Dometic LW3000 Plus Portable Generator review,inverter generator reviews

Anyone who’s looking for a cheap inverter generator, the Dometic LW3000 Plus Portable Generator is perfect for you. With 2,800 watts maximum output or 2,600 watts it can power up a 13,500 BTU A/C unit. This generator is available at insanely low price which is 4-times less than its competitor with equivalent ratings.

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The Dometic LW3000 Plus Portable Generator Review talks about the generators features, value and performance to give you ideas what makes it a worthy to buy.

Tough Engine

The Dometic LW3000 Plus Portable Generator is made of 4-stroke engine that delivers a clean 2,800 watts of peak power which is capable to run your important appliances during power outage. It is also ideal for camping that is more than enough to operate your coffee maker, lights, laptops and charge your phones.

Its air cooled engine design provides smooth operations and the high impact outer case greatly adds to its durability.


The Dometic LW3000 Plus Portable Generator is a digital inverter generator that provides the cleanest, consistent and reliable power source that keep your delicate devices safe all the time. This includes computers, phones, laptops, cameras and other audio/video equipments.


Noisy generator ruins your vacation; as a result, you can never have a normal conversation with your family and friends. Inverter generators have the advantage of being quiet compare to other traditional genset. This is what you can expect from the Dometic LW3000 Plus Portable Generator. It starts quickly with its electric start feature.

Lightweight And Portable

Most inverter generators weights a ton that almost impossible to be carried by a single adult person at the campsite. The Dometic LW3000 Plus Portable Generator weights only 59-pounds which is more than 24% lighter than any other brands with equivalent power ratings. This also includes an Ergonomic pull handle and a pair of wheels for super easy transport.

Simple Panel Design

The Dometic LW3000 Plus Portable Generator features a very straight forward panel design for simple operations. It provides two 15-Amp outlets to power up your regular appliances and a single 30-Amp twist lock receptacles for your power tools requirements.

Fuel Efficient

The Dometic LW3000 Plus Portable Generator provides 15% more fuel capacity that can be filled with 7-liter at full tank. More fuel means more time to enjoy with your love ones during camp and power outage. It runs over time with more than 10-hours of continuous power supply provided with an average load. This makes it possible with its Smart Throttle feature that minimizes its fuel consumption.

The Dometic LW3000 Plus Portable Generator Review In Action

The following statements are come from customers who actually bought and use it in real world. Most of them are pleased with their purchase due to the fact that it is quiet, fuel efficient and perform as expected.

One customer followed the suggested procedure that runs the A/C unit and refrigerator without any problem. He shut off the other breaker and turned the auto idle off and turned on the air it worked as described. A great unit at a great price, he added.

However, some customers were not satisfied due to not following these procedures. One customer uses it for skiing which is impossible to start at cold weather. By removing the carburetor access panel and air cleaner and injecting starter fluid it start running fine.

Using the electric start it started right up and set the eco throttle, it is very quiet he added. Before that, he did some research by installing a Hard Start Capacitor. He connects it in piggy back manner in an existing capacitor so that it will supply the compressor with an extra charge to it to get pass the initial start up. It cost him only $12 at Amazon. It runs everything just fine. >>Click Here to read more reviews.


There’s so much goodness you can get with the Dometic LW3000 Plus Portable Generator. The performance is great and did well by providing an adequate power to your needs. Feature wise, its light weight, quiet, electric start and portable design perfectly compliments your camping necessities.

However, few shortcomings should be taking into consideration. It requires a hard start capacitor to run properly the 13,500BTU A/C. But, once it stated it runs smoothly without any problems.

This remarkable unit is available for only $500 which is 4-times lower than its competitor. This alone brings an excellent value to anyone who’s looking to save money for a great performing digital inverter generator. I guess an extra $12 for a hard start capacitor and small alteration doesn’t hurt you. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!