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Looking for reliable inverter generator in extremely portable design?

The Honda Handi EU3000i Generator surely wins your heart. Honda portable generators are the best in its class when it comes to reliability. Not so to speak the Honda Handi EU3000i Generator is exclusively design for total portability.

Best For

For camping, tailgating, boating or simply home backup purposes the Honda Handi EU3000i inverter Generator offers the widest applications. The Honda Handi EU3000i Generator Review gives you an in depth insight of the generator’s key features, performance and cons if any.

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Reliable Power Anytime

Want to keep your valued appliances safe all the time?

The Honda Handi EU3000i is an inverter that comes with many advantages over any conventional generators out there. One of those is having the cleanest and stable power output every time. What does it mean to you? Power sensitive equipment such as computers requires clean power to prevent it from damaging due to unstable AC output. The Honda Handi EU3000i secures the most reliable power same as your wall outlet.

Powerful Engine

In times of disaster failure is definitely not an option, right?

The Honda Handi EU3000i is made of Honda GX160 163cc OHV engine that produces maximum power of 3000 watts and 2600 watts effective power. With this kind of power it can run the 13500 BTU A/C, refrigerator, microwave oven, lights, computer, HDTV and many more. As you can see, almost everything can run with the Honda Handi EU3000i that makes your lifestyle worthy.

Highly Portable  

Most portable generator promises portability but in reality they are not, as they weights a ton to be carried. The Honda Handi EU3000i Generator is the lightest 3000 watts inverter generator made by Honda. At 3000 watts it weighs only 78 pounds with built-in wheels and folding handle so that you don’t need to carry it anymore. It also includes an offset handle for easy loading and unloading for one or two persons.

Honda Handi EU3000i Review,Honda Generator Reviews, Honda Portable Generators, Inverter Generator Reviews,

Super Quiet

Hate the noise?

Another advantage of an inverter generator over the conventional generator is being quiet. The Honda Handi EU3000i Generator is packed with features that make it super quiet.

How quiet is it?

This unit operates only at 57 to 65dBA that range in between a private office and normal voice speech obviously, it is much quieter than vacuum cleaner.

That being said, your neighbors will be happy for not disturbing them. This is the main reason why it is ideal for camping, RVing, and any activities that requires super quiet operation.

Thanks to its special sound dampening materials feature that combines with super quiet Honda engine to facilitate its exceptionally quiet sound. Another contributing factor is the Eco-Throttle feature from Honda Handi EU3000i Generator.

Excellent Fuel Efficiency

The Honda Handi EU3000i is design for absolute fuel efficiency. The generator is said to be a fuel efficient if it uses less fuel for longer period of time. The Eco-Throttle feature is not only for the generator’s noise but also helps reduces its fuel consumption. This makes the engine become more fuel efficient.

How long it runs?

A single full tank of only 1.6 gallon of gas can last up to 7.7 hours. This is how efficient the Honda Handi EU3000i Generator is.

What makes it possible?

With the Eco-Throttle feature it permits the engine to automatically adjust the speed to produce only the exact amount of power needed to run the load. Conventional generator runs at 360RPM to produce 60-cycle (60Hz) of electricity.

However, the Honda Handi EU3000i uses a load dependent speed control that will automatically adjust the engine speed to best possible level while maintaining the ideal 60hz output. As a result, the fuel consumption reduces by up to 40-percent so that you have more quality time to spend during leisure.

Simple Panel Design

I guess no one wants to operate a complicated panel in times of emergency, right?

The Honda Handi EU3000i features a dead simple panel design. It provides two 120v AC 20-Amp receptacles for your regular home appliances and a single 120v AC 30-Amp locking plug. There is also a 12v DC 8.3-Amp to charge your batteries.

Honda Handi 3000i Review

Looking on the upper left corner you can notice the parallel operation outlet. On the right corner there are two circuit protectors while the ground terminal on the lower part. Although the Eco-Throttle switch was installed separately on the panel it was located nearly on the lower part for fast access.

Double The Power

If you need more power to pull out, the Honda Handi EU3000i is capable to double its capacity by adding another Honda Handi EU3000i unit. The two can be connected in parallel directly on the panel using the optional cable. This will result in a total power of 6000 watts.

Honda Handi 3000i Review

More Safety Features

The Honda Handi EU3000i provides more safety features to keep your appliances safe and the generator as well. Starting with the Circuit Protector that guards it against overloading, it will automatically shut down when an overload occur. The Oil Alert protects the generator from damaging due to insufficient oil supply that may cause overheat.

Honda Handi EU3000i Review

The Honda Handi EU3000i Review receives an excellent appraisal with a perfect 5-star rating that proves its great performance. The following review is written by customers who actually bought and use it in real world application.


“I love this machine, for the output size, it is light and is amazingly easy to start. Used it during a snow storm that knocked out the house power. It never gave us problems.”

Power Capacity

“The furnace kept the house warm for about 24 hours until the power company fixed the overhead wiring into the house from the power pole. We also used it to run the refrigerator and deep freeze and some lights. Great Machine. Also used it for my RV when an electrical campsite was not available.”

Dennis Cedar Rapids, IA Type of use:  Home Back Up, RV Power, Construction/Industrial

Ease Of Use

“Super quiet. Super convenient and portable with the built in handle and wheels. Light weight also sacrifices electric start feature, but then it has no battery to maintain or change, and it starts on the first pull anyway – my 5-year old easily starts it.”

Noise Level

“Wonderful, quiet and reliable generator.”

Fuel Efficiency

“Works on first pull. Very good on gas consumption. One tank lasted me 12 hours!”


“Small enough to carry around, quiet, yet big enough to run my air conditioner in my motorhome.”

“Great generator, just the right size. Not too heavy. Started on the third pull. Will fit in to our camping very well. Should power up our trailer.”

King David Puyallup, WA  Type of use:  Camping, RV Power


The Honda Handi EU3000i is an excellent choice if a huge power inverter is needed. If you’re looking for extremely silent generator hands down on this one. Its true portability gives you total ease when transporting. Performance and feature wise, it brings so much on the table. The price is a bit on the high point but, it worth every penny you spend on it. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!