Looking for reliable and compact power source?

The Anker PowerHouse Generator Review deserves a hard look.

The Anker PowerHouse Generator provides reliable power source anytime and the most compact power source you can get. This makes it ideal for emergency backup and camping purposes.

Total Convenience 

For your total convenience you can recharge it with AC source or Solar panel whichever is the most accessible for you.

It delivers 400Wh to power up your lights, charges your phones, laptops, tablets, TV’s and even mini fridge.

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What is in it?

Huge Power

The Anker PowerHouse Generator provides 434Wh or 120,000mAh of power. With that kind of power it can run lamps, phones, laptops, TVs and even mini fridge which is ideal for your camping trips and emergency purposes.

This makes it possible with its highly reliable grade A high-density lithium-ion battery.

Longer Life Span

Another great thing about the Lithium-ion battery is that it also promotes longer life span. That being said, you can now recharge it many times to enjoy every camping trip.

Light And Compact

Need to take it anywhere?

This power station comes with a more compact build compare to other generator that uses lead-acid power packs that greatly adds to its lightness.

In fact, the Anker PowerHouse Generator is the smallest and lightest power supply you can get.

It weighs only 9.26 pounds so that anyone can carry it effortless. Its body dimension is 6.5 x 7.87 x 5.71 in that can be easily fit to your car trunk.

In addition to that is the super easy to carry handle for tireless handling that makes it perfect for your outing and camping activities.

Dead Silent

A noisy generator can ruin your camping, right?

If you truly want a peaceful camp ground this generator is dead silent during operations. It is far more silent compare to any inverter.

Why? It doesn’t have a motor and the unit is made of battery pack that provides power to your electronics devices.

Ultra Fast Charging

Need to charge your gadgets fast?

This power station features an ultra fast charging USB ports so that you can immediately use your phone and other gadgets in no time.

Anker PowerHouse Generator Review

It includes 4X USB ports that enable you to charge up to four devices simultaneously from phones, cameras, laptops, tablets and many more.

The unit also includes 2X 12-Volts DC ports for lights that keep you away from the dark. While it still provides you with a 110v AC outlet to power up your regular home appliances.

Safety Guaranteed

The unit comes with more safety features that ensure total protection for your precious devices. For ideal voltage output the Battery Management System (BMS) provides voltage control circuitry.

To prevent overheating the temperature control circuit keeps the system and your gadgets cool. There’s also a short circuit protection and active cell balancing that optimizes battery performance for extended battery life.

Watch the video to see the Anker PowerHouse Generatorin action.


The Anker PowerHouse Generator delivers an excellent performance as it is already proven by customers who’s already using it.

Feature wise it brings more on the table such as, ultra fast charging, lightest and superb portability to name some. Most customers found it a real life saver especially those who’s using CPAP machine.

The company is generously giving an 18-months warranty for your total peace of mind while other brands are limited to 1-year only.

The price it offers is very much affordable that truly adds to its value. This power station is ideal for those who want a dead silent and ultra light power source for camping. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!