Champion Power Equipment 75531i 3100-watt Inverter Generator Review

The Champion Power Equipment 75531i 3100-watt Inverter Generator provides enough power to your 15,000BTU air conditioner and other delicate appliances need to run during your recreational activities. Not only huge power it brings but, it delivers the cleanest AC voltage you can have to keep all electrical devices safe like personal computer.

Powerful And Energy Saver

The generator is made of 171cc OHV engine, design to bring 3100 watts of peak power or 2800 watts of effective power. If you want to save fuel for longer operation, there’s the Economy Mode feature that will automatically reduce the power whenever the load lowers. A single full tank can last for more than 8-hours of usage provided with quarter load when the Economy Mode is activated.

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Highly Portable Design

The Champion Power Equipment 75531i 3100-watt Inverter Generator features a highly portable design which is great for camping, RV’s or cover outdoor events. The genset weights only 80-pounds that includes wheels and fold away handle for super easy transport.


Loud generators are very irritating, right? Not the Champion Power Equipment 75531i 3100-watt Inverter Generator because, it is design for silence with only 58dBA noise level. This is great for camping that doesn’t disturb your fellow campers. This genset is an EPA approved making safe to use in any national park and passed the strict CARB compliance so that Californian residence can enjoy the many benefits of it.

More Features Ahead

Aside from Economy Mode and it’s highly portable design, the Champion Power Equipment 75531i 3100-watt Inverter Generator has so much features to offer such as the Overload Protection that keeps your appliances safe and the generator as well.

The generator is protected from unwanted overheating that stays in tough conditions anytime due to its Low Oil sensor feature. You can enjoy more trips and keep your family safe during power outage with its very durable housing design that will last for years of continuous usage.


The Champion Power Equipment 75531i 3100-watt Inverter Generator provides a 120v duplex outlet to accommodate all your standard home appliances and a 12v DC outlet to charge your batteries that includes the cable so that you don’t need to buy it separately. A single TT30 receptacle is also present in this generator which is the standard for RV to power up your tools and domestic A/C unit.

Champion Power Equipment 75531i 3100-watt Inverter Generator Review

Customer say’s that the Champion Power Equipment 75531i 3100-watt Inverter Generator is easy to setup, just simply add fuel and oil on it then it will start in just a single pull. It can run a 13,500 BTU A/C compressor with no problem and surprisingly with the Economy Mode ON that helps you save fuel. However, during full load the sound level also increases up to 62dB while during the Economy Mode the noise level is lower than 58dB.

This unit is comparable to Honda EU3000ISAC in terms of noise level with the same power handling but, the Honda is much heavier with 134-pounds and the price is 3-times more expensive. Another good comparison is the Yamaha EF2400iSHC with almost the same weight but the Yamaha is a bit quieter. However, you have to pay an additional $400 premium and it lacks of power handling with only 2,400watts peak power.

Even though, the Champion Power Equipment No.75531i 3100-watt Inverter Generator is not recommended for circular saw it does run the customer’s Craftsman 13 amp circular saw with both Economy Mode On or Off. The build quality of the genset is excellent. the two rubber wheels rolls quietly compare to plastic wheels and the plastic handle are strong enough to support the generator’s full weight.


The Champion Power Equipment 75531i 3100-watt Inverter Generator shows an incredible performance and it receives an outstanding customer’s reviews with 4.5/5 stars at Amazon that satisfies all the buyers. Champion Power Equipment Company is generously giving a 2-year warranty for your peace of mind whenever you purchase it and the customer service is superb as they always very helpful.

With so much goodness you can take with this generator, the price it offer really makes you a Champion making it a good choice between Yamaha and Honda counterparts. Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

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