it uses less fuel for longer period. The DuroMax XP2000iS is designed to meet this standard.

Thanks to its Smart Throttle feature that reduces its fuel consumption that doesn’t sacrifice its superb performance.

This feature automatically controls the generator’s motor speed according to the load requirements thus giving you longer run time.

It Charges Everything

The DuroMax XP2000iS gives you extra benefits that make it perfect for RV’s, Auto and Boat owners.

It is capable to charge any 12-volt batteries with 8 Amp DC output so that you can maximize its usage potential.

If power shortage hits you, there’s no way you can charge your essential gadgets such as SmartPhone, tablets and other electronic devices.

This feature is hard to find in any inverter generators. Thanks to its USB outlets feature that definitely saves your day.

Double The Power

The DuroMax XP2000iS will certainly give you double power capability. The Side Kick feature parallel potential that doubles its power source and producing a total of 4,000 watts.

This makes it possible by connecting another DuroMax XP2000iS Inverter Generator using parallel cable with daisy chain connection. However, consumer should be aware the fact that the cable is sold separately.

Highly Portable

This Inverter Generator comes in super portable design so that you can bring the power anywhere you may want to. It weighs only 47 pounds in highly compact blueprint so that it can be carried by anyone. In addition to that is the integrated handle for easy carry and maneuverability.

Easy Pull Start

If you hate the tedious start, the Side Kick  features an easy pull start. Starting this generator made simple for you. By redesigning its responsive pull starter that decompresses before each start creates a fast starting action in just a single or two pulls.


The DuroMax XP2000iS Inverter Generator delivers an excellent performance and it is already proven by customers. The generator’s rock solid built gives you an added benefit that will last for longer period of time.

Its light and compact design makes it extremely portable while its clean output, quiet operations, easy pull start, parallel capability, simple panel design greatly adds to its value.

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