Generac gp3000i review – What Makes it Ideal For Camper?

When you are searching for a generator to power up your camper trailer you may want to consider an inverter. I guess, you don’t want the traditional bulky frame and noisy generator and it is probably out of the picture.

If a 2,000-watt in not enough for your power requirement and you’re craving for an extra power the Generac GP3000i Inverter Generator could be a good choice.

As an inverter generator it has the advantage of being quiet, fuel efficient, lightweight and portable. This inverter produces the cleanest AC voltage output which is ideal for your sensitive gadgets. We will discuss more of it later as we progress and you’ll find what makes it ideal for camper.

Key Features:

  1. It produces 3,000-watt starting power and 2,300-watt effective
  2. It runs for 4.5 hours at 50-percent load with its 1.14 Gallon tank size
  3. Super Quiet Inverter that minimize its sound level while producing optimum performance
  4. It gives you more than 50-percent starting capability that enables you to connect extra load
  5. It provides steady and clean power for your sensitive gadgets
  6. Easy to transport due to its lightweight and compact design with built-in handle
  7. Integrated dial settings for off, run and choke that makes it simple to use
  8. Reduce fuel usage and sound level using the Economy Mode that adjust the engine speed according to your load
  9. Two USB ports that charges your gadgets such as tablets, cameras, phones and many more
  10. Double your power by connecting another identical unit in parallel, cable sold separately
  11. LED indicator for you to be aware of low oil, overload and ready to use status

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What It Powers?

As I mention above, the Generac GP3000i Inverter Generator consists of 149 cc OHV engine that produces 3,000-watt of starting power and 2,300-watt effective.

With that kind of power, it is ideal for your camper that can handle almost anything inside your trailer. This includes the RV ready outlet and its quiet operation doesn’t bother anyone in the family.

It also includes two regular 120v AC outlets for your home appliances. The two USB ports are perfect for your tech gadget family members to keep them charge all the time.

This generator is packed with power that is capable to run the Air Conditioned in RV and everything we put on it. Though, running my microwave simultaneously is too much, says one of the reviewer.

One user pushes it to the limit that he runs his vacuum cleaner, fridge, oven toaster, fan, lamp and his laptop. Surprisingly, it handles all of them at the same time however, it is a bit louder but still the noise level is quiet for me.

Dimension And Portability

The Generac GP3000i is bigger than its smaller brother GP2200i due to its power capacity. It has a physical dimension of 22.2 x 13.3 x 18.4 inches and weighs only 59.5 pounds. To give you an idea the GP2200i weighs at 46 pounds which is not a huge difference.

With that weight and dimension, it can be easily put on your truck or trailer and can be carried by a single adult person. This makes it easier with its carry handle feature on top of the unit. However, says by the customers it is super easy to move around at 59 pounds with its handle.

Noise Level

The Generac GP3000i is perfectly made to run quietly than other conventional frame type generator. Though, there is no dBA noise level the site has written to it most customers testify that it is quiet and one youtuber records a 61dBA at close range with full load capacity.

The unit operates quieter if the economy mode is activated, though even at full load the noise it produces is still bearable. That being said, you can have a normal conversation whenever this generator is running. The loudness of the generator also depends on how close you are with it or how much load you are putting on it.

Safe Power

This inverter generator is delivers safe power to your gadgets and appliances. Being an inverter, it produces less than 3% THD (total harmonic distortion) which is consider as clean or safe power. This is almost the same as your home outlets.

This is why inverters are awesome, you can safely plug in your tablets, laptop, cameras, phones and many more without worrying to cause malfunction.

This is so important these days because, most of our gadgets today are made of microprocessor. Not only in your laptop but also in phones, HDTVs, gaming console and even most appliances. With the inverters safe power production, rest assured that your appliances will never get fry.

Fuel Usage / Run Time

The generator’s run time is essential so that you know how long it may last when you use it. Although, most of the time your load varies depending on the appliances you are running.

As you already know, the GP3000i provides decent amount of power that does reserves more for you. It has a tank capacity of 1.14 gallon of fuel that runs for 4.5 hours at half load.

This will further extend it when you put lighter load on it and enabling the economy mode. Thus, it shortens it when you are using more than 50% of its power capacity.

Setup And What’s Included

Almost everything you need is provided in the box whenever you buy the Generac GP3000i, except for the gasoline of course. This includes a bottle of oil, basic maintenance oil, easy to understand manual and a filler funnel.

I suggest you never loss the funnel because its shape is uniquely designed for this particular generator for adding oil on its engine. Using the regular shape funnel will cause you to mess up.

Setting it up is easy, reading first the manual doesn’t take you long. Approximately you’re done in just 10 to 20 minutes. The next thing you need is to add the oil and a gas to run it.

Most customers love it because it always starts on the first or second pull. This inverter easily starts a 13,500 BTU RV Air Condition without any hesitation.

Pros And Cons

Here are the pros and cons of this generator based on the customer’s experience.


  • Huge capacity at 3,000-watt compare to average 2,000 to 2,200 watt inverters which is perfect if you want to pull out extra power for your RV camper trailer
  • Super Quiet which you barely hear from inside of your trailer. Even at maximum load it is still quiet
  • Easy to move around due to its lightweight at only 59-pounds that can be carried by one hand
  • Generac customer service is excellent, they immediately replaced my unit that doesn’t start and send one that always starts on the first pull
  • Everything is provided in the package from tools, manual and oil for you to start using it instantly
  • The side cover of this generator has an excellent quick access designed for air filters and the drain tube which is being controlled by screws for long time storage


  • The tank is a bit small with only 1.14 Gallon capacity. I hope it could be bigger that may extend its run time
  • There is no fuel gauge, hour meter and volt meter. Therefore, there is a guessing game for you to know how much fuel is left, how many hours you already use it for maintenance purposes and how much voltage it pulls out
  • No electric start. Though, it always starts on the first or second pull you don’t have the option for a quick start


The Generac GP3000i is an excellent power source provider for your camper trailer. It can easily handle a 13,500 BTU A/C to keep you cool for a long heat drive.

With its compact and lightweight design, you can easily find enough place for it at your camper. It is well known for its quiet operation that makes your traveling peaceful.

It packs with features as I discuss earlier but, it also has some short comings that you can barely deal with it. Despite of it, I think it works very well in handling your camper needs.

Presently the price it offers is less than $1,000 for a 3,000-watt inverter which is cheaper than Honda and Yamaha counterpart that provides only 2,000-watt. This alone you get a lot value to its price versus its performance. These all is what makes the Generac GP3000i inverter generator ideal for your camper. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

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