Cat RP7500E Portable Generator Review

The Cat RP7500E is beast when it comes to workload. It can easily handle any job in any given situation with its rock solid reliability. This makes it perfect for any job sites with any weather and terrain. This is also great for your outdoor activities such as covering a sports events, camping and many … Read moreCat RP7500E Portable Generator Review

Cat RP12000E Portable Generator Review

As you already know, Caterpillar is the world leader in heavy equipment that delivers unmatched quality and dependability. The Cat RP12000E Generator┬ádelivers 12,000 watts of effective power which is the by far the highest rating generator in the market today. It can power everything to your home during power shortage. You can also run multiple … Read moreCat RP12000E Portable Generator Review

CAT RP3600 Portable Generator Review

The CAT RP3600 3600 Watt Portable Generator is an Excellent Power Solution that comes in a highly reliable engine which is available at a very affordable price. Power Handling This compact generator delivers 4,500 watts of surge power and 3,600 watts of peak power which is enough to run your significant appliances during power outage. … Read moreCAT RP3600 Portable Generator Review