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Looking for premium quality and heavy duty generator?

RP12000E 12000 Running Watts/15000 Starting Watts Gas Powered portable Generator 502-3699
  • 12, 000 watts running/ 15, 000 watts starting
  • Fuel efficient 670cc v-twin OHV engine with idle mode option with pressurized oil system
  • 11. 2 hours of runtime on one tank at 50% load
  • Low harmonic distortion generator (THD < 5%) with AVR
  • 9 total outlets, including 20A, 30A and 50A Receptacles

The Cat RP12000E Portable Generator Review deserves a hard look. As you already know, Caterpillar is the world leader in heavy equipment that delivers unmatched quality and dependability.

The Cat RP12000E Portable Generator delivers 12,000 watts of effective power which is the by far the highest rating generator in the market today. It can power everything to your home during power shortage. You can also run multiple power tools in any jobsites to finish your projects with its industrial capability.

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Powerful Engine

In times of emergency Failure is definitely not an option, right?

Rest assured that the Cat RP12000E Portable Generator is made of extremely dependable engine that you can rely on anytime and anywhere. It consist of 670cc V-Twin engine and premium all copper generator that delivers 15,000 watts of peak starting loads and 12,000 watts of effective power.

With that kind of high quality power the Cat RP12000E Portable Generator is capable to run your entire household for long time. It is also suitable for big jobs to run multiple power tools at the same time and safe to use even your sensitive electronics and appliances.

Excellent Fuel Efficient

Fuel efficiency is important in choosing the best portable generator. The generator is said to be fuel efficient if it uses less fuel for longer period of time. Luckily, the Cat RP12000E Portable Generator is designed to provide excellent fuel efficiency so that you have more time to enjoy during power shortage or camping.

How long it lasts?

The Cat RP12000E Portable Generator will lasts for more than 11-hours provided with 50% load capacity. Considering its runtime it enables you to work the whole day without stopping to refuel it.

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Need to save more fuel?

The Cat RP12000E Portable Generator enables you to save further fuel with its Low-idle mode option. Enabling the Low-idle mode will automatically keeps your fuel consumption check thus giving you only the required fuel in use according to the load. It also promotes longer engine life span that minimizes its engine wear and tear.

Safe To Sensitive Electronics

If you think that a 15KW generator is harmful for your small electronic appliances? Not with the Cat RP12000E Portable Generator. This generator features an all copper engine that delivers clean power anytime with less than 5% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).

What does it mean to you?

The Cat RP12000E Portable Generator produces an almost perfect AC waveform which is comparable to your home outlets. As a result, you can safely use it your sensitive electronics such as computers, charging laptops, smartphones, tablets and many more.

Low Noise

Hate the noise?

Although, you can never compare the noise level of a 2,000 watts inverter generator to a huge 15K generator, the Cat RP12000E Portable Generator minimizes its noise to its lowest possible. Aside from the Low Idle Mode, Cat engineers designed a custom muffler that suppressed the engine noise.

In addition to that is the well positioned extra-large steel fuel tank on top of the engine to further minimize the noise level. The design also prevents damage from engine vibration.

Industrial Durability

The Cat RP12000E Portable Generator is designed for industrial durability to withstand any kinds of work at any given situation. It is constructed with hardened 35mm solid steel tubing which is treated and coated to prevent corrosion and rust.

The Cat RP12000E Portable Generator includes a large metal wheels with integrated bearings for long life and a pair of high quality solid rubber tires.

Highly Portable

If you think that it is impossible for you to bring a 347-pounds generator on a camping site, well it’s not.

The Cat RP12000E Portable Generator is designed for excellent portability so that you can take it anywhere when power is an immediate requirement. This makes it possible with its large metal wheels with its high quality solid rubber tires. In addition to that is the pull-up handle for simple manuever and move around.

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This is ideal for RVing and other recreation activities while it is also great for remote job sites applications.

Ease Of Use

In times of calamity, I guess no one wants to operate a complicated panel, right?

The Cat RP12000E Portable Generator is dead simple to use even without any electrical background can operate it instantly. For safe and fuss-free operation it includes an LED-lighted single side operator station that enables the user to start and operate the generator without moving it or to walk around.

The Cat RP12000E Portable Generator provides a total of 9-outlets so that you can have more work done and accommodate most numbers of tools, appliances and electronic devices. This includes the 20Amp, 30Amp and 50Amp receptacles.

More Features Ahead

Aside from the LED-lighted operated station, the Cat RP12000E Portable Generator offers more features ahead that make it simple to use and provides unmatched protection.

To ensure the protection of your appliances and the generator as well the circuit breaker will automatically shut-off the generator in case of short circuit and overload arises.

The Digital Display shows the voltage, frequency and hour meter. It’s good to know the ideal voltage output of the generator before connecting your appliances for added safety purposes. An over or low voltage can damage your precious electronics devices. The same thing with the output frequency.

The hour meter is use for maintenance purposes such as change oil and cleaning of the generator to keep it in good shape for many years to come.

The Cat RP12000E Portable Generator comes with rubber cover that protects all the outlets that prevent accidental electrical shock. It also protect from any rugged environment such as industrial and outdoor exposure.

This generator is designed with balanced center of gravity in which most users find it surprisingly easy to push and pull around. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if it weighs 347-pounds you can simply move it with ease.

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The unit also includes a lifting eye on the top center of the generator so that you can easy load it to your truck. If the looks could be a deciding factor, the Cat RP12000E Portable Generator is skilfully packed into compact and visually appealing frame to show a piece on any showroom floor and easy to store as well.

3-Year Warranty

While other generator is limited to only 1-year warranty the Cat RP12000E Portable Generator is generously giving you a 3-year warranty for your total peace of mind. This includes parts and service for the entire warranty term. While all Cat RP series products are backed by Caterpillar’s customer support.

Cat RP12000E Portable Generator Review                   

The Cat RP12000E Portable Generator Review receives a perfect appraisal of 5/5 at Amazon.com that proves its excellent performance. Here is one of them that may help you in any way.

“Had a missing oil drain plug, Amazon has a great customer service that made things right. Generator works great for my food truck. Plan to purchase a second one in the future.”

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The Cat RP12000E Portable Generator is an outstanding generator that delivers huge amount of power of 15K starting watts and 12K effective watts. It can definitely run your entire household appliances with ease. It provides long lasting power for more than 11-hours of run time which is suitable for running more appliances at home or power tools in any job sites.

Though, it gives you 12,000 watts of effective power you can safely plug anything on it from power tools, appliances including your sensitive electronics and gadgets. This makes it possible with its low Total Harmonic Distortion output.

The Cat RP12000E Portable Generator offers excellent premium features for customers to set it apart from other generator in its class. This includes the highest power output, more safety features, superb durability, total quality, ease of use, longest run time, low noise and overall value to your money.

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