For anyone who’s looking for a medium power portable generator at a lower price range, the DuroMax XP4000S 4000 watt Portable Generator could be a good choice. This generator can deliver 4000 watts of peak power or 3300 watts of continuous power that can run your important appliances during blackouts.

Made From Powerful Engine That Built To Last

The DuroMax XP4000S 4000-watt Portable Generator is made from a 7-HP OHV engine in a heavy-duty frame that lasts for years. The air-cooled engine design and the four-point isolated motor mounts provide a cool and smooth operation. To further increase its durability, a cast iron sleeve and steel bearings are included in the design to maximize the engine life.



More Safety Features Ahead

The generator is equipped with more safety features to keep all your appliances safe and the generator as well. The outlets are circuit breaker protected so that it will automatically shut down whenever there’s a short circuit.

A low oil sensor feature prevents the engine from overheating and it will cause the engine to shut off whenever an insufficient oil arise, but before it happens there’s an oil warning light on the panel that that will indicate its insufficient supply. A built-in Spark Arrestor will keep you safe from unwanted ignition burst that may arise when starting the engine.

Power Panel Control

The full power panel is presented for simple operations. Starting with the engine switch at the left side with a low oil lamp alert below and followed by some safety precautions warnings when using the genset. On the center you’ll notice the Voltmeter that indicates the generator’s actual voltage output.

It follows with the circuit breaker switch to reactivate the generator’s normal operations. Next on it is the 120v AC 30-Amp Twist Lock receptacle NEMA5-20R to power up your tools and the two standard 120v AC outlets for your regular appliances. The fuel gauge on top of the generator’s tank indicates the gas level.

Quiet Operations

The DuroMax XP4000S 4,000w Portable Generator operates in silence, thanks to its Quiet muffler design that greatly reduces its noise to a highly acceptable level. That being said, the generator passed the EPA test making it safe to use in any national park and the strict CARB compliance in which Californian residence can enjoy the benefits of it.

Optional Wheel Kit

At 129-pound weight it is harder to carry with a single person but, there’s an optional wheel kit available for only $39 if you want to take full advantage of it to become highly portable. The DuroStar DS4000S-WK Wheel Kit makes it possible for you to bring it anywhere from job-site to campsite. Installation is simple that will take you only 20-minutes to assemble.

Fuel Efficient

The fuel tank is made from heavy-duty steel that prevents any leaks, it can be filled with 4-gallon of gas that will last for more than 8-hours of usage with half load capacity. Now you have more quality time to spend with your family during camping or finish your project faster at job-site.


The DuroMax XP4000S 4,000w Portable Generator is solidly built and very dependable in any given situation. It earns an excellent customers’ rating of 4.5/5 stars to prove how good the product is. There’s only two complains about it, first is the lack of 220v outlet secondly; the gas tank and spark plug wrench is missing on the package while the generator they received is working flawlessly. >>Click Here to read more customers’ reviews.

The generator is currently available at a bargain price, considering its 4,000 watts power rating and superb performance that alone delivers an outstanding value to anyone who’s thinking to buy the best price portable generator. The EPA and CARB compliance is definitely a big plus if you’re living in the state of California. Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!





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