Why Your Generator Won’t start

8 Reasons Why Your Generator Won’t start – Here’s The Quick Solution

Most generator owners rarely used their unit due to the fact that it is seldom to have power shortage or calamity in their areas. Their generator is sitting on the garage for long time and when they need it the problem arises “the generator won’t start”.

When you are facing an emergency situation it is very frustrating to know that your generator won’t start. In this article I will show you the most common problem and immediate solution if your generator won’t start.

1. The Gasoline

Check the gas of your generator. Always use fresh gasoline. If you have an old gas sitting on your generator for a long time you better dispose it right away and replace it with a new one.

This is probably the most common problem if your generator won’t start because an old gas will gum up and degrade overtime.

Quick Solution : Remove the old gas and replace it with a fresh one.

2. The Engine Oil

Check the engine oil, if the level shows insufficient or too low you need to add or better replace it with a new one. The reason why your generator won’t run if the engine oil is low is that the low oil sensor will activate. This causes the engine to prevent it from running therefore it will definitely won’t start the generator.

Quick Solution : Add engine oil or replace it.

3. The Choke

Check the choke if it in the “CLOSED” position during the start up, If it is in the “OPEN” turn it into closed. Once the generator engine heated up you may now turn it into “OPEN/RUN or ON” position.

Quick Solution : Turn the choke into “closed” position.

4. The Fuel Valve, Fuel Line And Fuel Filter

Now you have already put a fresh gas on the generator’s tank but there’s no fuel is coming from the carburetor.

Check the fuel valve if it set to “OPEN/ON” position. If it is in the “OFF” position turn it “ON”.

If you’re generator has a vacuum relief of top of the gas tank set it into an open position.

If it still doesn’t run somewhere along the line there’s a possibility of leak or clog. Conduct a physical inspection for any possible leaks, pinches, cracks or clogs on the line where the gas passes through.

If the fuel line is perfectly in good shape you can remove the outlet hose from the intake part of the fuel valve for you to find out if there’s a flow of gas in there.

If there’s no gas is flowing from the hose the fuel line probably has clogged. Quick Solution: Remove and clean it or simply replace the fuel line.

If the fuel valve causes the problem and no gas is flowing in there that goes through the carburetor it is probably being blocked or clogged. Quick Solution: Clean the fuel valve or simply replace it.  

If your generator has a fuel filter in-line between the carburetor and fuel valve you can also check it for possible clogs or blocked. Quick Solution: If there’s no gas have passed through the filter it is probably clogged and requires a replacement.

5. The Spark Plug

Remove the spark plug using the spark plug wrench to visually check its condition. Spark plug develops dirt build up overtime. If this could be the case it doesn’t create any spark to produce electricity thus resulting from not starting your generator.

Quick Solution: Clean the spark plug using knife or sand paper. You can also spray it with a carb cleaner. If it still doesn’t start try replacing it by a new one. Spark plug is available at a very cheap price so that you can keep some spare of it in case you need it.

6. The Carburetor

If you store your generator for more than two months without draining the gasoline on the carburetor it can probably clogged by an old gum up gasoline.

Quick Solution: You can clean the stale fuel on the carburetor by spraying carb cleaner in it without the need of removing it.

To avoid this problem again always drain the carburetor and the fuel tank before storing it for a longer period of time.

7. The Air Filter

The air filter is a spongy type component located inside the black plastic box. In order to run the generator it requires a healthy dose of air flow into the carburetor for ignition. While a full of dirt air filter prevents it from running.

Pull it out and check for possible worn out and full of dirt particles.

Quick Solution: Shake off the dirt or use a brush to remove it. If the air filter is pretty worn out go ahead replace it with a new one and it is available at a cheap price.

8. The Battery

If your generator has an electric start function, it is possible that the battery may discharge its power if you don’t use it for a longer period of time. If this would be the case the generator won’t start using the electric switch.

However, you can simply start the generator using the traditional pull start. If it starts using the pull recoil the battery is probably dead or has a loose connection. When the generator is up and running it will automatically charge the battery itself.

Quick Solution: Clean the battery terminal and if the battery won’t charge you need to replace it.

I hope this article will solve your problem by following my simple quick solution.