Earthquake IG800W Inverter Generator Review

Looking for cheap yet quality inverter generator?

The Earthquake IG800W Inverter Generator Review deserves a hard look.

Having a quality inverter generator doesn’t need to be pricey. This is what the Earthquake IG800W Inverter Generator is all about. Though, it comes at a bargain price the quality, performance and features you can get from it are exceptional.

Advantages Of Inverter Generators

Having an inverter generator gives you many advantages. Inverters are lightweight compare to any conventional generators so that you can take it anywhere. It provides the purest and safest AC voltage output so that all of your delicate appliances will be safe. And lastly, inverters are dead silent.

As we progress on the Earthquake IG800W Inverter Generator Review you’ll discover more of its key features and its performance in real life applications.

Powerful Engine

The Earthquake IG800W Inverter Generator is made of 40cc 4-stroke OHV Viper engine that delivers 800 watts of clean AC power. With that kind of power, it runs the home computer, LCD TV, tablets, Cell Phone, Wi-Fi and many more. Say’s one of the satisfied customer.

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Highly Portable

Carrying heavy generator on camping isn’t practical, right? Not with the Earthquake IG800W Inverter Generator. With its compact design and it weighs only 21-pounds, it makes simple to anyone to carry it anywhere without tiring. This is 25-percent lighter compare to other generators with equivalent power ratings. In addition to that is the carry handle on top of it that provides comfort to anyone who carries it.

Keeps Your Appliances Safe

Having a generator that will ruin your appliances is useless, right? The Earthquake IG800W Inverter Generator includes a feature that makes your delicate home equipment safe. Aside from delivering the purest AC voltage it provides an Overload Protection.

It will automatically shut off the generator’s engine whenever an overload occurs. An instant reset breaker is provided that restore the generator’s operation in no time. There’s also an Oil Alert that prevents the engine from damaging due to overheating whenever there’s an insufficient oil supply.

Smart Panel Design

The Earthquake IG800W Inverter Generator features an Smart Panel design for ease of usage. Above the panel is the ECON mode switch and the Engine Switch. On the left side is the three LED indicator for the Output, Overload and Oil Alert.

On the right side of the panel there’s the 120v AC outlet to powerup your regular appliances. On the lower part is the 12v 4-Amp that is use to charge your batteries. Beside of it is the DC protector to complete the lineup.

Fuel Efficient

In order to run your generator for a longer period of time it should posses an excellent fuel efficiency. That’s what the Earthquake IG800W Inverter Generator is meant for.

How long it will lasts?

A single gallon full tank of fuel can last for more than 14-hours of continuous operations.In addition to that is the ECON mode to further save on the fuel and lessens the generator’s noise level as well. This makes it ideal in any recreational activities and you don’t need to worry if the power shortage will last for many hours.

Super Quiet

Traditional generators are most often noisy and irritating, right?

Not with the Earthquake IG800W Inverter Generator. Aside from being an inverter it features a noise suppressing housing design. As a result, you can now have a normal conversation beside the generator without the needs to raise your voice.

CARB And EPA Compliant

The Earthquake IG800W Inverter Generator is safe to use in any National park due to its EPA compliant and it doesn’t cause any noise pollution. Aside from EPA, it is also passed the strict CARB compliance so that it can be use and sold to the State of California.

Earthquake IG800W Inverter Generator Review

The Earthquake IG800W Inverter Generator receives a perfect customer’s reviews of 5/5 stars at that proves it excellent performance. The following statements are coming from reviewers that actually bought and use it in real world applications.

The Looks

“It looks nice and not heavy.”


“I use 450 watts without a problem and it runs without noise at all.”

“I ran a variable speed drill on it and the generator is no problem in handling that, it is still very quiet at that level of power.”

Ease Of Use

“As an inverter it supposed to have a pure sine-wave output and safe for electronics. It easily started in 1 to 2 pulls, runs everything to 769 watts with no problems.”

Power Handling

“It runs his home computer, LCD TV, Tablet, Cell Phone, Wi-Fi, etc. However, the only improvements he would like to see is the visual fuel gauge. All in all, one great little machine that does all I expected.”

Noise Level

The noise level is measured at 58 to 59dB and 56dB at ECON setting. It comes with a manual, screwdriver, spark plug tool and a 12-volt battery charger.


“The Harbor Freight is also cheap but, a lot heavier at 37-pounds and relatively noisy compare to Earthquake. The Honda EU1000i got a $500 extra cost while the Earthquake has a great value.”>>Click Here to read more reviews.


The Earthquake IG800W Inverter Generator delivers an excellent performance as it is proven by customers who already using it. This generator is ideal for home backup, camping, boating and RVing purposes.

Value wise, if you try to compare it to other big names such as Honda and Yamaha you got nearly same quality, noise level and fuel efficiency but, you have to pay 3x for the price. If you say a big no to that, the Earthquake IG800W Inverter Generator is definitely the one for you. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

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