Sportsman GEN7500DF Dual Fuel Generator Review

Sportsman GEN7500DF Dual Fuel Generator Review

The Sportsman GEN7500DF generator can be powered by gas or propane that gives total flexibility. The Sportsman GEN7500DF 7500 Watts Portable Generator delivers 7,500 watts of surge power and 6,000 watts of effective power.

What it powers?

With that kind of power, it can run most of your home appliances during power shortage. This is also ideal for giving power for your RV needs while on the road or off the road. Moreover, it is great for powering your tools to finish your project faster.

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Powerful Engine

Thankfully, the Sportsman GEN7500DF 7500-Watts Portable Generator is made of highly dependable and powerful engine that provides you huge amount of power anytime anywhere.

It consists of 13HP (horse power) 4-stroke OHV (Over Head Valve) engine that delivers maximum power of 7,500 watts and 6,000 watts of effective power. This amount of power can accommodate all your important appliances during power shortage.

Solidly Built  

The Sportsman GEN7500DF is solidly built so that it will stay in good shape for many years to come.

It is made of heavy duty frame with four point fully isolated motor mounts that secures its safe position. It also provides smooth and quiet operation anytime you use it.

Fuel Efficient

Fuel efficiency is one of the biggest factors in choosing the best portable generator. The Sportsman GEN7500DF is designed for excellent fuel efficiency so that you can have more time to enjoy during camping of power shortage.

How Long It Will Last?

A single full tank of 6.2 gallon of fuel with this generator can last up to 9-hours of run time provided with half load capacity.

However, using propane fuel source with standard 20-pound gas grill size the it can also last 9-hours of run time. It means that you have plenty time for your leisure or during power shortage.

Hose And Regulator Included

For your additional convenience the Sportsman GEN7500DF Generator includes the 5-ft. fuel hose and regulator. You don’t need to buy it separately that will definitely save you money.

Portable Design

This generator is designed for full portability. It features a pair of wheel kit so that you can take it anywhere and simply be carried with your RV. In addition to that is its foldable handle for super easy maneuver.

Electric Start

You’ll surely glad to know that the Sportsman GEN7500DF features an electric start. You can simply start the generator using a key just like you’re starting your car. However, customers should be aware the fact that the battery is not included in the package.

Simple Panel Design

This dual fuel generator comes in a simple panel design so that anyone can operate it quickly. It is presented in a very nice array in which all the outlets are located below while the circuit reset switch are positioned above.

Looking at the left side of the generator you can notice the generator’s electric start power. The Sportsman GEN7500DF gives you 3-types of socket outlets for total versatility.

So that it accommodates almost everything you need to connect on it. You have 4 regular home outlets to accommodate all your regular appliances.

It follows with a 120v/240v 30-Amp twistlock for dual voltage application. And lastly, the 120v 30-Amp RV outlet for your RV power needs. The 12v DC battery charger and the voltmeter is also can included in the panel.

More Features Ahead

Prevents Engine Damage

To prevent the engine from damaging due to low oil supply the low oil shut off feature will cause the system to automatically shut off. Changing oil regularly keeps the generator’s engine in good shape for many years.


The voltmeter enables you check the ideal voltage output. It’s good to know the right voltage because, an over voltage or low voltage output has the higher possibility to harm your sensitive appliances.

Automatic Voltage Regulator

To keep a steady voltage output the automatic voltage regulator circuitry provides the ideal voltage supply. This makes your sensitive appliances safe all the time.

Overload Protection

The circuit breaker will automatically shut off the unit whenever an overload occurs. However, you can simply restore its operation by pressing the individual AC breaker provided on each outlet and the main circuit breaker.

Watch the video of Sportsman GEN7500DF to see it in action…


The Sportsman GEN7500DF delivers excellent performance as it is already proven by customers who already using it.

It can run if not all most of your household appliances that makes you ready in any type of disaster and power shortage.

Due to its RV ready outlet and its outstanding portable design RV enthusiasts will surely find it amazing as it powers all your devices.

Its fuel efficiency is outstanding that gives you more time to enjoy during power shortage, camping, RVing and many more activities in mind. With its full panel design it can accommodate almost everything you want to connect in it.

The dual fuel technology of the Sportsman GEN7500DF gives you total freedom to choose from what fuel is convenient for you to use.

Feature wise, you can’t be short with its advanced technology. It provides more safety features that make your appliances safe and the generator as well. The electric start provides you with painless start in just a simple turn of a key.

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