Powerland PD4000 Portable Generator Review

Looking for heavy duty power without spending more? The Powerland PD4000 Portable Generator delivers reliable power for your needs without over spending. It’s a powerful workforce that will keep your family safe when calamity strikes due to power shortage. It is also ideal for your recreational trip and projects to power up your tools on remote job sites.

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Powerful Engine

The Powerland PD4000 Portable Generator is made of 7.5 Horse 4-stroke OHV25 tilt single cylinder engine. It delivers 4,000 watts of surge power and 3,300 watts of effective power. With that kind of power it can run your RV for long distance travel, supply your regular appliances at home with full convenience during power shortage or power up your tools to finish your projects in no time. At a very affordable price, the Powerland PD4000 Portable Generator makes your life easier by providing reliable power source every time you need it.

Heavy Duty Design

The Powerland PD4000 Portable Generator is design for durability for tough work that keeps in good shape for years to come. It is built with heavy duty steel frame with 4-point fully isolated motor mounts that resulting in smooth and quiet operations. Its air cooled engine blueprint keeps it cool for long time operation without overheating.

Fuel efficient

The main characteristic of an exceptional generator should be fuel efficient. The generator is said to be a fuel efficient if uses less fuel for a longer period of time. The Powerland PD4000 Portable Generator is design for excellent fuel efficiency. A single full tank of 4-gallon can last up to 12-hours provided with half load capacity. A lesser load means longer run time while a heavier load provides shorter period of time.

Excellent Panel Design  

I presume no one wants a complex panel to manage, right? The Powerland PD4000 Portable Generator features an excellent panel design that makes it easy to anyone to operate. Starting at the left side of the panel there’s the engine switch followed by voltmeter and circuit breaker. On the right side you can notice the generator’s outlets with a single twist lock for your power tools or you can connect it to your home transfer switch. Lastly, it provides two regular 120-volt AC outlets to power up your regular home appliances.

More Features Ahead

The Powerland PD4000 Portable Generator is packed with features to keep your appliances safe and the generator as well. Starting with the Automatic Voltage Regulator circuitry, that maintains the ideal voltage output. The Circuit Breaker protects it against overloading. The generator will automatically shut down whenever an overload arises.

The Voltmeter on the panel gives you an eye of the perfect voltage output every time. The standard recoil start system provides painless and super easy single pull start that even the young and old can do. If you hate too much noise, the Powerland PD4000 Portable Generator features a super quiet muffler that tremendously reduces the engine noise.

Powerland PD4000 Portable Generator Review

The Powerland PD4000 Portable Generator Review at Amazon.com receives an outstanding appraisal that proves its excellent performance. Here’s one of the most helpful review.

“Great product, starts with the first half pull every time. Light and not as loud as most. I’m a contractor and out rings all my tools, ran my string lights, torpedo heater, air compressor, just fine but added the skill saw to the mix and it bogged down. So air comp. And skill saw can’t run at the same time with everything else in play.” By Andy Bateman >>Click Here to read more reviews.


The Powerland PD4000 Portable Generator is a remarkable product as it is proven by customers who actually bought and use it in real world applications. Feature wise, it brings more on the table and super easy to operate. It has a rock solid design that works in any industrial application and will last for years of continuous usage. The Powerland PD4000 Portable Generator delivers great power at the lowest possible cost. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

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