K-tor Power Box 20 Watt Pedal Generator Review

Those who find themselves in frequent traveling and want to convert their cardiovascular exercise into power the K-tor Power Box 20 Watt Pedal Generator is a perfect choice.

This pedal generator can produce 20 watts of power in its 120 volts AC output outlet.

It provides a universal power outlet so that you can charge your portable electronic devices from iPhone, tablets, laptops or lights. You can plug in multiple devices for up to 20 watts of total power or use an external battery to help charging larger devices.

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Compact And Lightweight

When you’re going to travel or campsite carrying a bulky stuff is unnecessary, a lighter and compact generator is perfect in any destination.

The K-tor Power Box 20 Watt Pedal Generator is fitted in a small box with only 5-pounds in weight so that it can be easily put in your backpack bag.


The K-tor Power Box is proudly made in the USA that passed in an extremely high standard quality control. The unit is made of top quality polycarbonate plastic which is a light material and durable that will last for longer period of time.

Simple Operations

This Pedal Generator is made of pedal therefore, it would be tiring if you keep doing it for hours.

The good thing about this unit is that you’ll exert an almost effortless force to drive the pedal and it uses a standard bike pedals.

Super Easy To Assemble

This Pedal Generator is presented in a box that folded in a small size for portability.

Assembling it is extremely easy by following its simple to understand manual. It will took less than three minutes and you’re done.

The Generator’s Operating Mode

– The generator can be operated by either your two feet or your two hands in a forward bicycle manner. You can screw the unit with its provided holes on the generator’s feet so that it will function in a fully stable way.

– Plug your electronic device on the generator’s outlet. For multiple devices you can use an extension cord with multiple outlets. However, the maximum power capacity should not exceed to its 20 watts power rating.

– As you pedaling in a forward motion, the acceleration speed should be 90 rpm (or 1.5 rotation per second) to achieve its full power and efficiency.


The K-tor Power Box 20 Watt Pedal Generator works well in any given situation. The compactness of the unit makes it ideal for camping and other applications where power is required in no time.

The great thing about this unit is that, you don’t need to buy those expensive solar panel or gas to produce power. You have immediate electricity without exerting too much force while enjoying the ride.

The price it offers is too low to pass on that brings an excellent value on the table. The unit is covered with one year warranty that protects your purchase and the customer service is outstanding.

However, the generator produces only 20 watts which is good for small electronic devices and it is not applicable for huge appliances like fridge, A/C unit and microwave oven. >>Click here to get it at its Lowest Price!

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