Champion Power Equipment 46533 Portable Generator Review

If you’re looking for an average power generator for your home backup and camping, the Champion Power Equipment 46533 portable generator is definitely a good choice. This generator can deliver maximum power of 4,000w and 3,500w rated.

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Runs Your Appliances Simultaneously

With this power capacity you can run your fridge, lights, computer, TV and electric stove at the same time during power outage. If you’re working on a project the generator is capable to power up your tools. At camping, you can plug in your coffee maker, lights and other important appliances. As you can see, the Champion Power Equipment 46533 Portable Generator provides many applications for total flexibility.

Bring It On

This generator is also great for camping due to its highly portable design, thanks to its 8-inch all terrain wheel kit that makes it possible for you to bring it along anywhere and roll it everywhere when power is required immediately.

Powerful Engine

The Champion Power Equipment 46533 4,000 Watt is powered by heavy duty 196cc OHV engine; it is vastly supported by cast iron sleeve and sturdy steel frame for added durability. It can be operated by manual start that will run in just a single pull.

Keeps Your Appliances Safe

The generator is equipped with overload protection to keep your appliances safe and the generator as well. There’s a low oil sensor that keeps tracks on the ideal oil supply that prevents the engine from overheating.

Works Overtime

You can enjoy longer hours of usage due to its high fuel efficiency. It can supply continuous power of up to 12-hours in a single full tank with 50 percent load capacity. The good thing about this generator is being a CARB compliant, it means that you can safely use in all areas and sold to Californian residents.

Best Quality Product

Almost everything has provided by Champion Power Equipment in the package that includes the wheel kit and engine oil for you to start using it immediately. They offer the best product quality and offer an outstanding customer service that is willing to help anyone with their free lifetime technical support.

Champion Power Equipment 46533 Portable Generator Review

The Champion Power Equipment 46533 Portable Generator Review receives an outstanding customer’s appraisal of 4.6/5 at that proves its excellent performance. The following statement is written by customers who actually bought and use it in real world application.


Then I was going to pull the engine through once or twice gently before the real pull that would start it, but hey, it started half way through the first pull! After half a minute, I turned off the choke and the engine ran smoothly.

Noise Level

There are lots of opinions on the noise level. I started it in my shop, where I have run many other small engines, and this one qualifies as one of the quietest. WAY quieter than the Honda-powered pressure washer I had just been servicing.


I’ve had it running over 8 hours on a full tank and the gauge still shows some fuel when I refill it. It powers all the essentials of our home (full kitchen, gas furnace blower, office, TV, quite a few lights, and various power tools, all through a 6-circuit transfer switch. Sweet! This genset, especially at the tiny price, is the deal of deals!

once it was a 12-hour day and half the next day. It always starts easily and always does its job. I do change the oil every 50 hours or 6 months.

I run this thing to death with no mercy at all, We use it to run the AC, laptops, flat screens, radios, microwave, fridge, lights, charge the house bank, and anything else you could need when out in the wild.. The noise is not bad at all… really, I sleep with this just a few feet away from the bedroom of our travel trailer and it never keeps me awake. Its dependable and starts right up after 1.5 to 2 pulls.

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Amazing Value

The Champion Power Equipment 46539 4,000 Watt portable generator is available at amazing price of $333. This definitely brings an outstanding value for less than a dollar per watt. Moreover, the features, performance and fuel efficiency it offers are fantastic. The product is back up with 2-year warranty for your peace of mind whenever you purchase this generator. Click Here to get the Lowest Price!

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