Powerhouse 60376 2,000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator Review

If you’re looking for a quiet, compact, lightweight and cheap generator, the Powerhouse 60376 2000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator is perfect for your needs. This generator is capable of delivering 2,000 watts of surge power or 1,900 watts of continuous power which is enough to operate several appliances safely at the same time.

Highly Portable Design

The Powerhouse 60376 2000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator is highly portable, with its lightweight, compact and easy to carry handle design you can take it anywhere whenever power is required. This makes it ideal for camping, tailgate party and any outdoor activities.

Safe For Usage

Rest assured that all your electrical devices are protected including your sensitive appliances due to its added safety features. This includes an internal circuit breaker to prevent your appliances and the generator from damaging due to overloading. There’s also a spark arrester and emergency stop control for additional protection.

Powerful Engine

The Powerhouse 60376 2000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator is made of 125cc 4.3 Horse Power 4-stroke OHV engine which is capable of producing 2,000 watts of pure AC source. It provides a 120v AC 20Amp 5-20R Duplex and a 12v 8.3 Amp DC which is very handy in charging your batteries.

Clean AC Source

Inverters always have the advantage of producing the cleanest AC source compare to other conventional generators out there. By delivering a pure sine wave AC output, it prevents your delicate electronic equipment such as computers from damaging. As a result, you get a stable, reliable, consistent and pure 120v 60Hz AC source every time.

Maximum Fuel Efficiency

The Powerhouse 60376 2000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator features a highly efficient combustion system. This gives you the ability to run the engine in different speeds to reach the maximum fuel efficiency. This will saves you on fuel when running at slower speed when a lesser load is applied however; when a full operation is required a faster pace is evidently seen.

To prove how efficient the generator is, a single full tank of 1.4 gallon can last up to 7.5 hours. This gives you more quality time for your family and friends to enjoy the nature during camping.

Super Quiet Operations

Inverters are known for its quiet operations, this is probably its main advantage over alternator generators. You can further reduce its noise when operating at economy mode. This is great if you need to do some conversations with your friends, there’s no need to raise your voice and it doesn’t disturb your fellow campers nearby.

EPA, CARB, And CSA Compliant

This generator is safe for usage anywhere in all states of America due to its EPA, CARB and CSA compliant.

What Is Included in the Box?

Aside from the Powerhouse 60376 2000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator, the box includes some freebies which is very useful in every situation. This consist of the oil jug, drain pipe, spark plug wrench, additional spark plug, screwdriver, battery charge kit and operating manual. A one year consumer warranty is given whenever you purchase this amazing generator for your additional peace of mind.

Excellent Value

The Powerhouse 60376 2000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator delivers superb performance and it is proven by consumers who actually using it. Currently available for only $488 making it the lowest priced portable inverter generator you can get. That was less than half the price of Yamaha EF2000iS, considering the same power on both generator. This is definitely a wise choice if budget is your main concern. Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

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