The Goplus 2750 Watt provides you with extra power compare to any regular 2,000-watt generator out there. This enables you to run more appliances during power shortage. Its compact and lightweight design makes it perfect for any of your outdoor activities. This includes camping, boating, RVing and many more.

Being an inverter, it is safe to use for your sensitive electronics as it provides clean AC voltage. Its quiet operation doesn’t irritate anyone and you can enjoy a normal conversation with your friends and family near to it. The part where it shines the most is the price, it’s definitely unbeatable.

Having a good inverter generator doesn’t need to be pricey, right? This is what the Goplus 2750 Watt Portable Inverter Generator has to offer. This generator is available at a very cheap price that doesn’t sacrifice its performance.

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Huge Power

Though it comes in a cheap price, it provides huge capacity with 2,750 watt of peak power and 2,000 watt of effective power. Unlike its high priced competitor that offers only 2,000 watt of peak power.

Powering Your Appliances

The Goplus 2750 Watt Portable Inverter Generator is professionally designed to power up your home and office appliances for longer period of time due to its excellent fuel efficiency.

Best For

The Goplus 2750 Watt is not only great for your home and office back up but it is also best for camping, RVing, boating, and many more due to its extremely portable design.

It is also ideal for powering and charging your sensitive gadgets such as computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, cameras, CPAP machine and many more.

Reliable Engine

In times of emergency failure is definitely an option, right?

This is what makes this generator a highly reliable anytime you need it. It is built with 125cc OHV 4-stroke single cylinder air cooled engine that provides 2,750 Watt of surge power and 2,000 Watt of effective power.

This is ideal for delivering sufficient power at your convenience thus bringing your electronic devices into life wherever and whenever.

What it powers?

With that kind of power it can accommodate most of your important and sensitive appliances. It can run your small fridge, microwave oven, fan, RV A/C, HDTV / DVD, hair dryer, blender, lights, fan, computer, laptop, charging your smartphone and many more.

Excellent Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is crucial in choosing the best inverter generator. If the generator uses small fuel for a longer period of time the generator is said to be a fuel efficient. This generator is designed for excellent fuel efficiency.

How long it will lasts?

A single full tank of only 1.75 Gallon of fuel with this generator will last up to 6-hours at full load capacity. While at half load capacity it can lasts for more than 12-hours. Although, this may vary depending on the load, lighter loads extends further its run time.

As a result, this generator is ideal for any type of overnight power applications such as camping, RVing and other activities.

Eco Mode

This generator features an Eco Mode to further saves you fuel and for extended run time. If you’re using only a light load on the generator, enabling it will cause the generator’s engine to slow down. The engine will automatically adjust according to the load power requirement.

Slowing it down means less fuel consumption thus provides you with longer run time. It also lessens the engine’s wear and tear that results in a longer life span of the generator itself.

Reliable Power Anytime

This portable generator delivers reliable power anytime. Its output AC waveform has less THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) which is almost equivalent to your regular home outlets.

What does it mean to you?

The Goplus inverter technology provides stable, safe and clean power all the time. This makes your sensitive electronics and gadgets safe such as laptops, computers, smartphones, HDTVs and many more.

Super Quiet

A noisy generator is definitely irritating, right?

Thankfully, this generator is design for super quiet performance every time you use it.  As a result, it doesn’t disturb your neighbors and fellow campers at campsite.

This generator operates at only 60dB maximum noise level which is quieter than a normal person conversation.

This makes it ideal for any activity that requires quiet operation such as RVing, camping, picnic and any activity that requires quiet operation.

Simple Panel Design

I guess you don’t want to operate a complicated generator panel in times of calamity, right?

The Goplus 2750 Generator comes in a dead simple panel design. That being said, anyone can start using it in no time even without any electrical background.

Starting at the left, you can notice the three LED indicators for Overload, Run and Low Oil. It follows with the AC Protector Circuit Breaker reset switch, Econ Mode switch and the Engine switch.

Below it is the two 120v AC outlet to accommodate all your regular home appliances. Beside it is the 12v DC terminal and the DC Protector Circuit Breaker reset switch.

Extremely Portable

If you plan to take it anywhere for camping and any outdoor activities this generator comes in extremely portable design. It has a physical dimension of 21.5 x 11.4 x 19.7 inch that makes it compact so that you can easily put it on your car trunk.

It weighs only 64 pounds that can be simply carried by a single adult person. It also features a built-in handle that greatly adds to its portability.

CARB And EPA Compliance

This Inverter Generator passed the strict Californian Air Regulatory Board so that you can use it to all 50-states. You can also use it in any National park due to its EPA compliance that doesn’t produce excessive noise to disturb anyone.

More Features Ahead

Low Oil Alarm

The Low Oil Alarm System is designed to prevent the engine from damaging due to insufficient oil supply on the engine.

The low oil LED indicator will light up whenever the oil supply is in critical level. This indicates that you need to refill the oil or immediate change oil in needed.

Overload LED

The Overload Indicator LED tells you that the system exceeds its power load capacity. The generator will automatically shut off its operation to prevent any damage.

Circuit Breaker

The Circuit Breaker will cause the system to automatically shut down whenever a short circuit arises. The system operation can be easily got back to normal by simply pressing the AC protector switch located on the panel.

What’s Included In The Box?

Whenever you buy this Inverter Generator you also get the operator’s manual, oil dipstick, DC charging cable, spark plug, basic tools so that you can use it right away out of the box.

Customers’ Review


I used it for 10-hours on a daily basis for three months and it works flawlessly.

I purchase 5 pieces of this unit for my friends which suffers from hurricane Maria at Puerto Rico. They run perfectly and much better than it supposed to be.

Fuel Efficiency

It consumes very low fuel while providing you with more power compare to a commonly available 2,000 watt inverters

Noise level

Even at full load it is quieter than any normal generator therefore nobody is complaining about it.

Very low noise compare to my neighbor’s generator.

What it Powers?

It runs my two fridge, two HDTV, multiple lights and fans at home with no problem.


This is probably the best inverter you can get with the unbeatable price.

Bottom Line

Outstanding unit with excellent fuel efficiency, huge capacity and very quiet. >>Click Here to read more customers’ reviews.


The Goplus 2750 Watt delivers excellent performance as it is already proven by customers who already using it.

It provides more features such as the Eco mode, low oil alarm system, circuit breaker and overload indicator which also can be found in high price inverters.

If you plan to take it for your outdoor activities its extremely portable design makes it possible for you anytime. Hate the noise? Its super quiet performance makes you camping more enjoyable.

Its outstanding fuel efficiency saves you from frequently buying gas while it runs overtime to keep you safe in times of calamity.

Its power rating of 2,750 watt is definitely higher than the Yamaha EF2000is and Honda EU2000i with only 2000-watt respectively.

While the price it offers is less than halves of them. Performance and value wise the Goplus 2750 Watt Portable Inverter Generator delivers more on the table. >>Click Here to get it at its lowest price!