Pulsar PG5250B Dual fuel Generator Review

Pulsar PG5250B Dual fuel Generator Review

The Pulsar PG5250B 5250-watt Dual fuel Generator comes in a very cheap price with outstanding performance. It delivers 5,250 watts of peak power and 4,750 rated power which is definitely a life saver during calamity.


This generator gives you advantage with its excellent versatility.


You can run it using either gasoline or propane whichever is available during power outage. This definitely provides you total convenient unlike gas powered generator only.

What it powers?

With this kind of power, you can run most of your important household appliances in times of emergency and power shortage. That being said, you can still enjoy your life even when the power is gone while others suffer in the dark.

The Pulsar PG5250B is also great for your leisure activities like RVing and camping. If you’re working to your project, this generator is capable to run multiple power tools at the same time to finish it in no time.

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Reliable Engine

In time times of disaster failure is definitely not an option, right?

Thankfully, this dual fuel generator is made of powerful and reliable engine that gives you consistent amount of power anytime anywhere.

It is made of 212cc OHV (Over Head Valve) engine that delivers maximum power of 5,250 watts and 4,750 watts of effective power to accommodate most of your important appliances at home.

Rock Solid

The generator is design with rock solid body so that it can handle any harsh condition. It is built with heavy duty tubular frame high gloss powder coated so that it stays in good shape for many years to come.

The generator includes a vibration absorbing engine mounts that lessens the noise and improves stability.

Switch And Go Technology

This feature allows you to switch the type of fuel supply from gas to LPG and vice versa without stopping the generator while running.

Excellent Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is important in choosing a generator. If it runs for a longer period of time in a single full tank the generator is consider as fuel efficient.

This dual fuel generator is designed for superb fuel efficiency so that you can have more time to enjoy during power shortage or during your leisure time.

How Long It Will Lasts?

A single full tank of 4-gallons with it will lasts up to 15-hours of run time considering a half load capacity. This is definitely the longest run time you can get from any portable generator out there.

Highly Portable Design

If you think it is impossible to bring a 115-pound generator anywhere, well it is not.

The Pulsar PG5250B comes with highly portable design so that you can take it anywhere were power is an immediate requirement.

It features a pair of wheel kit so that it can simply be carried by your RV. In addition to that is its drop handle for better mobility.

Electric Start

If you hate the pain of pull start, you’re surely pleased to know that this generator features an electric start. You can simply start the generator by pressing the start button switch.

Simple To Operate Panel

I presume you don’t want to operate a complicated generator panel in times of emergency, right?

Pulsar PG5250B 5250 Watt Dual fuel Generator Review

The generator features a simple to operate panel design so that anyone can operate it in no time even without any electrical experience.

Looking at the left side of the generator you can notice the switch and go fuel selector. It is followed by the engine switch and the hour meter.

The generator’s panel gives you 3-types of socket outlets for total versatility so that it accommodate everything you want to connect in it.

Starting from two standard 120v AC outlets for your regular home appliances and a 120v 30-Amp receptacle for your RV needs. It follows with a 120v/240v 30-Amp twistlock for dual voltage application.

Each of these outlets is protected by AC circuit breaker to keep your appliances safe all the time.

More Features Ahead

Hour Meter

The hour meter is a great tool for your maintenance purposes to keep your generator in top shape for many years to come. For your scheduled change oil and other maintenance activities the hour meter shows you how long you have already run the generator.

Fuel Gauge

The Easy-To-Read fuel gauge is located on the top of the generators’ fuel tank that totally removes the guessing game if how much fuel is still available on the tank.

Overload Protection

The circuit breaker will automatically shut off the unit whenever an overload occurs. However, you can simply restore its operation by pressing the AC breaker provided on the panel.

Watch the simple installation and operation of this dual fuel generator.


The Pulsar PG5250B delivers adequate amount of power of 5,250 watts of surge power. It can run most of your important household appliances which is crucial in times of emergency and power shortage.

The dual fuel technology of this generator gives you total freedom to choose from what fuel is convenience for you to use. Moreover, its longer run time of 15-hours is ideal for your long hours of camping and extended power shortage as well.

This generator is ideal for those who are seeking for a cheap medium range dual fuel generator that can be use as an alternative power.

However, it lacks the 12v battery charger, electric start and limited to one year warranty. If you don’t mind any of its shortcoming this is worth to own due to its low price and yet good amount of power. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!