I’m proud to say that the Honda Eu3000is 3000 Watt Inverter Generator is extremely reliable. Honda products are well known from cars, motorcycles and generators their engine delivers the best in its class.

Longest run time

Its modern engine feature can last its operation up to 24-hours of run time on a single full tank.

This makes it perfect for any recreational activities, construction and home backup so that you have more time to enjoy while others suffer in the dark.

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Clean Power Every Time

If you want the safest power source for your delicate electronic equipment you can always rely on inverter generators.

Conventional generators can harm your appliances due to its unstable AC voltage output while inverters are design to produce the cleanest sine wave voltage.

This is what makes the Honda Eu3000is Generator an ideal choice to run your computers and other sensitive gadgets you have.

Powerful Engine

The Honda Eu3000is Inverter Generator is made with its extremely reliable engine. With its of 6.5 Horse Power 4-stroke Overhead Valve with single cylinder and air cooled feature for smooth operations.

It delivers 3000 watts of peak power and 2,800 watts of rated power. With this kind of power it can run power tools, heaters, microwave ovens and even 13,500 BTU A/C units for your RV needs.

Double The Power

Wanted to pull more power for your projects, recreation or household needs?

The good news is that the Honda Eu3000is can be connected in parallel with a non obligatory link that doubles it capacity. With the second identical unit you can have a total of 6,000 watts of peak power.

Fuel Efficient

Fuel efficiency should be the first thing to consider in choosing the best inverter generator. The Honda Eu3000is Inverter is specifically design for this purpose.

For optimum fuel saving it last up to 24-hours on a single full tank with its state of the art Eco-Throttle System feature.

As a result, you have more quality time to enjoy for your recreational activities, finishing your projects and stay safe during power shortage.

Super Quiet

At 3,000 watts the Honda Eu3000is is super quiet with only 48 to 58 dB noise level.

This is less than a common voice speech so that you can enjoy a normal tone conversation while no one gets distracted at the camp site.

Portable Design

Generator’s portability is essential if you’re going to camping and job-sites.

Though the Honda Eu3000is weights at 134-pounds it provides with two handles so that it can easily carried by two persons.

However, if you don’t want to sweat there’s an optional wheel kit for this specific product. Bring it in everyplace where power is an immediate necessity.

Excellent Panel design

The Honda Eu3000is Generator is by far one of the simplest generators to operate due to its excellent panel design.

Starting on the top left there’s a parallel operation outlet that doubles its power with another unit. Below it is the output indicator, overload alarm and the oil alert.

Beside of it is the 12v DC output with its independent circuit protector to charge your batteries.

On the lower part of it is the engine switch, choke, fuel valve and the Eco throttle switch.

On the right side of the generator’s panel are the circuit protector and outlets.

It provides two 20-Amp 120v AC outlets to accommodate your regular home appliances and a 23-Amp twist lock outlet for your power tools.

More Features Ahead

The Honda Eu3000is Generator comes with more features that keep your appliances safe and provides you with super easy to use.

Circuit breaker

The Circuit breaker will automatically shut-off its operation whenever an overload arises.  The overload alarm LED will turn on that signals an excess of power outtake.

Prevents overheating

The oil alert warns you whenever there’s an insufficient oil supply that prevents the engine from damaging due to overheating.


The Honda Eu3000is 3,000 watt Inverter Generator delivers what it promised and you can expect the best quality on it.

Feature wise, you got everything from it from quietness to fuel efficiency and longest run time. If that would be the deciding factor this is it.

The Honda Eu3000is exceeds the EPA and CARB (California Air Resource Board) standards that makes it safe to use anywhere.

This generator is solidly built that stays in top shape and serve you for many years to come.

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