Generac LP3250 3250 Watt Generator Review

Anyone who finds themselves in need of an immediate power source whenever a power shortage hits the town, the Generac LP3250 Generator could be your perfect companion.

Why Choose The Generac LP3250 Generator?

Propane gas is readily available in almost every household so that you can operate it instantly without the need to run for gasoline station

Lower carbon monoxide emission, less toxic mean safer to use compare to gasoline powered generator

Propane can be stored safely without deterioration and can be transported without spillage

Propane is an ideal replacement in many applications for greener environment and more convenience usage

Powerful Engine

The Generac 6000 LP3250 3750 Watt Propane Portable Generator is made of 212cc OHV engine that can deliver 3,700 Watts of surge power or 3,200 watts continuous power which is enough to energize your entire household during power outage.

You can run your fridge to prevent your foods from rotting, electric cooker to cook your foods, computers and even your HDTV to watch movies.

Bring It Anywhere

The Generac LP3250 Generator is design for ultimate portability so that you can take it anywhere, this makes it possible with a pair of 9.5 inch never flat wheel kit feature and a locking dolly push cart handle style for easy accompany wherever you go.

This includes a tank holder attached into its frame to secure the gas tank in its proper place when transported.

If you have a job-site project it can power up your tools such sanders, cutting saw and drills to finish it faster. If love camping, it is suitable to run your electric grills and coffee maker or any sporting events to supply your cameras and lights.

More Safety Features

The Generac LP3250 Generator is equipped with more safety features to protect your appliances and the generator as well to keep it in tough conditions for longer period of time.

This includes a covered outlet for added protection that prevents it from building corrosion on the outlets under rugged working conditions.

It provides a circuit breaker on its 120v AC outlets that protects it from overloading; this will automatically shut off the generator whenever it exceeded its power capacity.

It features a high performance alternator and splash lubrication for smooth operations and delivers clean power on your appliances.

This unit provides two standard 5-20R 120v outlets to accommodate your regular appliances and a single L14-20R 120/240v twist lock outlet for your power tools.

Built Tough

The Generac LP3250 Generator is built tough with its durable steel frame and its fuel tank holder can handle from 20 to 30 pounds of liquid propane.

The tank can be safely connected to the generator trough a convenient fuel line. However, consumers should be aware that the tank is not included in the package and sold separately.

Fuel Efficient

A single 20 pound LP tank can last more than 9-hours of run time with half load capacity. You can enjoy more time for your family when camping, more action on your sports venue or live a quality life even during power outbreak.

Excellent Value

The Generac 6000 LP3250 3,750 Watt Propane Portable Generator is an outstanding generator and it is proven customers who actually bought it. The generator ability has been tested during the hurricane Sandy and never let them down.

This amazing generator is available at a very affordable price making it easy to recommend to anyone who’s looking for the best propane portable generator out there. Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!