DuroMax XP8500E Portable Generator Review

The DuroMax XP8500E Portable Generator is a definite workforce if you need to power up the entire home during power shortage or if your work requires running some power tools at the same time to finish your project soon. With its 8,500 watts peak power or 7,000w effective power handling you can be sure that your family will be safe and enjoy normal life during calamity.

Powerful Engine

The DuroMax XP8500E Portable Generator is made of 16 Horse Power 4-Cycle OHV engine mounted on a heavy duty solid steel frame with four point motor mounts isolation for full stability operations.

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Highly Portable Design

Moving a 249-pounds generator is almost impossible for an average person, right? However, the DuroMax XP8500E Portable Generator is design for its portability so that you can take it anywhere you may want to from camping, covering sporting events and job sites.

This makes it possible with the inclusion of two 10.5-inch all terrain wheels that you can roll anywhere even at rough road without worrying of being flat tire. The package also added the flip-up stow away handle for simple maneuverability.

Packs With Features For Safe And Easy Operations

The DuroMax XP8500E Portable Generator provides an excellent power panel design for your ease of operations. Starting from left is the Engine Switch for your painless start at a simple turn of a key. It is followed by an Oil Alert indicator that will automatically shut-off the engine when the oil supplies deficits.


It provides a voltmeter that lets you monitor the generator’s ideal output. Below that is the 12v DC output that is use to charge your batteries that incorporates a DC Protector. Next in-line is the four 120v 20-Amp receptacle that powers up your regular home appliances. There’s also a 120v/240v 30-Amp twist lock which exclusively dedicated for your power tools.

The unit has a built-in Fuel gauge on top of the tank for you to properly monitor the generator’s ideal gas supply. The genset provides steady voltage output so that it doesn’t create any harm to your delicate appliances, thanks to its Automatic Voltage Regulator circuitry feature.

The RV switch voltage selector is the DuroMax exclusive that gives you flexibility to chose from 120v alone for full power or both 120v/240v simultaneously. Finally, the DuroMax XP8500E features a 15-Amp circuit breaker that protects all your appliances and the generator itself from unwanted overloading incidents.

Quiet And Secure

The DuroMax XP8500E Portable Generator is an EPA approved so that it can be safer to use in any National parks in the U.S. Its silent operation makes it possible with the Super Quiet Exhaust feature and the built-in Spark Arrestor keeps the generators safe from unwanted explode incident. However, this unit is not a CARB compliant so that it is not being sold for Californian residents.

Fuel Efficient

You have more quality time to spend with your family during power shortage due to its excellent fuel efficiency. A single full tank of 7-gallon can run more than eight hours provided with its half load capacity.

What’s included in the box?

Whenever you buy the DuroMax XP8500E Portable Generator you also get the battery for electric starter, wheel kit, flip-up handle, generator tool kit and the generator’s operating manual. The unit is back up with 1-year warranty that protects your purchase.

The DuroMax XP8500E In Action

The DuroMax XP8500E Portable Generator in action is the actual testimony of consumers who actually owns and uses it in real world.

Assembly: Starting right out of the box with the weight more than 200-pounds but, once the wheel, handles and footings are put together it carts around nicely. Assembling is easy and can be done by a single person. The next thing you do is to connect the battery terminals, put some oil and gas on it and it fire up in just a single pull and turning key.

The entire process took him in just half an hour. However, customers should be aware the fact that the oil is not included in the package so that you have to buy it separately.

Operations: Once the generator starts, it operates smoothly and quiet as you can’t hear it running inside the house when it is located on the backyard and it is comparable his lawn mower. Another customer says that it is quieter than Briggs & Stratton motors with the same or lower power ratings.

Power Handling: It can run the Refrigerator, chest freezer and tankless hot water heater at the same time with ease.

Efficiency: during the Sandy storm the generator was tested it full capability and the power went out for days. They run their fridge, chest freezer, hot water, lamp, microwave, TV and phone – all and the generator didn’t even stutter. With the gas gauge properly working it consumes about 8-gallons during the storm.


The DuroMax XP8500E Portable Generator is a great buy if you’re looking for huge power handling that doesn’t get short during calamity and has the capability to finish your job faster that satisfies your power tools.

Pros: Quick start either by pulling cord or turning electric start key, Huge power handling of 8,500w that is capable to run the entire household, Highly efficient, easy to assemble, packs with features that includes circuit protection, Excellent power panel design, parts replacement are available locally and quiet operations.

Cons: Doesn’t come with the oil, handles are a bit short

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