Lifan Energy Storm ES2200sc Portable Suitcase Generator Review

If you’re looking for a Portable generator to bring it to your camping, the Lifan Energy Storm ES2200sc Portable Suitcase Generator is could be a good choice. With its excellent portable suitcase feature you can easily bring it in any of your recreational activities.

From boating, tailgating, cover special events or simply an emergency home backup, the Lifan Energy Storm ES2200sc Portable Suitcase Generator is highly dependable. Whenever power shortage hits you this generator is design to handle even the worse storm you can think of.

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Powerful Engine

Lifan ensures you with an Industrial grade 4-stroke 3 Horse Power OHV engine to deliver a peak power rating of 2,200 watts or 1,800 watts of effective power. This can power up your important appliances during blackouts and it can deliver sufficient power to your camping needs.

Excellent Power Panel

To give you the simplest panel to work with, the Lifan Energy Storm ES2200sc Portable Suitcase Generator provides an excellent panel design. It provides two 120-volts 20-Amp AC to power up your regular home appliances and a single 12-volts DC 8.3-Amp to charge your batteries.

Highly Portable Design

One of the best things you will adore with the Lifan Energy Storm ES2200sc Portable Suitcase Generator is its highly portable design. It comes in a lightweight and compact design that makes it easier for you to transport. In addition to that is the built-in carry handle on top of the generator to simply carry it and move around. This is ideal in any of your outdoor activities such as camping, boating and tailgating.

More Safety Features

To keep your appliances safe and the generator as well, the Lifan Energy Storm ES2200sc Portable Suitcase Generator provides more safety features. This generator delivers a stable AC voltage output to avoid over voltage that can damage your device; this makes it possible with the Automatic Voltage Regulator.

Another protection you can get is from its Low oil shutdown circuitry that prevents the engine from damaging due to overheating. It will automatically shut off the generator’s engine whenever there’s an insufficient oil supply.

Fuel Efficient

A highly efficient generator’s engine gives you the advantage of running it for longer hours with minimal fuel handling. This is what the Lifan Energy Storm ES2200sc Portable Suitcase Generator did. A single full tank of only 2 gallon of fuel can last for more than 7.5 hours o run time provided with half load capacity.

That being said, this gives you more quality time to spend with your friends and family during camping. For home backup, it surely keeps your family safe during calamity even for longer hours of power shortage.

EPA Approved

The Lifan Energy Storm ES2200sc Portable Suitcase Generator has a low noise level which is rated only at 65dB so that it doesn’t disturb anyone at campsite. You can have a normal conversation with your friends without raising your voice. It is safe to use in any national park in the US due to its EPA approved and it doesn’t create any noise pollution.

However, consumer should be aware the fact that it is not a CARB compliant and not intended to be sold or use in California state.

Lifan Energy Storm ES2200sc Portable Suitcase Generator Review

The Lifan Energy Storm ES2200sc Portable Suitcase Generator receives a very good review from Amazon that proves its great performance. The following statements are taken from customers who actually bought and use this generator in real world.

It just started on the first pull out of the box says one of the most helpful reviewers. It can easily fit in our hatchback or trunk and move it from one location to another, he added. This generator is a bit heavy that weights 70-pounds but, it works well and a bargain for the price. I would recommend this product for your back up purposes, testify with another customer.

It does what we expected and we’re happy with the purchase, it starts easily with no problem. However, one of the customers is complaining about the starter. They never tell the service center, though the customer service sends the parts and instructed the customer how easy to fix it. >> Click Here to read more reviews.


You can expect a good performance from Lifan Energy Storm ES2200sc Portable Suitcase Generator and it did great for home backup when storm hits you. It also works well for tailgating, camping and other recreational activities due to its excellent portability.

However, there is a report that it is a bit louder than inverter generators which is normal due to the fact that it’s not an inverter. If you’re thinking to buy a highly dependable portable generator for your home backup and camping purposes, the Lifan Energy Storm ES2200sc Portable Suitcase Generator delivers the power you need. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

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