DuroMax XP13000EH Generator Review

The DuroMax XP13000EH gives you 13,000 watt of surge power and 10,500 watt effective. It is capable to run everything you want to throw on it at home. If you plan to use it for your project on remote site, you can run multiple power tools at the same time.

It packs with additional 1,000 watt compare to its older rival XP12000EH Beast. Being a hybrid generator, it comes with a dual fuel capability. It means that you can run it with either gas or propane.

Though, it provides you with an extra power the good thing about it is that it doesn’t cost you an extra charge. In fact, the price it offers is lower than the XP12000EH Beast.

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Why Choose A Dual Fuel?

Dual fuel generator today is becoming popular. This is the fact that, having an option to choose what fuel you are going to use at the time of calamity is a huge advantage. Whenever the other fuel is not available you always have an alternative rather than being stuck with a single fuel only.

Advantages Of Propane

In case you decide to use propane on a regular basis the following are the best reasons why propane gives you a huge advantage over gasoline.

Propane has a better fuel efficiency with up to 33-percent

Propane is a cheaper option

Propane can be stored for a longer period of time

Propane doesn’t gum up your carburetor

Propane is safer to transport

Quick Specs

  • Max Output: 13,000 watt
  • Rated Output: 10,500 watt
  • Engine Displacement: 500cc
  • Horse Power: 20Hp
  • Amperageat 120v (Gas) : 108-Amp / 87.5-Amp
  • Amperageat 120v (Propane) : 103-Amp / 83.13-Amp
  • Voltage: 120v, 240v AC and 12v DC
  • Run Time on Gas: Up to 8 Hours at 1/2 Load
  • Run Time on Propane: Up to 6.5 hours at 1/2 Load on 40 lb. Tank
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 8.3 Gallon
  • Starting Type: Electric / Recoil
  • Noise Level: 74 dB(A)
  • Weight: 260 lbs.


  • 2 x 120V 20 Amp Standard Receptacles
  • 1 x 120v/240v 50 Amp Heavy Duty Outlet
  • 1 x 120v/240v 30 Amp Twist Lock
  • 1 x 120v 30 Amp Twist Lock
  • 1 x 12v 8-Amp Car charger

Power Capacity

The DuroMax XP13000EH is made of 500cc OHV engine that delivers 13,000 Watt of surge power and 10,500 watt effective. It is capable to run your fridge, A/C, multiple lights, HDTVs, microwave, washer, pump, computers and many more.

Panel Design

This dual fuel generator comes in an excellent panel design so that anyone can operate it in no time. It is well laid for super easy to understand. On the left side of the panel you can see the fuel switch between gas and propane. It follows with the propane inlet and below it is the instructions for startup and storage.

Looking at the right side of it is the main control panel. You can notice on the upper left of the panel is the push button electric start which is I think much simpler than the key start like the older XP12000EH used.

The panel includes an indicator for Charging and Low Oil. A series of switches for battery, Idle control and main Circuit breaker. For additional protection there are individual Circuit breaker for every outlet.

The generator provides four types of outlets for your total convenience so that it can accommodate anything you may want to connect on it. The panel also features a Multimeter for you to know the voltage, frequency and run time.


The DuroMax XP13000EH provides a 120v 30-Amp Twist lock outlet, two 120v 20-Amp GCFI regular home outlets, 120v/240v 30-Amp Twist Lock outlet and 120v/240v 50-Amp Heavy Duty outlet that connects to your home transfer switch. The panel also includes a 12v DC 8-Amp outlet to charge your battery and other device.

Fuel Efficient

The generator’s fuel efficiency is important to know in buying your ideal generator. Because, you don’t know if you’re just wasting too much fuel on it and runs for a short period time.

Thankfully, the DuroMax XP13000EH is design for outstanding fuel efficiency. A single full tank of 8.3 gallon of gasoline can last for 8.5 hours while using a regular 40-pound barbecue propane tank will last for 6.5 hours.

Electric Start

If you hate the pain of pull start its a good thing to know that this generator features an electric start. In just a simple push of a button and you’re good to go. If the battery is low, you can always use its traditional pull start of it with a single or two pull only.

Portable Design

Though, this huge generator weighs 260-pounds you can easily transfer it with its wheel kit feature. In addition to that is the inclusion of the two pull-up handle for simple maneuver and move around.

Built To Last

The DuroMax XP13000EH is made of solid metal materials that last for longer period of time. It can operate in all terrain at any given condition to handle and finish your project faster.

Idle Control Switch

Enabling the idle control switch saves you with fuel and silence the generator as well. When the generator is not in use you can activate this feature so that it doesn’t eat up your fuel causing the motor to slow down that reduces the noise it produces.

The Multimeter

The digital multimeter feature in thDuroMax XP13000EH displays the output voltage, frequency and the number of hour the generator runs. I know you don’t want to play a guessing game on how much voltage it pulls out or how many hours you been using it.

Voltmeter – It keeps you track on the ideal voltage it throws on the outlet. Having a higher or lower voltage will cause damage on your appliances. It is good to know if you’re getting a healthy dose of voltage output before it ruins your appliances.

Frequency – This is the same as the voltage, though it shows the frequency reading of the generator. It tells you how many cycles of Alternating Current it provides. The ideal frequency should be 50 to 60 Hertz depending on the country.

Hour Meter – It displays the total number of hours the generator has run. This is mainly use for your maintenance purposes.

Safety Features

Low Oil Indicator

The low oil LED indicator warns you whenever there’s an insufficient oil supply of the engine motor. A low oil supply on the engine can severely damage the engine due to overheating. As a part of your regular maintenance schedule changing oil regularly keeps your engine healthy.

Circuit Breaker

Whenever an overload or short circuit arise the circuit breaker will automatically cause the engine to shut off. This prevents further damage to your appliances and the generator also.

Surge Arrest

A sudden spike on the voltage or commonly known as power surge can damage your appliances. This arise when a lightning strikes. The surge arrest feature protects your appliances from this problem.

EPA And CARB Compliance

This dual fuel generator is an EPA compliance so that you can freely use it in any park because it doesn’t produce too much noise. It is also a CARB (Californian Air Regulatory Board) compliance which is sold to 50 states. It means that it doesn’t emits harmful fumes that keeps your family healthy.

XP13000EH vs XP12000EH

In case you’re wondering what is the difference of this two Beast generator, well here they are.

The XP13000EH gives you an additional 1,000 Watt of power over XP12000EH both surge and effective

The XP12000EH is a CARB compliance while the XP12000EH is not

The XP12000EH uses the push button start which many users prefer as opposed to the XP12000EH that utilize a key start

The XP13000EH has a digital Multimeter feature while the XP12000EH has a voltmeter only

The XP13000EH has a battery charging switch and a car charger outlet for your convenience while the XP12000EH don’t

What’s In The Box?

When you buy the Duromax XP13000EH you also get an oil funnel, Spark plug wrench, set of tools, wheel kit, handle, DC charging cable and owner’s manual.

Outstanding Customers’ Review

The Duromax XP13000EH receives an outstanding customers’ review of 4.5 out of 5 stars that proves its reliability. Here are some areas where customers a pleased,

  • Great shipping. Most units arrived in great condition and well packed.
  • Assembling the unit is a breeze, it will take you less than an hour to completely run it.
  • This generator is a solid built and works flawlessly.
  • It delivers huge power as it promised.
  • It is quieter than expected by most users.
  • They have an amazing customer service. They immediately answer questions before and after you bought it.

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The Duromax XP13000EH is a good performer as it is already proven by customers who already using it. Its huge power capability can run everything at your home.

This new generator from Duromax provides huge advantage over the famous XP12000EH Beast but the price it offers is almost the same. Some of its advantage includes the Multimeter, additional 1,000 Watt, CARB compliant, push button start and the car charger. This feature alone is hard to find in any generator.

Being a dual fuel generator it gives you freedom to choose whatever fuel suits you for your own convenience. An 8-hour run time enables you to use it on your project the whole day without refueling.

If you’re in a market for a huge power dual fuel generator the Duromax XP13000EH is definitely a wise investment. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

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