WEN 56475 3750 Watts Portable Generator Review

WEN 56475 3750 Watts Portable Generator Review

When the power is gone the WEN 56475 3750 Watts Portable Generator can save you from any possible disaster.

It provides reliable electricity to your home during power shortage while others left in the dark.

WEN has been lighting up lives for many years since 1951 that proves its reliability. WEN 56475 3750 Watts Portable Generator is durable enough that makes it ideal for camping, Job sites, RVing and other applications that requires immediate electricity.

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Powerful Engine

This Portable Generator is made of highly reliable engine with 223cc OHV engine that delivers 4,700 watts of surge power and 3,750 watts of effective power.

What it runs?

With this kind of power it can run your lights to keep you from darkness, fridge/freezer to prevent your hundred dollar worth of foods, cooker to cook your foods, HDTV  to watch your favorite TV shows and many more.

It can also run power tools to if you’re working on projects in remote areas. As you can see, you can still enjoy your life during power shortage.

Excellent Fuel Efficiency

One of the key factors in choosing the best portable generator is its fuel efficiency. A fuel efficient generator maximize the use of fuel that converts into energy.

Thankfully, the WEN 56475 3750 Watts Portable Generator is designed to provide excellent fuel efficiency.

How long it lasts?

A single full tank of only 4-gallon of gas can last for more than 11-hours provided with half load capacity. A lesser load will result in a longer run time while heavier load shortens its run time.

Highly Portable

If you think that a 112-pounds generator is too heavy to carry. Not with the WEN 3750 Watts Generator. Because it comes with highly portable designed so that you can take it anywhere were power is an immediate requirement.

WEN 56475 3750 Watts Portable Generator Review

It features a wheel kit with an all terrain tire so that you can roll it anywhere. To complete your easy transport ability, it includes a dual foldable handles for simple maneuverability.

Electric Start

If you hate the pain of traditional pull start, you’ll surely glad with this generator that has an electric start feature. With its key-less electric start you can easily turn on the generator with a simple press of a button.

CARB And EPA Compliance

This Portable Generator passed the strict Californian Air Regulatory Board (CARB) that doesn’t emits harmful fumes to keep your family safe. It can be sold to all 50 states in America for you to enjoy its benefits.

Being an EPA compliance, this generator is also safe to use in any National Park due to its low noise and spark arrestor inclusion.

Digital Panel Readouts

The digital panel readouts are hard to find feature in any generator. Luckily, this Portable Generator include this feature.

It is very helpful in managing your maintenance schedule and change oil to keep your generator engine in good shape. It shows the number of hours used for you to keep track on it for maintenance purposes.

Simple Panel Design

This generator comes in a simple panel design for easy operation. Starting on the left side of the panel you can notice the Ignition switch for electric on/off start.

WEN 56475 3750 Watts Portable Generator Review

Looking at the right side part of the panel you can see the digital hour counter and below it is the circuit reset switch.

Beside it are the two 120v 5-20R receptacles to accommodate your regular home appliances.

It is followed by a three prong 120v 30-Amp L5-30 receptacles and a 120v RV receptacle TT-30R.

More Safety Features

Voltage Regulator

It delivers a steady voltage output to run your delicate appliances safely with its Automatic Voltage Regulator circuitry.

The Overload Protection maximizes its safety so that whenever an overload occurs the generator will automatically shutdown.

To avoid the generator from overheating the Low Oil shutdown will automatically shut off the generator whenever there’s a low oil supply that prevents it from damaging.

Watch the video of the WEN 3750 Watts Portable Generator to see it in action.


The WEN 56475 3750 Watts Portable Generatordelivers an exceptional performance as it is proven customers who already bought it.

Feature wise, it brings more on the table such as the digital display which is helpful for your maintenance purposes.

The electric start is another big plus in here as it removes the pain in traditional pull start.

Customer service is top of the line and always ready to help you. Its fuel efficiency is excellent so that you have more time to enjoy during your leisure.

While it doesn’t matter how long the power outage will be you can always depend on this generator anytime you need it. Assembling the generator is super easy and it is dead simple to use.

If you’re looking for a highly dependable medium power generator the WEN 56475 3750 Watts Portable Generator is definitely a good buy. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!