If you’re looking for real power house, the Generac GP15000E 15000 Watt Portable Generator can handle the entire home appliances during power outage.

The Generac GP15000E delivers 22,500 watts of peak power and 15,000 watts effective power that can supply everything you can think of.

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Powerful Engine

The Generac GP15000E Portable Generator is made of 992cc OHV gas powered engine that can generate monstrous amount of energy. That was a heavy duty engine that features an exclusive X-Torque governor to capitalize the engine performance.

It make sure the smoothness of the engine’s running performance while the pressurize lubrication system directly sends oil on vital areas.

The oil filter works in tandem with the air filter for optimum engine performance while less maintenance is required. The generator’s body features a hardened steel tube cradle that protects it from damaging thus promoting a longer life span.

Intelligent Power Panel

The Generac GP15000E features an intelligent power panel design for simple of operations. I guess no one wants a complicated generator design that will caused you trouble operating.

This huge generator grants you with more outputs to fully utilize its usage while giving you an extra flexibility for your equipment.

The generator provides two regular 120v AC outlets to power up your common household appliances and another two 120v AC GCFI outlets. You also have a 120v twist lock

Electric Start For Ease Of Operation

Most often people don’t have the patience to do manual pulling start while others find it painful. Though the Generac GP15000E Portable Generator is easy to start with a single pull, it also features an electric start for instant running.

Comfortable Noise Level

As the generator gets bigger the noise level it produces is also become louder. That’s always being the case, I presume no one wants to be disturb by noise pollution including your neighbors.

However, the Generac GP15000E Portable Generator features a low tone muffler that reduces the generator’s noise at a certain level that can be acceptable to anyone around.

Portable Design

At 373-pounds it is almost impossible to be carried by any person, thanks to its wheel kit features so that you can now bring it anywhere you may wish to.

It consist of an all terrain tire that can be rolled anywhere even at rough surface without worrying of being flat tire. In addition to that is the Locking Fold down handles for superb maneuverability.

More Safety Features

Circuit Breaker

Every outlet is protected by a Circuit Breaker that will automatically shut off whenever there’s an overload arises.

Automatic Idle Control

To improve fuel efficiency and reduces further the noise level of the generator the Automatic Idle control feature takes care of it.

Fuel Gauge

It’s harder to predict the generator’s fuel supply if there’s no Fuel Gauge in it. Thankfully, the Generac GP15000E provides one on the top of the tank for you to stop guessing.

Works Overtime

An excellent fuel efficient generator works overtime for you to enjoy more quality time during power shortage. The Generac GP15000E Portable Generator delivers an optimum efficiency that rated 10-hours runs in every 16-gallon full tank provided with 50-percent load.

However, one customer testifies that it consumes only 1-gallon of fuel every hour of usage to power up the 3,800 square feet home area that includes the well and all of their appliances. As a result, a single full tank can last for 16-hours of run time.

What’s Included In The Box?

The package includes the Generac GP15000E 15,000-Watt Portable Generator, 12v DC365-CCA battery, wheel kit, handle, first oil supply, maintenance kit, easy to follow manual, extra air filter, oil filter and spark plugs.

As you can see, everything is provided for you to start in no time. Assembling is a breeze and the next thing you need is to fill it with fuel.

Consumer should be aware the fact that this unit is non CARB compliant and it is not intended to be sold in California. This generator is back up with a 2-year warranty to protect your purchase.


The Generac GP15000E 15,000-Watt Portable Generator works great with solid performance and delivers huge power that can supply your entire household while still plenty reserve.

However, some customer isn’t happy with the customer service. The price it offers is very affordable considering its power capability.

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