Looking for huge power and highly reliable Tri Fuel Generator?

The Honda Tri Fuel Generator 15000w Review deserves a hard look. This generator delivers 15,000 watts of peak power and built with highly reliable Honda engine.

Tri Fuel Versatility

The Honda Tri Fuel Generator 15000w gives you excellent versatility. You can run it using gas, propane or natural gas whichever is available at the moment for your total flexibility.

What It Powers?

This generator delivers huge power capacity of 15,000 watts peak power and 8,400 watts rated that can handle the needs of contractors on job sites to finish their projects. It reserves more power to enjoy your recreational activities and has the capability to run all your appliances at home during power outage.

Quality product

“I Love this generator. Works perfectly every time and the price was great.” By: Dan Amazon Customer

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Freedom To Choose

With the Honda Tri Fuel Generator 15000w gives you freedom to choose from gas, propane and natural gas that gives you big advantage over traditional generator with gas powered only. If gas is not available propane can be easily found in every household.

However, if natural gas is your main source you can do it freely with the Honda Tri Fuel Generator 15000w without the need of costly conversion.

Advantages Of Propane

Propane is safer to transfer than gas due to its higher possibility of spillage. Why? Because propane never spill and safe inside on its solid steel tank.

You can also safely stockpile as many as you can with propane gas tank at home while gasoline has the higher risk of combustion inside its container. Though, gasoline leftover can be use to your car but most likely it is not safe to stay on the generator’s tank for longer period of time.

Powerful Engine

In time times of disaster failure is not an option, right?

Luckily, the Honda Tri Fuel Generator 15000w is made of powerful and reliable engine that gives you huge amount of power anytime anywhere. It is run by an 11.7 Horse Power OHV (Over Head Valve) Honda engine that delivers maximum power of 15,000 watts and 8,400 watts of effective power to run all your appliances at home. However, using natural gas has lower wattage as always be the case with 12,000 starting watts and 6,720 running watts.

Made In USA

The Honda Tri Fuel Generator 15000w is made in USA and not a Chinese flimsy geny that will surely stand any kind rugged conditions while it will stay in good shape for many years to come. The boby is made of heavy duty tubular frame with four point fully isolated motor mounts that secures its safe position. It also provides smooth and quiet operation every time you use it.

Excellent Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is crucial in choosing the best portable generator. The generator is said to be fuel efficient if it uses small amount of fuel for longer period of time.

The Honda Tri Fuel Generator 15000w is designed for excellent fuel efficiency so that you can have more time to enjoy during camping or power shortage.

How Long It Will Last?

A single full tank of 8-gallon of fuel with the Honda Tri Fuel Generator 15000w can last up to 12-hours of run time provided with half load capacity. However, the run time will vary depending on the load. Lighter load last longer while heavier load shortens its run time.

Safe For Sensitive Appliances

Unlike other traditional generators, the Honda Tri Fuel Generator 15000w is safe to use for all your sensitive appliances such as computers, laptops, smartphones and many more.

Why? Because, it provides clean power output with less than 6% total harmonic distortion (THD) which is almost equivalent to your wall outlet.

How they do it? The Honda Tri Fuel Generator 15000w utilizes a premium grade alternator that produces almost perfect sinusoidal wave output voltage?

Portable Design

If you think it’s impossible to bring a 266-pound geny to your camping site, well it’s not.

The Honda Tri Fuel Generator 15000w comes with highly portable design so that you can take it anywhere regardless of its physical size. How? It features a pair of wheel kit so that you can bring it or can be carried with your RV. In addition to that is its two foldable handle for super easy manoeuvre.

Electric Start

Hate the pain of pull start?

Thankfully, the Honda Tri Fuel Generator 15000w features an electric start. You can simply start the generator in just a simple push of a button. However, you can still use the traditional easy pull start in case the battery is low.

Simple Panel Design

I guess no one wants to operate a complicated generator panel in times of emergency, right?

Luckily, the Honda Tri Fuel Generator 15000w is one of the simplest panel generators you can have so that anyone can operate it in no instantly.

Looking at the left side of the generator you can see the generators’ information and followed by a push button starting switch. After that you have a four 120v 20-Amp outlet to accommodate your regular home appliances and 120v/240v 30-Amp twist lock outlet. In between that are the circuit breaker reset switch that restores its normal operation after a short circuit or overload arise.

What’s Inside The Box?

The Honda Tri Fuel Generator 15000w comes with a complete package that provides everything you need to start using it in no time. It includes a 10-foot long natural gas hose kit with a quick disconnect, 10 foot long propane hose kit, Wheel kit, battery and Oil valve for easy oil changes. Overall, the package provides you with $400 value.

More Features Ahead

The Honda Tri Fuel Generator 15000w provides more features that make all your appliances safe and the generator as well while it gives you extremely handy to use.

Automatic Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker will automatically shut off the unit whenever an overload or a short circuit occurs. However, you can simply restore its operation by pressing the individual circuit breaker reset provided on each outlet.

Protective Cover

The Honda Tri Fuel Generator 15000w comes with rubber cover that protects the outlets from corrosion due to environment condition so that it will stay in good shape for longer period of time. It also protects anyone from accidental electrical shock for total safety.

Hate The Noise?

Though, you can never expect a 15,000 watts generator to run as quiet as a 2,000 watts inverter generator. The Honda Tri Fuel Generator 15000w features a quiet muffler to further reduce its engine noise. As a result, it produces less than 75dB on noise level when running.

Honda Tri Fuel Generator 15000w Review

The Honda Tri Fuel Generator 15000w Review receives a perfect appraisal of 5/5 stars at Amazon that proves its excellent performance. The following reviews are written by customers who actually bought and use it in real world application.


This generator powered my entire house during the last power outage.


It was easy to use and ran perfectly.


Glad I bought this generator instead of a standby. So much less expensive.

Customer Service

Great customer service and response time. >>Click Here to read more customers’ reviews.


The Honda Tri Fuel Generator 15000w delivers outstanding performance as it is proven by customers who already using it. Considering a 15,000 watts of maximum power it can handle your entire household during power shortage. With its very simple panel design it can be use and operated by anyone even without electrical experience.

The Tri-fuel technology of the Honda Tri Fuel Generator 15000w gives you total freedom to choose from what fuel is convenience for you to use. Even at this huge generator it is safe to use for your sensitive appliances due to its clean AC output voltage.

It provides more safety features that make your appliances safe and the generator as well. The electric start provides you with painless start in just a simple push of a button. The unit comes with a complete package with $400 value for you to start using it.

This generator is made in the USA that ensures its rock solid built and performance. Honda is generously giving a 2-year warranty for your peace of mind and a very knowledgeable customer service is always ready to help you. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

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