The KaliPAK KP601 provides complete power pack in a single easy to carry compact package. It already includes the solar panel so that you don’t need to buy it separately and multiple ultra fast charging ports for your electronic devices.

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What Is In It?

This Portable Solar Generator delivers 558 Watt Hour that can charge your iPhone 93-times and other electronic gadgets you have.

This makes it possible with its highly reliable grade A lithium-ion battery. With its high capacity lithium-ion cells provides you with long life so that you can recharge it many times for you to enjoy every camping you’ll take.

3-Way Charging

The KaliPAK KP601 gives you 3 simple ways to charge it for you total convenience. Of course the Solar panel is the main feature of it when you’re on the remote areas during camping or haunting.

The second is by using the car lighter adapter provided in the package while the third one is using the AC/DC wall adapter also included in the box. As you can see, everything is provided that gives you total flexibility.

Ultra Light

This power pack weighs only 14-pounds that makes it ultra light and portable so that you can bring it along anywhere. This where the KaliPAK KP601 stands out compare to any other portable power product.

Integrated Solar Panel

This solar generator is excellently designed that integrates the solar panel inside the system. The inclusion of the 4X Solar panels with a total power rating of 40 Watts allows you to charge the KaliPAK KP601 during camping.

Ultra Fast Charging

This power pack features an ultra fast charging so that you can instantly use your phone and other gadgets in no time.

It includes 4X USB ports that enable you to charge up to four devices simultaneously from phones, cameras, laptops, tablets and many more.

The unit also includes 2X 12-Volts DC ports for lightning that keeps you away from the dark.

Bluetooth Transmitter

This Solar Generator features a Bluetooth transmitter for you to keep an eye on the energy consumption. It’s great to know how much power you have when you heading to your next adventure trip. It also enables you to monitors and control via iOS and Android smartphone apps.

What’s Included In The Box?

Whenever you buy the KaliPAK KP601 you also get its mini Powerkit that includes the AC/DC wall charger, car-lighter adapter and 4X 40W Solar Panel.

It also have the Embedded 38Ah Lithium Ion Battery, Wide-Comfit Diagonal Shoulder Strap, User Manual, Quick Start Card.

Watch the video of the and discover whay it’s a good choice.


The Kalisaya KaliPAK KP601 Portable Solar Generator delivers excellent performance with absolute customers satisfaction.

Feature wise, it brings more on the table which is hard to find in any competing brand.

It provides everything you need for your outdoor activities such the solar panel, pack and travel strap.

The ease of usage and flexibility it brings is outstanding. Weighing at only 14-pounds with its ultra compact design makes it the best portable power source available on the market.

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