Review: What You Can Expect From Honda EB2800i Generator

Review: What You Can Expect From Honda EB2800i Generator

If you’re craving for more power for your camping and RV needs the Honda EB2800i is perfect for you. It provides you with outstanding fuel efficiency for your extended trip.

When you go out there most of your gadgets are sensitive, right? Such as phone, cameras, laptops, drones and many more which requires clean and safe power. This is the reason why you can depend with the Honda EB2800i.

What you can expect from Honda EB2800i?

Huge Power

The Honda EB2800i gives you with huge power with 2,800 watts that provides you with more juice compare to its rival that offers only 2,000 watts.

Excellent Value

Although, it delivers an extra power it doesn’t mean that you have to pay for an extra price. It is surprisingly cheaper than in its 2,000 watt branded counterpart.

Quiet And Fuel Efficient

This generator operates at low noise level so that it doesn’t irritate anyone who wants a peace and calm environment. Its outstanding fuel efficiency gives you the longest possible run time for more enjoyable camping trip.

Best For

The Honda EB2800i can run any appliances due to its pure sine-wave output making it best for your home backup in times of emergency and calamity.

It is also best for your RV needs and other recreational activities such as camping, tailgating and many more. For those who are working on their projects it is also great for job sites on remote areas.

Safe For Your Sensitive Gadgets

It is also ideal for powering and charging your sensitive gadgets such as computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, cameras, CPAP machine and many more.

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Honda EB2800i Quick Specs

Engine : Honda GC190LA

Displacement : 186cc

Output Power : 2,800 watt peak / 2,500 watt effective

Receptacles : 2x 20A 125V Duplex

Noise Level : 67 dB(A) @ rated load, 62 dB(A) @ 1/4 load

Dry Weight : 66.8 lbs.

Starting System : Recoil Type

Fuel Type : Gasoline

Fuel Tank Capacity : 2.1 Gallon

Run Time : 5.1 hrs @ full load, 12.1 hrs @ 1/4 load on a single full tank

Dimension : 16.9″ x 17.6″ x 18.9″

Warranty : 3-year residential / 1-year commercial

What It Powers?

The generator is made of powerful and highly reliable 186cc OHV engine that provides 2,800 watts of peak power and 2,500 watts of effective.

With this kind of power it can run a single 13,500 BTU A/C for your RV needs. If you’re working on a project it can accommodate 2 to 3 power tools at the same time. At home it can run your fridge, microwave, lights, computer, HDTV and many more.

If you truly value your sensitive gadgets such as laptop, smartphone, HDTV’s, iPod and cameras the Honda EB2800i is safe to use without worrying of damaging them.

It produces less than 3% of total harmonic distortion (THD) which is considered as clean AC. This is almost equivalent to your home AC outlets.

Ease Of Use

I guess it’s totally confusing to operate a complicated panel, right?

Thankfully, it comes in a dead simple panel design so that you can easily use it in no time. It provides 4x 120v AC 20-Amp receptacles to accommodate your regular home appliances.

Honda EB2800i 2800 Watt inverter Generator Review

The panel also includes the choke and engine switch on the left side. Beside of it are the engine switch and three LED indicators for Output, Overload Alarm and Oil Alert.

The Eco Throttle switch is located on the lower left while the two Circuit Protector switches can be found on the right side of the panel.

Built And Portability

The Honda EB2800icomes in a portable design so that you can take it anywhere were power is an immediate requirement.

It weighs only 66 pounds that can be carried by a single person. It has a physical dimension of only 16.9 x 17.6 x 18.9 inch that makes it easier for you to grab and go.

The EB2800I is solidly built so that it can withstand any condition especially on job sites. It is made of rugged steel tube frame that protects the generator. The tubular steel frame also offers you a convenient hand hold for easy transport.

Fuel Usage And Run Time

The Honda EB2800i is designed to provide you with outstanding fuel efficiency. A single full tank of only 2.1 gallon of fuel can last up to 12 hours of run time with quarter load capacity. That being said, it keeps you working all day.

It features an exclusive Eco Throttle system to maximize its fuel efficiency. When enabled it allows the engine to adjust its rotational speed according to the load.

Thus, it only provides the required load power to further lessen its fuel consumption. As a result, you have the longest possible run time while it keeps the generator noise level to minimum level and less wear on the engine.

Noise Level

During camping you need a quiet generator for calm and peaceful surrounding. You’ll glad to know that this generator operates quietly. Considering the fact that this is an inverter that runs quieter than any traditional generator.

It produces noise level of only 62dB which is less than a normal voice conversation. That being said, it is ideal for your camping trip, RVing, boating and any activities that require silent operation.

This makes it possible with its special dampening materials that combines with super quiet Honda engine that helps minimize its noise level. Another contributing factor to its silent operation is the Eco-Throttle feature as I stated earlier.

Watch the video to hear it…

Comparison With Other Generators

When you are on shopping for an item it is important to compare it with other products for you to make sure it satisfies your needs.

Honda EB2800i vs EG2800i

I guess some of you are wondering what the difference between the Honda EB2800i and EG2800i are. Which one to choose or a better performer?

First off, let’s talk about their common features. Both of them have the same power output which is 2,800-watt peak and 2,500-watt effective. Why? Because they use the same exact engine which is the Honda GC190LA.

If their engines are the same therefore, they share the same run time, weight and physical dimension and noise level. Both of them can be used for your home backup and recreational activities.

So, what makes them different from each other?

The EB2800i is design for industrial applications which features towards working professional. Some of these features are the all GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Protection) outlets and a full OSHA LA-ETL compliance.

It provides 4x AC outlets with circuit protector although, it doesn’t have the 125v AC Locking plug which is commonly used for transfer switch and RV.

On the other hand, the Honda EG2800i generally used for recreational purposes such as camping and RVing to power up your 13,500 BTU A/C due to its 125v AC Locking plug.

It is also ideal for your home backup that connects to your transfer switch in which the Honda EB2800i lacks.

Which one to choose?

If you’re going to use it for industrial purposes the EB2800i is the one for you. However, if you’re planning to take it for camping and RVing the EG2800i is definitely the way to go.

In terms of pricing these two inverter generator are the same at the time I was writing this article. You can check it here to verify and find out more about it.

Honda EB2800i vs EU2000i / EU2200i

If you ever thinking which inverter generator would you pick for your own application, the EB2800i or the EU2200i? The EU2000i would definitely be out of the equation as it is being discontinued by Honda and replaced by the all new EU2200i.

As you already know about the EB2800i as I discuss earlier it is packed with additional power of 600 watt more compare to EU2200i. The EU2200i delivers 2,200 watt of peak power and 1,800 watt effective.

Let us talk about the EU2200i to give you a clear picture of what’s new with this generator. The EU2200i is the upgraded version of the old EU2000i.

The main difference between the two is the increase of power with additional 10% on top of it. Of course, the change in its engine should be needed to increase its power. The old one uses the GRX100 with 98cc displacement while the new one has now with the GRX120 with 121cc.

Not only in its power capacity but various areas of the generator was also improved such as the ease of use, maintenance and dependability. The good thing about it is that, Honda keeps the price range the same.

If you want a lighter, quieter and compact the EU2200i is definitely a clear choice. You can get it here at its lowest price.

However, if you crave for an extra power without bothering the extra noise and weight the EB2800i is a good buy.

Customers’ Feedback

The customers’ feedback is one of the most important basis or deciding factor before you buy a certain product. Because, they are the one who already have an experience in using it. The following are what the customers has to say about it.

It has an outstanding fuel efficiency that one customer uses it more than 16-hours during hurricane Irma.

Starting it is super easy, it always run with a single pull.

This generator is also ideal for home usage as it runs their fans, various lights, A/C, washing machine and use to charge cellphones and laptops. That’s how powerful it was.

This generator is highly reliable as they use it for more than 80-hours of non-stop running without having any problems

It is also ideal for their tailgating applications that runs everything they throw in it without a miss

It really worth every penny they have paid for it and it will give you the real power rating

Bottom Line

This is definitely an outstanding generator. Every time it started on just a single pull. It has an excellent fuel efficiency and noiseless. You can plug in your sensitive gadgets on it without worrying.


The Honda EB2800i delivers great performance as it is already proven by customers who are using it. It is safe to use for your sensitive appliances the fact that it is an inverter.

Though, it is made from open steel frame and not the traditional plastic enclosure it provides you with total durability.

It doesn’t come with the wheel kit but, you can buy one with a cheap price. Feature wise, it brings more on the table as it is design for industrial capability.

It is quiet but not the same as the 2000-watt Honda inverters as always been the case of a high rated output.

It has an excellent fuel efficiency that gives you 12-hours of run time which is enough for a day.

If you’re looking for a highly reliable and huge power inverter generator that doesn’t cause you an arm and leg the Honda EB2800i is definitely a good buy. >>Click Here to get at its Lowest Price!