Powerhouse PH2100PRi Inverter Generator Review

Looking for reliable inverter generator without overspending?

The Powerhouse PH2100PRi Inverter Generator Review deserves a hard look.

The Powerhouse PH2100PRi Inverter Generator is packed with state of the art feature for optimum performance and for your own convenience as well.

The Powerhouse PH2100PRi Inverter Generator Review gives you an insight of the generator’s key feature, performance and cons if any to help you decide if it’s the right one for you.

Does it provide exactly the power and performance you need? Lets find out…

“My friend owns a Honda portable generator and I wanted to buy one based on his recommendation, but could not afford it! Anyway, I picked up this little baby for about $500 less than the Honda and truly love it.”

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Powerful Engine

In times of calamity failure is definitely not an option, right?

The Powerhouse PH2100PRi Inverter Generator is powered by highly reliable 4.35 HP engine that deliver maximum power of 2,100 watts or 2,000 watts of effective power.

What it powers?

It can power up your lights, fridge to prevent your hundred dollar worth of food from rotting, HDTV and computers. As you can see, even during power shortage you can still enjoy life while others left in the dark.

Clean Power Anytime

The Powerhouse PH2100PRi Inverter Generator provides the safest AC power anytime that makes your sensitive electronic devices harmless. Inverter generator like the Powerhouse PH2100PRi Inverter Generator produces clean sinewave same as the AC power coming from your home outlet.

The Powerhouse PH2100PRi Inverter Generator features an electronic processor in the inverter module that converts the three phase high frequency AC power from alternator into DC power. Afterwards, converts it again by the inverter into clean and stable 60Hz 120v AC. This kind of technology is programmed into this inverter that controls everything in the generator to produce stable, consistent and clean power.

Fuel Efficient

The main ingredient in choosing the best portable inverter generator is having outstanding fuel efficiency. The generator is said to be a fuel efficient if it runs for a longer period of time using small amount of fuel. The Powerhouse PH2100PRi Inverter Generator is design to meet this requirement.

How long it lasts?

A single full tank can last up to 7.9 hours provided with quarter load and 3.2 hours at full rated power. That being said, you have more time to enjoy during camping and it doesn’t matter if the power shortage lasts for days you feel safe with the Powerhouse PH2100PRi Inverter Generator.

Double The Power

If you still craving for more power the Powerhouse PH2100PRi Inverter Generator features Double The Power. This generator is parallel ready so that when another Powerhouse PH2100PRi Inverter Generator unit is connected in tandem using the optional parallel kit the power will add up. As a result, it will produce a total power of 4,200 watts.

Remote Controlled

If you hate to sweat with the pull start the Powerhouse PH2100PRi Inverter Generator features a state of the art remote control. With its remote start capability you can start the generator afar up to 75 feet away. This is great if you’re sleeping late at night and don’t want to get up just to start your generator.

Economy Mode

To further save from fuel thus provides maximum fuel efficiency and longer run time, the Powerhouse PH2100PRi Inverter Generator Economy Mode feature will take care of it. Activating this feature will automatically vary the engine speed according to the load power requirement.

More Features Ahead

As you can see, the Powerhouse PH2100PRi Inverter Generator is packed with advanced features but, it doesn’t end right there. It also features a circuit breaker so that it will automatically shut down the unit when the overload arises.

When it happens, simply push the reset button on the panel that will automatically restart the engine. There’s a convenient fuel primer bulb and the automatic choke ensures a fast start.

EPA And CARB Compliant

The Powerhouse PH2100PRi Inverter Generator is an EPA compliant so that it can be safe to use in any National Park since, it doesn’t produce noise pollution so that it will not disturb anyone. It also CARB compliance that doesn’t emits any harmful fumes to keep anyone safe and can be use in California State.

What’s In The Box?

When you buy the Powerhouse PH2100PRi Inverter Generator you get some of the freebies for you to start using it in no time. It comes with the oil jug, 12v charging cable, spark plug, wrench and handle, oil drain extension, spare 10A glass tube fuse, keys, remote and user’s manual. The package includes a 2-year consumer warranty and 1-year for commercial to protect your purchase.


Powerhouse PH2100PRi Inverter Generator Review

The Powerhouse PH2100PRi Inverter Generator Review receives an outstanding customer’s review of 4/5 stars at Amazon that prove how good it performs. The following reviews are written by customers who actually bought and use it in real world applications.


“Truly love it despite the other review that says it’s hard to start. We had no problem starting it at the RV dealership that I bought it from and I have never had a hard time starting it since.”

Noise Level

“Anyway, it’s very quiet, not as much as the Honda, but it’s so hard to tell the difference, it’s marginal at best”.

“I bought this generator to use at my hunting camp. I love that I don’t have to go outside in the morning to start the generator. It is quiet, not Honda quiet, but still quiet.”


“I’ve had this generator for a few months now, and I love it. I was looking at a Honda eu2000i as well, but this one has more bang for the buck for me. It starts up right away, it’s quiet, and I like that it includes several accessories out of the box that you would have to buy separately for the Honda. I have no trouble running things like power tools, my refrigerator, or powering my popup camper.”

“Great generator, full of features, and excellent power quality. Mine is setup with the duplex kit and can run my whole shop easily.”


“About the only thing I didn’t like was the plastic strainer in the fuel tank. Once the fuel level gets below the strainer, you can’t see how much fuel is left in the tank.”


“I use it at RV camp locations and it’s great! Love this thing! I even use it to power my paint sprayer in my back yard when my extension cord won’t reach the house! You won’t regret buying it! I don’t!”>>Click Here to read more reviews.


The Powerhouse PH2100PRi Inverter Generator performs well as it is proven by consumers who use it. It is packed with state of the art feature that makes it breeze to use. Its quality and noise level is highly comparable to the high priced Yamaha and Honda. Though, some customer is complaining about the hard start it simply outweighs its benefits.

Bottom Line

“I am sure you are considering this generator because you are looking for an alternative to the expensive Honda and Yamaha generator. I was did the same thing and as of right now I am impressed. Over all this is a great generator and provides the post bang for your buck. I do not regret my purchase and I will re review if anything changes. I plan on using the unit to power my camper this weekend.” >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

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