10 Reasons Why The Jackery Explorer 240 Is A Best Seller

The Jackery Explorer 240 is undeniably one of the bestselling portable power station on the market today. Maybe, you’re still undecided whether this is the right one for you. 

This is the reason why you came here to my blog, right? Today I am going to reveal to you the 10 reasons why it is a best seller. Let’s dive in…

Quick Specs

Rating: 240Wh (16.8Ah, 14.4V)

Battery Use: 67000mAh Lithium-ion Battery

Input: 8mm DC, 12v – 30v (40W max.)

AC Output: 110V, 200 Watt (400W max.)

Car Port: 12v DC, 10Amp, 120 Watt

USB Outputs: 2x 5V, 2.4Amp (each)

Weight: 6.6 pounds

Dimensions: 9.0-inch x 7.8-inch x 5.2-inch

Operating temperature: -10℃ to 40℃

Recharging temperature: 0℃ to 40℃

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1. A Perfect Solution To Your Camping Trip

Whenever you’re on the road trip or camping a handy and reliable power source is a definite requirement, right?

The Jackery portable power station Explorer 240 is your perfect solution. It is highly portable that weighs only 6.6-pounds light and enables you to go with it anywhere you want.

With its physical dimension of 9 x 7.8 x 5.8 inches that can simply put to your backpack. In addition to that is the easy-carry handle on top of it for you to take it anywhere.

2. It Has A High Capacity Lithium Battery

The Jackery portable power station Explorer 240 is pack with High Capacity Lithium Battery to give you more power. It delivers 240Wh to power up your sensitive electronics on the go.

What it powers?

It is capable to charge your smartphones up to 18-times, laptops up to 4 times, Drones 3+ times and GoPro 40 times. It can also run your mini fridge, lights, fan, HDTV and many more.

3. More Outlets

The Explorer 240 comes with AC outlet, two USB ports and a carport for maximum utilization. As you can see, almost everything you may want to plug in it you can do so.

4. 3 Possible Ways To Recharge It

This power station can be recharge in 3 possible ways that gives you total convenience. First off is by using a solar panel with only 50W rating. It took you with 9 to 10 hours to fully charge it.

Second is from your regular home outlets which is a bit faster with only 7 to 8 hours. While the third possibility is by using your car charging port with 7 to 8 hours also.

5. Easy To Use Panel

The Explorer 240 features a dead simple panel so that anyone can use it in no time. Looking at the center top of it is the LCD that shows you the remaining battery life, input and output power. On the right side of it is the carport outlet.

Below it is the 8mm input terminal use for charging the unit. Next to it are the two USB port and a regular 120v AC outlet.

6. Safe For Your Sensitive Electronics

The Explorer 240 provides the cleanest output voltage making it safe for your sensitive electronics and gadgets. Therefore, you can plug anything on it without worrying of being damage.

7. Zero Noise And Fumes

If you hate the noise generated by traditional generator, you’ll be glad with the Explorer 240. Being a rechargeable battery it doesn’t have any mechanical parts that produces noise in it.

A zero fumes emission means that it doesn’t harm your health. No gasoline or LPG is required to run it therefore; it doesn’t produce any fumes.  

8. It Lasts Longer

On average usage, the Explorer 240 last for 10.2 hours that can keep you all night long during camping before it requires you to recharge.

However, a 240Wh capacity of the Explorer 240 depends on the power rating of the load you’re putting on it.

To give you a clear picture of it, let say you plug in a 20 Watt device on it. You can use the simple formula below to get the time it will last.

Working Time = (240Wh x 0.85) / Wattage of the device

In this case the Explorer 240 has 240Wh and the wattage of the device you plug in is 20 Watt. By following the formula and substituting the numbers you got,

Working Time = (240Wh x 0.85) / 20 Watt

this will result,

Working Time = 10.2 hours

Therefore, if you plug in a 20 Watt electronic device it will run for 10.2 hours. As a rule of thumb, if you connect heavier load in it shortens its working time. While lighter load extends it.

Side note:

To get the maximum result out of it, make sure to fully charge the unit before start using it.

The company requires only 200 Watt or less load in it. Exceeding the required load will lead to automatically shut off the system.

The unit is not recommended to use with a heater, hair dryer, grinder and any high power rating tools.

9. Ideal For Your Home Backup

During power outage it is ideal for your backup to power your lights, phones, laptop, radio and many more to keep your daily going.

10. Outstanding Customers’ Review

The Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station receives an outstanding customers’ review of 4.8 out of 5 stars. This came from 493 Amazon customers at the time I was writing this article. This alone proves its solid performance.

Some of these areas where most customer pleased are,

The company’s customer service. They are very kind that able to send him a battery backup.

Reliable that saves them from hurricane while keeps their phones and tablets fully charge.

Performance wise, it works flawlessly in times of camping and use it for two nights without recharging it. Compare to his Meade power tank that doesn’t last more than a few hours.

Huge power that can run even a 10,000 BTU A/C when the power is gone.

The company is giving a two-year warranty to secure your purchase.

What’s In The Box?

When you purchase the Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station you also get a 9.5-ft cord AC adapter, 1-meter car charger cable and a user’s guide.


The Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station is a solid product and proven by customers who already using it.

Its ultra-light and compact design making it ideal for any outdoor activities. Your fellow camper will thank you for its being dead quiet and zero fumes.

The three charging options gives you total flexibility whichever is more convenient for you at the time you are using it.

It is presented in a simple panel design for easy usage while it provides you with most functional outlets for your electronic gadgets and appliances.

It packs with an extra power at 240Wh compare to other with 150Wh only. Though, other products offer greater power capacity but the price their charging you is too much.

Should you buy it?

If you’re looking for a lightweight power station for your outdoor activities without breaking your bank this is definitely worthy to own. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!