Pulsar PG10000B16 10000 Watt Dual Fuel Generator Review

Pulsar PG10000B16 10000 Watt Dual Fuel Generator Review

If you’re looking for a huge power and reliable generator to run your entire household the Pulsar PG10000B16 is perfect for you. It provides 10,000 watts to power everything at home.

Being a dual fuel, it enables you to choose between gas or propane to run it. It comes with features that makes it simple and easier for you to use. This includes the switch and go, highly portable design, electric start and many more.

Superb Flexibility

This Dual Fuel generator gives you superb flexibility. You can run it using either gasoline or propane whichever is available at the moment and more convenient for you.

What it powers?

Considering its 10,000 watts of peak power, you can run your entire household appliances. This is definitely a life saver in times of calamity and can still enjoy your life even when the power is gone while others suffer in the dark.

This generator is also excellent for your leisure activities like RVing and camping. If you’re working on a project, due to its huge power handling you can connect multiple power tools in it at the same time to finish it fast.

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Reliable Engine

In time times of disaster failure is definitely not an option, right?

The Pulsar PG10000B16 10000 Watt Dual Fuel Generator is made of highly reliable and powerful engine that gives you total peace of mind in times of emergency.

It consists of 420cc or 15 Horse Power OHV (Over Head Valve) engine that delivers maximum power of 10,000 watts and 8,000 watts of effective power.

However, using LPG it provides 9,000 watts of peak power and 7,000 watts of effective power respectively.

Solidly Built 

This generator is solidly built so that it can handle any terrain in times of catastrophe. The body is made of strong powder coat steel frame with four point fully isolated motor mounts that secures its safe position.

It secures from rust and corrosion while provides smooth and quiet operation anytime you use it.

Excellent Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is vital in choosing the best portable generator. How do you know if the generator is fuel efficient?

If it uses small amount of fuel for longer period of time.

Thankfully, the Pulsar PG10000B16 is designed for excellent fuel efficiency so that you can have more time to enjoy during power shortage and camping.

How Long It Will Last?

A single full tank of 8-gallon of fuel in it can last up to 12-hours of run time provided with half load capacity. This is probably the longest run time you can get out from huge power generator.

Switch & Go Technology

You can simply select the liquid propane or gas with it in just a simple flip of a switch. However, other conventional generator requires you to turn off first the generator before you can switch from LPG to gas or vice versa.

Not with this generator. Why?

Because, it features a Switch & Go technology that enables you to switch immediately from LPG to Gas or from Gas to LPG while the generator is running.

This is ideal if you don’t want to be disturbed when you’re running out of fuel. Especially, if you are covering sports or musical events.

Portable Design

If you think it is impossible to bring a 209-pound generator anywhere, well it is not.

Because, this generator is designed for excellent portability. It features a pair of wheel kit so that you can take it anywhere and simply be carried with your RV. In addition to that is its two foldable handle for super easy maneuver.

Electric Start

Hate the pain of pull start?

I’m glad to let you know that the this dual fuel generator features an electric start that totally removes the pain of traditional pull start.

You can easily start the generator by simply pushing the engine switch start button.

Simple Panel Design

I presume you don’t want to operate a complicated panel in times of emergency, right?

Luckily, this generator comes in a simple panel design. In this case, anyone can operate it immediately even without electrical background.

At the left side of the generator you can notice the generators’ switch & go function. It follows with the electric start on/off engine switch, digital hour meter and a 12v battery charging terminal.

This generator gives you 3-types of socket outlets for total versatility so that it accommodates almost everything you need to connect on it.

It provides four standard 120v AC 30-Amp outlets to accommodate your regular home appliances. It also has 120v/240v AC 30-Amp twistlock receptacle and a heavy duty 120v/240v AC 50-Amp RV outlet.

Each of these outlets is protected by AC circuit breaker to keep your appliances safe all the time.

More Features Ahead

This generator provides more features that keep the generator in good shape and your appliances as well while it gives you extremely handy usage.

Hour Meter

The hour meter is a great tool for your maintenance purposes to keep your generator in top shape for many years to come. For your scheduled change oil and other maintenance activities the hour meter shows you how long you have already run the generator.

Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker will automatically shut off the unit whenever an overload occurs. However, you can simply restore its operation by pressing the individual AC breaker provided on each outlet.

Customers’ Review


We use it during the hurricane Irma and it runs pretty good. Being a dual fuel it gives you a huge advantage.

Dual Fuel Advantage

I like its dual fuel feature and the electric start. Its unbeatable!

I purchase this generator due to its dual fuel capability for my home backup. Both works flawlessly.


Using the propane gives you lesser power though, it saves you more propane.

This thing is enough to run an electric chair


I use it for continuous 120-hours during power outage without having any problem. We’re always prepare whenever it happens again.

It runs our house for 36-hours and works perfectly.

Run Time

It runs for 18-hours on a single full tank


It is super easy to assemble

Customer Service

My unit arrived damaged and they put everything to fix it. Excellent customer service.


I received it in perfect condition with no defects and flawless.


This is an amazing generator for less than a grand that includes everything on it. You can never find anyone like that. >>Click Here to read more customers’ reviews.

Watch the video to see it in action.


The generator delivers great performance as it is proven by customers who already bought and use it.

The power it provides is huge enough to run the entire household and truly a life saver in times of calamity.

Due to its excellent reliability it doesn’t stop you from your daily activities even for longer power shortage.

Considering its full panel design feature it can accommodate almost everything you need to connect in it. While its dual fuel capability it gives you total freedom to choose from what fuel is more convenience for you to use.

Feature wise, you can’t be short with its advanced technology. It provides more safety features that make your appliances safe and the generator as well. The electric start provides you with painless start in just a simple push of a switch.

The price it offer is surprisingly low making it a good choice if you want a huge generator without breaking your bank. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!