Lifan Energy Storm 2600iER-CA Review

If you’re searching for a high power and very dependable Inverter Generator without spending too much, the Lifan Energy Storm 2600iER-CA could be a good choice. It delivers 2,800 watts of peak power and 2,600 watts of effective power which is ideal for your camping requirements or as a home backup.

The Lifan Energy Storm 2600iER-CA is a part of Lifan’s digital inverter generator series that provides advanced features. This makes it simpler to use thus keeping all your sensitive appliances safe.

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Portable And Compact Design

The main purpose of the Lifan Energy Storm 2600iER-CA is to use it for camping, RVing , Tailgating and for general usage. To accomplish this, the unit is specifically made to have a compact design. It is presented in an excellent suitcase design with carry handle on top of it. If you refuse to carry it there’s a built-in wheels and collapsible handle for optimum mobility.

Powerful Engine

The Lifan Energy Storm 2600iER-CA is made of 150cc 4-Stroke OHV Gas engine that can deliver 2,600 watts of pure AC power. With that kind of power capacity it can supply more than your basic needs during camping for a longer period of time.

Cleanest Power Source

The Lifan Energy Storm 2600iER-CA delivers the cleanest power source possible with its less than 2-percent Sine Wave total harmonic distortion. This means that, you can plug anything on this generator including your sensitive devices without the risk of damaging it. This includes your computers, LCD TV’s, sound systems and other delicate appliances at home.

Easy Start

If you hate the painful traditional recoil start, it provides an electric start to start running it in no time. If you prefer to start or stop it at a distance, there’s a remote control feature in the Lifan Energy Storm 2600iER-CA. However, if the battery is low you can always use the recoils start with TDI ignition feature.

More Safety Features Ahead

To keep your appliances safe and the generator as well, the Lifan Energy Storm 2600iER-CA provides more safety features. There’s a low oil engine shutdown protection that cause the engine to shut off to prevent it from overheating whenever there’s a low oil supply.

The AC overload is another significant safety feature here that wills automatically shutdown the unit if the load exceeded from the generator’s rating. To protect it from unwanted combustion due to spark an spark arrestor is added to make it safe every time you start the generator.

CARB And EPA Compliance

The Lifan Energy Storm 2600iER-CA passed the strict California Air Resource Board to make it safe for usage. Californian residents can enjoy the many benefits of it and can be sold in their state. This generator set is an EPA approved as well so that can be use in any National park that doesn’t harm anyone.

Super Quiet

Having a loud generator is really irritating, right? I guess no one wants it in exchange of power. Thankfully, the Lifan Energy Storm 2600iER-CA is design for super quiet operation. It has a written specs of only 58dB noise level so that you can have a normal conversation with your friends without raising your voice. This makes it ideal for camping that doesn’t disturb anyone in the campsite.

Fuel Efficient

A highly efficient generator uses small amount of fuel that can run for longer period of time. The Lifan Energy Storm 2600iER-CA consume only 1.58 gallons of gas for a single full tank that can last for 7-hours of run time. This is true if a half load is provided and it runs longer if a lower load is applied. The Eco Throttle mode feature helps further its fuel saving.

Excellent Panel Design

You can expect an excellent power panel design from Lifan Energy Storm 2600iER-CA to make it simple to operate. It provides two 120v 20-Amp AC to power up your regular household appliances. If you need a twice power capacity it features a Duo power parallel with Lifan’s ESPC though it is sold separately.

It also includes a key start switch on the panel for painless start. On top of it there’s an LED indicator light for Overload, Low Oil supply and Run. At the bottom part you can notice the Auto Idle Switch, Remote Control Switch and the push button Stop switch.

Lifan Energy Storm 2600iER-CA Review

The Lifan Energy Storm 2600iER-CA receives an outstanding customer’s review with 4/5 stars at Amazon to prove its great performance. The following statements are come from customers who actually bought and use this generator set in real world application.

All of them are very happy with their purchase because it runs great. It’s an awesome generator for your wallet and power needs. It’s very quiet and super easy to start via electric start and remote start. It has an automatic choke and fuel saving eco throttle modes. Though, other Lifan’s generator unit review is a bit shaky, I’m very happy with this one. Say’s one the most helpful customer reviewer. >>Click Here to read more customers’ review.


The Lifan Energy Storm 2600iER-CA is definitely a great performing Inverter generator which is proven by customers who owns and uses it. Its compact and easy to carry design makes it ideal in any of your recreational activities. The inclusion of the wheels and Collapsible Handle makes it easier for you to move around.

Feature wise, it provides more than its high priced competitors such as the electric and remote start. The Eco Throttle mode gives you the advantage to save more fuel for longer hours of run time. With so much goodness we can get from this inverter generator, the price it offers is just a fraction compare to other big names out there. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

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