Honda EU2000i and EU2000ic 2000 Watt Companion Generator Review

The Honda EU2000i and EU2000ic 2000 Watt Companion Generator provides you with twice the power you need. Honda generators are the most reliable inverter you can get so that it doesn’t gives you any problem whenever and wherever you want to go.

More power to enjoy

Honda generators are unquestionably delivers the highest quality and reliability you can get. Now they give you Honda EU2000i and EU2000ic 2000 Watt Companion Generator that provides twice the power.

This enables you to enjoy more equipment and appliances to run during your camping trips or power shortage.Each unit provides 2,000 watts of power for a total of 4,000 watts that doubles its power capability.

Available in kit form

The most popular Honda generator is now available in a kit form. The Honda EU2000i and EU2000ic 2000 Watt Companion Generator gives you extra savings with extension cords to complete power package.

To achieve a total of 4,000 watt of power, link together the two identical Honda EU2000i using the Honda Parallel Cables. As a result, you have an adequate power without buying a bulky and heavy generator.

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Immediate Power

When power is an immediate requirement, the Honda EU2000i and EU2000ic instantly available in no time.

Just put a gasoline on tank and you’re good to go. Bring it on the job site, on the beach, camping or simply home backup.

What it powers?

It can power wide variety of appliances such as Microwave oven, Lights, Fan, HDTV, Coffee Maker, Computer, Blender and many more. As you can see, even though the power is gone you can still enjoy your life.

Super Quiet  

Your neighbors will be thankful with its super quiet performance. It has a nominal noise level of only 53dB with 59dB at peak power.

This is less than the noise of a normal conversation. This makes it ideal for camping, RV power and any other activities that require peaceful operation.

Lightweight And Compact

The Companion Generator comes in lightweight so that anyone can take it anywhere where power is needed. It weighs less than 46 pounds that can be carried using a single hand. In addition to that, it features a carry handle on top for extra comfort when carrying.

Excellent Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is crucial in choosing the best portable generator. The generator is said to be fuel efficient if it consume less fuel for longer period of time.

How long it lasts?

The Honda Companion Generator is design for excellent fuel efficiency.

This generator extends its run time up to 8.1 hours on a single full tank of less than 1 gallon of fuel. Thanks to its Eco-Throttle System feature that delivers exceptional fuel efficiency.

Though it always depends on the load, a higher load lessens its run time while a lighter load extends it.

This makes it ideal for overnight power supply and it gives you more quality time to spend to your family.

Reliable Power Anytime

The Honda EU2000i and EU2000ic 2000 Watt Companion Generator features an advanced inverter technology that delivers the cleanest and reliable power anytime.

This makes it safe for your sensitive appliances such as computers. This kind of electricity is equivalent as your home outlet for completely safe and worry free power.

More Features Ahead

Circuit breaker

The circuit breaker feature automatically shut off the unit whenever an overload arises.

Oil alert

The Oil Alert protects the generator from damaging due to insufficient oil supply. It will automatically shut down the unit when the engine oil is running out.

Watch the video of to see them in action.


The Honda EU2000i and EU2000ic 2000 Watt Companion Generator proves its outstanding performance with customers who use it.

when it comes to features, it brings more on the table that makes it safe and simple to use.

The Honda Companion Generator is perfect for camping, outing, home backup and RV enthusiasts will surely happy with it.

If you want your appliances to be safe this generator gives you clean and worry free power output.

Its compact and lightweight feature gives you advantage from bringing it anywhere.

Its fuel efficiency is excellent if you want to use it overnight. Honda is generously giving a three year warranty for your peace of mind.

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