PAXCESS P2000i 2000 Watts Inverter Generator Review

PAXCESS P2000i 2000 Watts Inverter Generator Review

Having a reliable generator in times of power shortage is undeniably a life saver. It keeps you doing the task at hand without hindering while others suffer in the dark. If you have a business to run it definitely a big loss for you, right?

However, the issue with it is that inverter generators are costly. Not with the PAXCESS P2000i 2000 Watts Inverter Generator because it is available at a very low price. It delivers the same power, reliability, fuel efficiency and features as the other well known pricey brands such Yamaha and Honda.

What It Powers?

The PAXCESS P2000i 2000 Watts Inverter Generator delivers 2,000 watt of peak power and 1,600 watt of effective power. It can accommodate most of your important appliances during power shortage such as, lights, small refrigerator, fans, small A/C, HDTV and many more.

This generator is quiet, lightweight, fuel efficient and highly portable making it ideal for your camping and RVing activities. It is also great for your job sites to finish your project which is capable to run up to two power tools.

“This unit worked out of the box and started on the second crank. It is not too loud and does a good job delivering to its rated power. It is portable. Overall, I am very pleased with the purchase, especially since this unit was around 1/2 the cost of some of its big brother brands. It does a wonderful job keeping the electrics on our sailboat going when we are out at anchor.” By Robert Hoadley

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PAXCESS P2000i Quick Specs

Engine Displacement : 79cc

Output Power : 2,000 watt peak / 1,600 watt effective

Receptacles : 1x 20-Amp 120V, 1x 120v 30-Amp RV, 1x USB Port, 12v DC 8.3-Amp Cigarette port and Parallel output

Noise Level : 60 dB(A) @ rated load, 53 dB(A) @ 1/4 load

Dry Weight : 48.5 lbs.

Starting System : Recoil Type

Fuel Type : Gasoline

Fuel Tank Capacity : 1.1 Gallon

Run Time : 11-hours @ 1/4 load and 7-hours @ 1/2 load on a single full tank

Dimension : 18.9” x 11.2” x 15.3”

Warranty : 2 Year warranty and free lifetime technical support by phone

Reliable Engine

The PAXCESS P2000i 2000 Watts Inverter Generator is made of highly reliable 79cc OHV engine which is capable to produce 2,000 watt of peak power. This will give you total peace of mind in times of emergency and for your camping purposes.

Clean AC Voltage Output

The PAXCESS P2000i 2000 Watts Inverter Generator delivers clean AC voltage output which is almost equivalent to your regular home AC outlet.

What does it mean to you?

This generator has an AC output with less than 3% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) so that it doesn’t harm your sensitive electronics and gadgets. You can now safely charge your Computers, Laptops, SmartPhones, Cameras, Drones and many more.

Super Quiet

If you don’t want to bleed your ears in exchange of power the PAXCESS P2000i 2000 Watts Inverter Generator is perfect for you. The company claims that it has only 53 – 60dBA noise level which is merely equivalent to the noise produced by a dishwasher. This makes it great for camping and any of your recreational activities that doesn’t disturb anyone.

Highly Portable

If you’re planning to take it to your camping trip the PAXCESS P2000i 2000 Watts Inverter Generator is perfect due to its highly portable design. It weighs only 48 pounds so that it can carry by a single adult person. In addition to that is its carry handle on top of it for your total convenience. It also comes in a compact casing with physical dimension of 18.9 x 11.2 x 15.3 inches that can easily fit on your car trunk.

PAXCESS P2000i 2000 Watts Inverter Generator Review

Simple Panel Design

If you don’t want to operate a complicated generator panel the PAXCESS P2000i 2000 Watts Inverter Generator comes with dead simple design. Anyone can use it instantly even without electrical background.PAXCESS P2000i 2000 Watts Inverter Generator Review

Looking at the upper left part of the panel you can notice the Eco-Throttle switch together with the three LED indicators such the output voltage, overload alarm and the low oil alarm. It follows with a 5v USB port, 12v DC output and the circuit breaker.

Below it is the regular 120v AC 30-Amp, 120v AC 30-Amp twistlock with RV adapter for your RV needs. After that is the parallel output terminal and the Multi switch for start/choke, run and stop.

Parallel Connection Capable

If you need to pull out more power the PAXCESS P2000i 2000 Watts Inverter Generator can double your power by connecting another identical unit. You don’t need complicated and costly junction boxes to connect the two inverter.


Because it has a built-in parallel outlet on the panel that allows you to connect another the PAXCESS P2000i using a simple cable which already included in the box. As a result, you got a total of 4,000 watt peak power or 3,200 watt effective power.

Excellent Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is essential in choosing the best inverter generator for you. So, how do we know if the generator is fuel efficient? If it runs for a longer period of time in just a single full tank the generator is consider as fuel efficient. Luckily, the PAXCESS P2000i 2000 Watts Inverter Generator is designed to deliver excellent fuel efficiency.

How long it lasts?

A single full tank of fuel with only 1.1 gallon can lasts up to 11-hours of continuous usage provided with quarter load. However, if you have a half load capacity it can lasts for 7-hours. This makes it possible with the Economy Mode feature that we will discuss next.

Economy Mode

Enabling the Economy Mode switch on the panel saves you more fuel that results in a longer run time. The function of it is to automatically adjust the engine speed according to the generator’s load.

Having a lighter load slows down the engine speed while increasing the load gradually escalating the engine speed. By activating the Economy Mode it further lessens the noise it produces due to a slower engine rotation.

CARB And EPA Compliant

The PAXCESS P2000i 2000 Watts Inverter Generator passed the strict Californian Air regulatory Board (CARB) so that it can be use in the State of Californian. It means that it doesn’t emit harmful fumes to keep your family safe. It is also an EPA compliant for you to use it in any National park due to its lower noise level that doesn’t disturb anyone in there.

RV Ready And USB Port

This feature is definitely hard to find in any inverter generator where in you take full advantage of it. A 120v 30-Amp RV outlet is provided in the panel that includes an adapter. If you need to charge your electronic device via USB port you can do so here directly on the panel.

12v DC Cigarette Charger

If it requires you to charge or powering your 12v DC electronic device the PAXCESS P2000i 2000 Watts Inverter Generator features a 12v DC cigarette charger outlet for your total convenience.

Additional Features

The PAXCESS P2000i 2000 Watts Inverter Generator comes with additional features to maximize its utilization while making it simple and safe to use.

AC Circuit Breaker

The AC Circuit Breaker feature protects your appliances and the generator as well for possible damage due to short circuit. Whenever a short circuit arise the system will automatically shut off its operation. After the problem has been solved you can simply restore its normal operation by resetting the circuit breaker.

Low Oil Alarm

Whenever the oil level on the engine is insufficient the Low Oil Alarm LED will lit up. It tells you that you need to add some engine oil to prevent it from damaging due to overheat.

Overload Alarm

The overload LED alarm will light up whenever you exceed the generator’s power capacity. It means that you need to reduce the load you plug in to the generator.

Output Indicator

The output LED indicator tells you that the voltages present on the generator’s outlets are perfect and safe for you to use.

PAXCESS P2000i 2000 Watts Inverter Generator Review

The PAXCESS P2000i 2000 Watts Inverter Generator Review receives an outstanding appraisal at that proves it performance. The following reviews are written by customers who already bought and use it in real world applications.


“The machine was well packed! The first thing I noticed despite the UPS drivers complaints, was that it was not nearly as heavy as the last 2KW Inverter generator I bought, which was a Champion.”

Noise Level

“Now if first impressions are important to most people, here is where I was REALLY IMPRESSED! This thing was amazingly quiet and this it was not in the economy mode either! I mean even with your hand on this thing, while it is running, I felt very little of the vibration that was felt in the other inverter generators I owned!”

Economy Mode

“I’m impressed by power saver mode than keeps Rpms down based on electric load. I’m happy paying one third cost of similar Honda model.”


“Very well designed and built. Very very quiet, I was impressed. Worth the money.”

“The generator seems to be built with quality.”


“It also comes with a DC quick charging jumper cable which was a nice feature since some of the other companies charge extra for theirs.”

What it power?

“I used this in my 25’ cabin cruiser and it worked great powering microwave and frig as well as coffee maker and battery charger on the boat it is nice and quiet, however it is limited on using a few appliances at one time. It powered microwave, frig and coffee maker at one time, so far happy with purchase and price.”

“I plugged my camper into this sweet little gem. This machine will handle 12 to 14 amps easily. It ran all of my lights, refrigerator and air conditioner without much effort.”


“Most of all I am glad I did not have to spend $500, $600, $700, $800, or even $1000 to get the same kind of product, that is just as quiet, and just as efficient! The price is right and the machine is right – I’m happy!”

“It should be noted that a Honda generator cost’s $1000, the same generator costs $499 with the same specs. This machine runs very quiet as advertised. I would not hesitate purchasing another one.” >>Click Here to read more customers’ Reviews.


The PAXCESS P2000i 2000 Watts Inverter Generator delivers excellent performance as it is already proven by customers who already using it. It packs with features which are hard to find in any inverter generator including the costly brands.

This includes the RV ready outlet, USB port and 12v DC cigarette outlet that provides you with total convenience in connecting your electronic gadgets. It provides you with true power rating, safe AC voltage and super quiet to accommodate everything you need to connect in it without worrying.

It offers you with excellent fuel efficiency so that you can enjoy your camping for longer hours. The Economy Mode not only extends its run time but also provides quiet operation as well. With so much goodness you can get with it the price it offers is too low to pass on. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

Bottom Line

“I can think of 100 complaints that people will have, but in reality and in practicality, this machine did exactly what it was supposed to do, it did it quietly, it did it efficiently, and I’m extremely impressed with it! A real good value for the money.”