PowerPro 56101 1,000 watts portable Generator Review

Having a great performing generator doesn’t need to be pricey, right?

This is proven by the PowerPro 56101 1,000 watts portable Generator.

For merely $100 you got a 1,000 watts power that runs your important appliances during power shortage. Though, it comes with cheap price it doesn’t sacrifice its performance.

This is the reason why we came across with the PowerPro 56101 1,000 watts portable Generator Review to explore its benefits and weakness. As we progress you’ll discover if it’s satisfies your needs.

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Powerful Engine

In times of disaster failure is not an option, right?

The PowerPro 56101 1,000 watts is made of highly reliable 63cc engine that delivers 1,000 watts of surge power and 900 watts of effective power.

It is a two stroke engine therefore; it uses an oil and gas mixture that gives you an advantage of no need for oil changes.

Highly Portable

Need to take it anywhere?

This generator is extremely portable that makes it ideal in any camping and outdoor activities such as tailgating and RVing.

It is physically small and weighs only 36-pounds so that anyone can comfortably carry it anywhere when power is an immediate requirement.

It features a carrying handle on top of the generator to easily move around. It also provides a four rubber pads at the bottom that serves as a generator’s feet to keep it firmly safe.

CARB and EPA Compliant

This generator is safe to use in any National Park due to its EPA compliance. It means that it doesn’t produce too much noise that may distract anyone in the park.

Another great thing about the PowerPro 56101 Generator is its being CARB compliant. It is safe to all persons due to its cleaner gas emission and doesn’t cause any danger to your health. Californian residents can enjoy the benefits of this remarkable tiny generator.

Simple Panel

I guess no one wants a complicated panel to operate during emergency, right?

The PowerPro 56101 1,000 watts portable Generator is probably the simplest panel of all the generators I have reviewed. It totally removes its complications so that anyone can use it in no time.

It provides a standard 120V three-prong receptacle to power up your appliances with circuit reset button for safety purposes. Beside of it is the 12 volts DC receptacle to charge your batteries also with individual circuit reset button.

On the right side portion you can notice the engine power switch. A voltmeter is also present on the panel that provides an accurate voltage reading to keep track the ideal voltage output.

PowerPro 56101 1,000 watts portable Generator Review

Fuel Efficient

Fuel efficiency is probably the biggest factor in choosing the best portable generator.

How long it lasts?

This generator is design for  excellent fuel efficiency. It runs more than 5-hours in a single full tank of only 1-gallon provided with half load capacity. However, some customer testifies that it last longer.


The PowerPro 56101 1,000 watts portable Generator is a highly reliable generator and you can depend on it in any given situation as it is proven by customers.

This little thing is so portable which is great for camping, tailgating and house back up. The price it offers is too low to pass on but, the quality and performance it brings on the table is truly worthy. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!