Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator Review

If you’re on a camping trip power source is a definite requirement and you’re immediate source would be the sun.

The Goal Zero YETI 150 Solar Generator can provide you with adequate power for your laptop, smartphones and lights with the safest AC output trough its built-inverter circuits to keep all your delicate equipment safe.

Ease Of Use

Its lightweight and highly portable design makes it convenient to bring along wherever your camping destination is. It features a very handy pop-up handle and stackable shape for ease of transport.

The Goal Zero YETI 150 is a gas free unit that can be charge from the wall outlets, car or solar panel. It can be full charge for 5-hours from the wall, 13-hours with car charger or 20 to 28-hours using Nomad 13 solar panel depending on the weather condition.

The unit provides a 2-amp USB plug that can be use to charge your electronic gadgets, an 80w AC outlets inverter for lights or laptop charge and 12v output for other applications.

The Goal Zero Yeti 150 Generator can last up to 50-hours of regular light bulb, it has the capacity to charge 15-times your smartphones, 6-times for tablets and 2-times for laptops.

The Verdict

The Goal Zero YETI 150 does it job in providing an adequate power to your gadgets during camping. It receives a very good customers’ review at Amazon with 4.2/5 star to prove its remarkable performance.

Customer service is excellent which always willing to help you and a fast replacement for any defective unit. However, if you want to charge using solar panel customer should be aware the fact that the Nomad 13 Solar panel is sold separately.

The Goal Zero YETI 150 Solar Generator is ideal power source for small appliances and to charge your delicate electronics appliances.

It delivers a clean output due to its inverter circuitry, it doesn’t require fuel which I find very economical. If you need greater power source you may want to pick the Goal Zero YETI 400 Solar Generator. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

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