If you love camping or RVing the Champion Power Equipment 2000w 73540i Inverter Portable Generator could be your perfect companion. This genset provides a highly reliable AC source that will power up your delicate appliances such as computer, TV and Satellite during RVing or appliances like coffee maker and microwave at campsite.

Highly Portable Design

The Champion Power Equipment 2000w 73540i Inverter Portable Generator features a highly portable design with handle on top of it and weights only 48.5-pound which is enough to be carry by a single adult person. If you require more power to run your A/C unit no problem with it, due to its Stackable design you can double its capacity by adding another unit on top of it for parallel connection.

Powerful And Efficient Engine

The Champion Power Equipment 2000w 73540i Inverter Portable Generator features a powerful and efficient engine. It is made of 80cc OHV single cylinder and 4-stroke engine with maximum power capacity of 2,000 watts or 1,700 watts continuous power.

A single full tank of 1-gallon of gasoline can last up to 9.5 hours of usage considering a quarter load capacities. This makes it possible with its Economy mode feature to further save you from fuel. However, run time may vary depending on the load; it may be shortened if it runs at heavy load or longer with lighter load. This allows you to have more quality time with your family and friends during recreational activities.

More Features Ahead

The Champion Power Equipment 2000w 73540i Inverter Portable Generator has so much more features to offer. Being an inverter generator, the technology it brings provides the safest and purest sine wave output so that all your electronic appliances will be safe from unwanted voltage fluctuation that may damage it.

The Low-oil shut off sensor protects the generator from overheating whenever there’s an insufficient oil supply. A 12-volt DC output is present here in the form of automotive style that includes the wire cable with battery clip at the end to charge your batteries. The genset also provides a dual USB port adapter so that you can charge your phone and other gadgets.

It features an easy pull recoil start that totally removes the pains in running the generator; one customer testify that a single pull will immediately start it that even his 5-year old son can do. If you hate the smell of gas you surely love this generator because, it has gas vent feature, turning it on will get rid of unwanted gas smell.

Super Quiet

Heavy noise is irritating, isn’t it? Not with the Champion Power Equipment 2000w 73540i Inverter Portable Generator. The generator produces only 53dBA of noise level which is by far silent compare to any conventional generator out there. This is great if you’re at the campsite so that it doesn’t disturb any fellow camper.

What’s In The Box?

Whenever you purchase The Champion Power Equipment 2000w 73540i Inverter Portable Generator it includes the USB Adapter, 12V DC battery charging cable, oil funnel, Spark Plug socket, user’s manual and a 2-year warranty to secure your purchase.


The Champion Power Equipment 2000w 73540i Inverter Portable Generator is undeniably one of the best performer out there as it is proven by consumers who actually bought it with a perfect rating of 5/5 stars at Amazon. All customers are satisfied with it and highly recommend to anyone who’s looking for a highly reliable generator in any situation.

Compare to Yamaha and Honda generators with equivalent power capacity, the Champion Power Equipment 2000w 73540i provides almost the same quality with half the price. If you’re looking to save money to purchase a portable inverter generator, this is definitely a good buy.  Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

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