Boliy PRO3600SIER QBlue RV Pro 3700 Generator Review

If you refuse to pay big money for Honda and Yamaha inverter generators, the Boliy PRO3600SIER QBlue RV Pro 3700 Generator could be an excellent choice. Its maximum power rating of 3,300 watts can power up the roof air and microwave, says one of the customer who actually use it.

The Boliy PRO3600SIER QBlue RV Pro 3700 Generator is ideal for camping and RV to enjoy your leisure time. It is pack with state of the art features that gives you comfort and superb performance. The Boliy PRO3600SIER QBlue RV Pro 3700 Generator Review talks about the generator’s outstanding features and performance.

Inverter generators give you the tha cleanest power output so that your delicate appliances will be safe. Another thing is that Inverters are quieter than any conventional generator so that it doesn’t disturb anyone. However, they are expensive but, not the Boliy PRO3600SIER QBlue RV Pro 3700 Generator which is available at a very affordable price.

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High Power

The Boliy PRO3600SIER QBlue RV Pro 3700 Generator delivers the highest power to weight ratio that weights only 75-pounds. Lighter weight means easier to carry thus delivering exceptional power of 3000 watts effective and 3,300 watts starting power.

Portable Design

Carrying a 75-pounds generator can be done by a single adult person but, to others it’s painful. The Boliy PRO3600SIER QBlue RV Pro 3700 Generator features an integrated wheel and flip-up handle so that you can easily move it arround.  It also provides two handle on top of the generator for easy carrying and lifting for two persons. Take it anywhere where power is an emmediate requirement.

Advanced Technology

It features a DSP Inverter technology. By adding a true digital signal processor it provides 20-percent extra power conversion rate compare to any transistor equipped generators. In addition to that is the computer inverter module that constantly adjusts voltages to deliver a precise 120v output.

Fuel Efficient

A highly efficient generator gives you a longer running time due to its minimal fuel consumption. The Boliy PRO3600SIER QBlue RV Pro 3700 Generator features an On Demand Smart Throttle that automatically regulates engine speed according to its load. With a lesser load, it automatically decreases the engine speed to save fuel thus extending its running time as well.


Too much noise may damage anyone’s ears. I guess no one wants a noisy genset in exchange of electricity, right? Not with the Boliy PRO3600SIER QBlue RV Pro 3700 Generator. It features Two-Tiered noise dampening system that lowers its noise level into 4 to 8 times than any traditional generators.

It has only 53 to 58dB noise level that meets the standards within all states so that it’s safe to use in any national park. It’s a certified CARB and EPA compliant which is safe and doesn’t cause any harmful effects on human. Californian residents can enjoy the benefits of it because it can be sold to their state.

Easy Start  

If you want a fast and instant start up from a distance, the Boliy PRO3600SIER QBlue RV Pro 3700 Generator features a one push wireless remote. It also includes a convinient push-button start on the generator and the traditional manual pull start if the battery is low.

Boliy PRO3600SIER QBlue RV Pro 3700 Generator Review

The Boliy PRO3600SIER QBlue RV Pro 3700 Generator receives an outstanding customer’s review of 4/5 stars at Amazon that proves its good performance. The following statements are come from customers who actually bought and use it in real world.

All of them are happy with their purchase of the unit due to its great performance. We have a power outage recently and it fires right up with one push of the wireless remote, says one of the reviewers. His neighbor mentioned that he heard a very low noise sound and undisturbing.

It is light weight, quiet, and can power our air conditioner. It is easy to start/stop from my RV and a great quality generator. It is far attractive and more power than the red old model. He was very happy with the heavy duty handle that makes it easier to lug around. It has a great quality and he recommends it to any RV fans.

It runs smoothly, quietly and efficiency says one of the reviewers who are very pleased with his purchased. The wireless remote is great and very easy on gas. It provides enough power to run his roof air and microwave at the same time. The only one who gives it a one star rating is not an owner of this remarkable generator.


The Boliy PRO3600SIER QBlue RV Pro 3700 Generator performs well in any given situation. It is comparable to any high priced generator with the same top quality level. Features like electric start and remote control is hard to find in any inverters in which this genset have.

With so much goodness you can have with this generator, the price it offers is remarkably low compare to other big names such as Yamaha and Honda. If you’re looking for top quality, high power, silent, efficient generator without over spending you can never go wrong with the Boliy PRO3600SIER QBlue RV Pro 3700 Generator. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

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