What Makes The Honda EU2200i Better Than The Competition?

Honda is one of the outstanding generator brand you can get and it is already proven by its users for many years. While the Honda EU2200i Generator is one of them. However, is it better than the competition that worth is premium price? Well, that’s what we are going to find out.


The Honda EU2200i is perfect for any of your outdoor activities. It provides you with adequate power capacity of 2,200-watt that can run your basic RV needs. It gives you the highest possible reliability for your total peace of mind every time you are on a trip.

It packs with more advance features compare to its older brother the EU2000i. Those who previously used the Honda EU2000i have always been a great experience with it due to its outstanding performance.

Honda comes with the all new upgrade version in the form of EU2200i. The new version aims to improve more of its features and additional power rating to give you better experience.

What’s New With Honda EU2200i? Vs EU2000i

Extra Power

The new Honda EU2200i increases its power capacity compare to the older EU2000i thus providing an additional 200 watt or 10% increase on top of it. The previous model has 2000 watt peak power while the new one has 2200 watt.

The increase on its power capacity requires them to upgrade the engine to provide you with more juice. The older version uses the GRX100 with 98cc displacement engine while the new EU2200i now uses the GRX120 having 121cc.

More Features

Aside from the increase of its power handling an improvement on various areas of the generator can be found such the ease of use, trouble-free maintenance and more dependable.

Great Value

Although, Honda did some major improvements on the EU2200i the price it offers remain the same as the EU2000i.

Quiet And Fuel Efficient

An increase power doesn’t mean an increase in its noise. Honda keeps the EU2200i noise level the same as the EU2000i so that it doesn’t disturb anyone who wants who want a peaceful environment. The new EU2200i maintains its excellent fuel efficiency so that you can have more time to enjoy every camping trip you have.

Best For

The Honda EU2200ican run most of your appliances making it best for your home backup in times of emergency and calamity.

It is also best for your RV needs and other recreational activities such as camping, tailgating, boating and many more. For those who are working on their projects it is also great for job sites on remote areas.

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Honda EB2200i Specs

Engine : Honda GLX120

Displacement : 121cc

Output Power : 2,200 watt peak / 1,800 watt effective

Receptacles : 2x 20-Amp 120V and 12v DC 8.3-Amp

Noise Level : 57 dB(A) @ rated load, 48 dB(A) @ 1/4 load

Dry Weight : 46.5 lbs.

Starting System : Recoil Type

Fuel Type : Gasoline

Fuel Tank Capacity : 0.95 Gallon

Run Time : 3.2hr @ rated load 8.1 hrs @ 1/4 load on a single full tank

Dimension : 20″ x 11.4″ x 16.7″

Warranty : 3-year residential / 3-year commercial

Power Rating

The all new Honda EU2200i is made of highly reliable GRX120 121cc OHV engine that delivers 2200 watt of peak power and 1800 watt effective.

What it powers?

With that kind of power, it can run your 13,500 BTU A/C for your RV needs. If you’re working on a project it can accommodate two power tools simultaneously.

At home it can run your important appliances such as fridge, lights, computer, smartphone, cameras, iPod, HDTV and many more.


This generator comes in a highly portable design so that you can take it anywhere when power is an immediate requirement.

It weighs only 46.5 pounds with physical dimension of 20 x 11.4 x 16.7 inch that can be easily put on your car trunk.

It also features a carry handle on top of it so that it can be simply carried by a single adult person.

Fuel Consumption

Fuel efficiency is important in choosing the best inverter generator. The generator is said to be fuel efficient if it uses less fuel for longer period of time. Fortunately, the EU2200i is designed to provide you with excellent fuel efficiency.

A single full tank of only 0.95 gallon of fuel can last up to 8.1 hours of run time with quarter load capacity. However, run time can be varied depending on the load heavier load means shorter run time.

What makes it possible?

The EU2200ifeatures an exclusive Eco Throttle system to maximize its fuel efficiency. When enabled it allows the engine to adjust its rotational speed according to the load.

Thus, it only provides the required power on the load to lessen its fuel consumption.

As a result, you have the longest possible run time while it keeps the generator noise level to minimum level and less wear and tear of the engine.

Noise Level

I presume you don’t want to blow your ears with a noisy generator, right? No worries because, it operates super quiet. Being an inverter it runs quieter compare to any traditional framed generator.

How quiet it is?

The generator operates only at 48dB noise level which is less than a normal voice conversation. As a result, it is ideal for your camping trip, RVing, boating and any activities that require silent operation.

This makes it possible with its special dampening materials that combine with super quiet Honda engine that keeps the noise at minimum level. Another contributing factor to its silent operation is the Eco-Throttle feature as I mention earlier.

Safe For Your Sensitive Appliances

One thing you don’t want to happen to your valuable gadgets and appliances is to damage it, right? No need to worry with the Honda EU2200i.

This is due to the fact that it is safe to your sensitive gadgets such as laptop, smartphone, HDTV’s, iPod, cameras and many more.

It delivers the cleanest AC voltage output with less than 2% total harmonic distortion (THD). This is almost equivalent to your home AC outlets.

Easy To Use

I guess you don’t want a complicated panel to operate in times of emergency, right?

It features a dead simple panel design so that anyone even without an electrical background can operate it in no time.

Honda EU2200i 2000 Watt Generator Review
Honda EU2200i Panel

As you can see on its panel above it comes with 120v AC 20-Amp Duplex outlet to accommodate your regular home appliances. It also provides with a 12v DC 8.3-Amp to charge your batteries.

The panel includes safety features such as the circuit protector and LED indicator for oil alert, overload alarm and output. There are some additional features can be seen on the panel like the Eco Throttle switch and the parallel operation outlets.

Double Your Power

If a 2,200 watt is not enough for you can double its output power by adding another Honda EU2200i. These two identical models can be connected into its parallel connection outlets with an optional cable for a total of 4400 watt of power.

However, consumer should be aware the fact that the cable is sold separately.

Honda EU2200i 2000 Watt Generator Review
Honda EU2200i Parallel Capability

More Features Ahead

The EU2200i gives you more features that make it user friendly and added safety features.

Fuel Shut-off Valve

This allows the engine to cut-off the flow of fuel supply that prevents the stale fuel inside the carburetor. The gum up fuel can cause damage to the engine if the generator is not used for a long period of time.

Large Spout And Oil Drain Gutter

For cleaner and super easy change oil routine the EU2200i features a large spout and oil drain gutter.

More Ventilation

To improve the airflow and superior cooling for the engine and key components the inverter provides more ventilation.

Effortless Recoil

For a smooth and effortless recoil start the EU2200i features a user friendly design that incorporates color-coded start up points.

Circuit Protector

The circuit protector feature protects your appliances and the generator itself whenever a short circuit happens. The system will automatically shut off whenever short circuit arises.

Oil Alert

When the oil alert LED lit up it means that insufficient oil is present on the engine. This prevents the engine from damaging due to overheat that causes with a very low oil supply.

Overload Alarm

The overload LED alarm tells you that the load is exceeded from the generators’ power capacity.

Output Indicator

The output LED indicator let you know that the ideal output voltage is present on the generator’s outlets.

Excellent Customers Rating

EU2200i vs EU2000i

There was a big advancement on the EU2200i over the EU2000i while the price remains the same

Fuel gum up on the carburetor with the EU2200i was totally eliminated due to the ignition dial comes with a fuel shutoff

It has a larger hole on its fuel drain that leads to easier to drain and fill as well

It has a better air flow for cooler and smoother operation

Though, it comes with a bigger engine the run time of the EU2200i still the same as the EU2000i in a single full tank

Noise level remains the same and undeniably quieter if the eco throttle is on without any vibration even at full load

The parallel feature is still there if you want to pull out more power and you can connect your old EU2000i in it

The Cons

Can be run only with gas

Still don’t have fuel gauge and hour meter

Honda EU2200i Vs Yamaha EF200isV2

Everybody knows that Yamaha is the old time rivalry of Honda. Both of them are highly reliable and if we try to compare these two you can clearly notice that the Honda EU2200i is better than Yamaha EF2000isV2.

Power: The Yamaha EF2000isV2 starting power is only 2,000-watt and 1,600-watt rated while the Honda EU2200i has 2,200-watt and 1,800-watt respectively.

Engine: The EF2000isV2 has only 79cc engine displacement while the EU2200i has a whooping 121cc. The bigger the generator’s engine means more capacity, power handling and less wear and tear on the engine.

Noise Level: The Yamaha EF2000isV2 is rated 51.5 dBA @ quarter load and 61dBA @ Full load while the Honda EU2200i has 48 dBA and 57 dBA respectively. The EU2200i is a lot quieter though, it delivers more power. This is ideal if you want a peaceful surroundings.

Weight And Dimension: The Yamaha EF2000isV2 weighs 44.1-lbs. with 19.3″ x 11.0″ x 17.9″ dimension while the Honda EU2200i is 46.5-lbs with 20″ x 11.4″ x 16.7″ physical size. Yamaha has a bit advantage here but it is negligible considering the Honda’s engine and power capacity.

Run Time And Fuel Tank: A single full tank of 1.1 gallon of fuel from Yamaha EF2000is can lasts up to 10.5-hours @ quarter load while the Honda EU2200i can lasts up to 8.1-hours in its 0.9-gallon tank capacity.

Honda EU2200i Vs WEN 56200i

If we try to compare it to WEN 56200i we honestly see the difference of these two.

Power: WEN 56200i produces the same power as the Yamaha EF2000i with 2,000-watt starting and 1,600-watt effective as opposed to 2,200-watt and 1,800-watt from Honda EU2200i

Engine: Likewise, the engine of WEN 56200i is only 79.7cc which is far smaller than 121cc of the Honda EU2200i

Noise Level: The WEN 56200i produces 51 dBA at quarter load while the Honda EU2200i is only 48 dBA

Weight And Dimension: As I mention earlier, the Honda EU2200i weighs 46.5-lbs and measures 20″ x 11.4″ x 16.7″ while the WEN 56200i is 48 pounds 18” x 11” x 18“. The EU2200i is a bit lighter and their physical dimension is almost the same.

Run Time And Fuel Tank: the WEN 56200i lasts for 6-hours with half load capacity at 1-Gallon fuel tank while the EU2200i runs for 8.1-hours at 0.9-Gallon.

Warranty: WEN 56200i fall short on its warranty with only 2-year and the EU2200i is extended to 3-year.

The comparison above shows that the Honda EU2200i is far better than WEN 56200i. The only two advantage of the later is the USB port feature and its lower price.


The Honda EU2200i is in no doubt an outstanding performer as it is already proven by customers who already using it.

Honda has put an excellent job on this upgraded version. More power, quiet, easy to use, convenience while making it available with the same old price.

If you have the older EU2000i version you can parallel it with the all new 2200i to double its power. Considering its additional power capacity, you still got the same compact, lightweight and fuel efficiency making it ideal for your camping, RVing, tailgating or simply as home backup.

If you’re looking for highly reliable yet quiet, portable, easy to use and fuel efficient generator the Honda EU2200i is definitely a perfect choice. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!